Latino Studies Term Comes to an End

Kellyn's presentation on Latino Stories

Last week the SSTers finished their summer course of Latino Studies.  As their final assignment for the course, the students were asked to do both individual and partner presentations on themes they thought made an impact on their studies or was really important to know.  The students did a great job on both the individual … Keep reading »

Servicing with Farm Labor Organizing Committee

Watch out for the bees....bzzzz

This week Latino SSTers spend two days in Toledo, Ohio, to visit the Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC) and Campaign for Migrant Worker Justice (CMWJ).  FLOC and CMWJ work “to support the human rights and self-determination for those in the farm labor and immigrant rights movements.”  While SSTers were there, they served as volunteers interpreting … Keep reading »

Passionate About Latino Literature

Poet Carl Marcum read a poem from his latest book.

Last week we were honored to have Carl Marcum with us serving as a guest lecturer for the Latino Literature Seminar. Carl Marcum is the author of Cue Lazarus and the forthcoming Camera Obscura in 2011. Through this seminar they learned about well-known Latino writers and about different topics that are prominent in Latino literature such as … Keep reading »

Spanish classes con la professora Maria

Spanish profesor Maria Schirch with Kellyn and Chris

The Latino SSTers met for Spanish classes in different family homes during May and June.  The Spanish classes came to an end last week with a celebration for students and their host families.  Maria Sanchez Schirch, Latino SST Spanish Instructor, prepared the Latino SSTers to perform songs and poems in Spanish with themes about environmental … Keep reading »

One trip – Two cultures

Jose Guerrero - also our tour guide

Jose Guerrero, a muralist, printmaker, and community activist, introduced the Latino SSTers to Pilsen’s public art on a walking tour of the neighborhood.  Pilsen is one of the country’s largest Mexican and Mexican American communities.  They learned about the significance of the mural art and about the history of the neighborhood. One of the highlights … Keep reading »

Quinceañera – Traditional Celebrations

The SSTers and Quincerañera

Last weekend the Latino SST group attended a Quinceañera celebration in Niles, Michigan.  The Quinceañera is a coming of age ceremony and celebration held on a girl’s fifteenth birthday. A Quinceañera celebration can be comparable in scope to weddings. There is a significant dress, just as with a wedding.  Family members attend a special mass, … Keep reading »

Rally- Peace Not Hate: No S.B. 1070 in Indiana

Jair, Chris, Kellyn

Last week the Latino SST group attended a rally in Indianapolis that was organized by several organizations in Indianapolis to protest against the new immigration law in Arizona (S.B. 1070) and to urge congressmen to instead support comprehensive immigration reform. These organizations are also denouncing efforts in Indiana to adopt a harsh immigration law in … Keep reading »

Peruvian Restaurant

Kellyn, Ivette, Jair, Normita, Milie, and Chris

While we where in Indianapolis for an immigration rally, we stopped for dinner a Machu Picchu, a peruvian restaurant. All the Latino SST students enjoyed the great peruvian cuisine.

La Casa de Amistad

La Casa de Amistad

While we were in South Bend, we visited an organization named “La Casa de Amistad.”  La Casa de Amistad is an organization that operates as a youth and community center in the West side of South Bend. This organization addresses the needs of the area Latinos through various services and programs. Rebecca Ruvalcaba, the Executive … Keep reading »

Institute for Latino Studies

Karen Richman, Transnationalism

While we visited the Institute for Latino Studies (ILS) Latino SST group heard from a variety of speakers.  Allert Brown Gort, Associate Director of ILS, and Juan Carlos Guzman, Director of Research, presented on Latino demography and politics. Karen Richman, Director of Center on Borders and Migration, presented on the topic of transnationalism. The Latino SsT group also received a tour of … Keep reading »