2016-17 donors to the GC Fund (unrestricted gifts) by Gift Clubs

The GC Fund includes gifts for student aid,  WGCS – The Globe membership, SST annual fund and unrestricted memorials and tributes. 

(7/1/2016 –6/30/2017)

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President’s Circle donors ($25,000 or more)
Leadership Circle donors ($12,500 – $24,999)
Honors Circle donors ($5,000 – $12,499)
Associates ($1,000 – $4,999)
Builders ($365 – $999)
Additional donors to the GC Fund
Donors of Restricted Funds


President’s Circle ($25,000 or more)

    Anonymous (1)
    Pauline Fisher
    Gerald and Linda Horst
    Elizabeth Jacobs
    Daniel and Mary Miller
    Galen Miller and Sue Neeb
    Kevin Miller and Rebecca Stoltzfus
    Mary Ann Miller
    Myrl and Phyllis Nofziger
    Tim and Joanne Oyer
    Timothy and Faith Penner
    Carolyn and Maynard Sauder
    Myrl and Freida Sauder
    Mary Swartzendruber
    Glenn and Anne Weaver
    Ed and Theo Yoder


Leadership Circle ($12,500 – $24,999)

    Dale Kempf and Kay Miller Kempf
    Hollis and Martha Showalter

Honors Circle ($5,000 – $12,499)

    Anonymous (1)
    Michael Baccash
    E Jay and Patricia Bechtel
    Philip and Lori Bontrager
    Paul and Ruth Bowman
    Grace B Brenneman
    Russell and Janet Buschert
    Mary Garber-Saleh and Faisal A Saleh
    John and E Louise Gingerich
    Alvin and Dolores Graber
    Sally Hunsberger and Michael Fay
    Nel Kopp
    Maurice and Carol Lehman
    Clair and Guenn Martin
    H Charles and Madeline Mellinger
    Delores and Donald Pettengill
    Colene Rich
    David and Jean Sack
    John and Katherine Schmid
    Mark and Vicki Smucker
    Larry and Cheryll Tate
    Timothy and Margaret Thut
    Rondel Wenger

Associates ($1,000 – $4,999)

