The first Mennonite missionaries to Tanzania came to the market town of Shirati, on Lake Victoria, near the Kenyan border, in 1934.

Kevin, Kayla, and Sadie are doing their service terms here in Shirati.

Sadie is working at the Shirati hospital, which has an impressive array of services including a leprosarium, surgical and maternal services, HIV testing, treatment, and outreach and up-to-date x-ray and ultra-sound equipment.  She assists a social worker at the hospital, mostly in the palliative care unit.

Sadie’s father was recently named the bishop of the Shirati Dioceses.  He is one of five new bishops named at the recent leadership convention. On March 26 there will be an ordination service in Shirati which we’re planning to attend.

Kayla is teaching kindergarten classes, and volunteering at the Tanzania Education Aid library, which is supported by a network of Tanzanians and Americans in the US. Her host family lives a stones’ throw from Kevin’s family.

Kevin is volunteering at SHED Foundation, a community development organization.  Kevin is working with their electronic accounting system and doing some staff training.