    Anonymous (5)
    Willard and Mary Ann Albrecht
    Audrey Alderfer
    James and Ruth Alderfer
    Gladys and Russell (deceased) Alderfer
    Anonymous Friends
    Ralph and Betty Aschliman
    Jim and Lois Bare
    Royal Bauer
    Carol Beachey and Donald Voth
    Jeannette and Thomas Bechtel
    Ervin and Phyllis Beck
    Kent Beck and Karen Lehman
    Marie Beechy
    Ben and Janet Beiler
    John and Brenda Beitler
    Mary Eleanor Bender
    J Russell and Rhoda Bishop
    Thomas and Trinda Bishop
    Lavonne Bixler
    Samuel and Carol Bixler
    Gordon and Cynthia Bontrager
    Wesley Bontrager
    Christopher Bowers
    Janet and Jonathan Braslow
    James and Terri Brenneman
    Janice Brenneman
    Carley and James Brubaker
    Thomas and Kathy Brubaker
    George and Martha Buckingham
    Maretta and Arlin Buller
    Lenette and Keith Burckhart
    Emily Burkhalter and Chris Blosser
    Sheryl Burkhalter
    John R and Susan Burkholder
    Jon and Deborah Byler
    Sue Ann Byler
    Doug Caskey and Mary Liechty-Caskey
    Gene W Caskey
    Jim and Lisa Caskey
    Karl and Wilma Cender
    Thomas and Kristine Charles
    Virginia Chupp
    Conrad Clemens and Andrea Gerlak
    Don and Marie Clemens
    Jonathan and Ruth Clemens
    Timothy and Evangeline Clemens
    Wilma and David Colter
    Cathy Conrad
    James and Mary Alice Conrad
    Erik and Lisa Cressman
    Joanne and Douglas Dahl
    Julia and Gary Delp
    Bethany Denlinger and Leonard Moses
    David and Judith Denlinger
    Keith and Pamela Derstine
    Jay and Barbara Detweiler
    Helen Detwiler
    John and Shirley Dick
    Carrie Diener
    Darrel and Leona Diener
    Paul and Maxine Diller
    A Corinne Dixon
    Gayle Dosher
    Donald Driver
    Dennis Drudge
    Donald and Carol Ebersole
    Robert and Doris Ebersole
    Aaron Eby
    Sarah Eby-Ebersole and W Daniel Ebersole
    Susan Edwards and Chris Neblett
    Mike and Donna Eisenstat
    Calvin Esh and Janet Lind
    Mary Lou and Roger Farmer
    Robert Fatton and Cynthia Hoehler-Fatton
    Curtis Fenton and Sarah Buller Fenton
    John and Lois Fidler
    Martha Foreman
    John and L Jane Frankenfield
    Russell and Ruby Freed
    Joseph Fretz and Ann Froese-Fretz
    Barbara Freyenberger
    Ivan and Rachel Friesen
    Kelvin Friesen
    Clarissa Gaff and Steven Miller
    Lawrence and Carolyn Garber
    Steven and Susan Garboden
    David and Lisa Gautsche
    Elaine Gerber
    Robert and Julia Gerber
    Luella Gerig
    Mary and Glenn Gilbert
    James and Catherine Gingerich
    Owen and Miriam Gingerich
    Reti Gingerich
    Samuel Gingerich and Erin Holmes
    Jean and Samuel Glick
    Norris and Sandra Glick
    Isaiah and Allison Goertz
    Byron Good and Mary Jo Del Vecchio Good
    Susan Gotwals and Timothy Lehman
    Kathleen Grieser and John Chipka
    Mary Grieser and Chuck Prather
    David and Mary Groh
    Ron and Linda Gunden
    Mariellen Gunderson
    Carl and A Kay Gusler
    Ray and Sonja Gyori-Helmuth
    James and Jane Halteman
    M Chad and Denise Harshbarger
    Jon and Susan Hartzler
    Barbara and Thomas Hassan
    Vivian Headings
    Lisa and Bryan Heinz
    Mervin and Sharon Helmuth
    Carolyn and Donald Henry
    Abner and Anne Hershberger
    Diana and John Hershberger
    Grace Hershberger
    Kay L Hershberger and Brian H Burnett
    Lotus and Judith Hershberger
    Ray and Rosemary Hershberger
    Diane Hertzler
    Owen and Joy Hess
    Alice and John Hill
    Jim and Linda Histand
    Phillip and Elizabeth Histand
    Rex and Angie Hochstedler
    Kenneth and Susan Hochstetler
    Pauline and Harlan Hochstetler
    Lawrence and Sandra Hock
    Joyce and Samuel Hofer
    Dennis Hoover
    Chad and Michelle Horning
    Donald and Carol Horning
    Abram and Patricia Hostetter
    Charles Hostetter
    Ruth and William Hsiao
    Arlin K and Naomi Hunsberger
    Ralph and Ina Hunsberger
    Donald and Ruth Inglis-Widrick
    Marjorie G and Joseph I Jackson
    Marlin Jeschke
    Rosa and Clarence Johnson
    Allen and Suzanne Kaczor
    Matthew Kanagy and Joann Hunsberger
    Franklin and Linda Kandel
    Brent and Leanna Kaser
    Harold Kauffman
    Glen and Christina Kauffmann
    Keith and Kathleen Kauffmann
    Barbara Kaufman
    Terry and Lois Kaufmann-Hunsberger
    Mary Kem
    Lois Kenagy
    Susan Kenagy and Katherine Schaefer
    Duane and Joni Kilty
    Larry King and Betty Serian
    Laura Ann King
    Stanley and Bonita King
    Vernon and Shirley King
    J Michael and Ellen Klaus
    Claramae Klink
    R Kim and Lyla Kornhaus
    Eunice Kreider
    Joan Kreider
    Mildred Kreider
    Russell Kremer
    D Eugene and Diane Kropf
    Jacob Landis
    John and Alice Lapp
    John and Patricia Lauver
    David and Julia Leatherman
    Gerald Leatherman and Evangeline Gerber
    M Grace Leatherman
    Launa and Frank Leftwich
    Marilyn and Louis Lehman
    Merritt and Dierra Lehman
    Katelyn and William Leichty
    Robert and Jennifer Lerch
    Robert and Annabelle Lerch
    Ulrike Lichti and Stephen Leppla
    Edward and Mary Liechty
    Loveda Liechty
    Faye Litwiller
    Wendell and Betty Litwiller
    Nancy Liechty Loewen
    Kenneth and Nancy Long
    Aaron and Martha Longacre
    James and Ann Longacre
    Kenton Longenecker and Shelly Mann
    Gordon and Laurie Lord
    Donald and Christine Lundberg
    M Grace Leatherman
    Leota Mann
    Jean Mann Graber and Cal Graber
    Barbara A Martin
    Richard E Martin Jr
    Phillip Mason and Cynthia Friesen-Mason
    William and Ruth Mason
    Emil and LudieAnn Menzies
    Albert and Mary Ellen Meyer
    Anita Miller and Steve Stutzman
    Barbara Miller
    Bart Miller and Margaret Jeschke
    Brian and Tonya Miller
    Byron and Ellen Miller
    Dale E Miller
    Edward and Twila Miller
    Eric and Michelle Miller
    Glen E and Marilyn Miller
    James Miller
    James R and Sylvia Miller
    John D and Rebecca Miller
    Kenneth Miller
    L Edwin and Joann Miller
    Lee Miller and Susan Fisher Miller
    Richard and Fannie Miller
    William and Phyllis Miller
    Ron and Sally Jo Milne
    H Ray and Nancy Mininger
    Dennis and Pattie Mishler
    Doris Morgan
    Laura and Jason Moshier
    J Phillip and Betsy Moyer
    Laura Moyer and Robert Knappman
    Betty and John Mullet
    David and Janet Mullet
    Janice Nafziger
    LaVerne Nafziger
    Lowell and Diane Kae Nafziger
    Roger and Laurie Nafziger
    Ruth Nafziger
    Lewis Naylor and Belle Duerksen
    Joanne Neumann
    Mark and Gail Neumann
    Roger Neumann
    Theodore and Dana Neumann
    Douglas and Angie Nisley
    Dave and Ruby Nofziger
    Ed and Carol Nofziger
    Wilmer and Doris Nolt
    Myra Oswald
    Willard and Peggy Peffley
    Edith Pekarek
    Kenneth and Rachel Pellman
    LaVerne and Richard Petersen
    Nghia Pham and An Hoa Nguyen
    Michael and Amy Phend
    Edward and Rachel Pippenger
    Ken and Justine Pletcher
    Nathan and Andrea Pletcher
    Stanley and Janet Reedy
    Gerhard and Rosemary Reimer
    Phil Rich
    Alice and Willard Roth
    John Roth and Ruth Miller Roth
    Larry and Rosemary Rupp
    Carl and Lovina Rutt
    Brent Rychener and Laurie Fulle-Rychener
    Ruby and Thomas Sawin
    Ronald and Leanne Schertz
    Mary Schiedel
    Ervin and Lois Schlabach
    Kevin and Lisa Schloneger
    Mabel Schmidt
    Walter and Vera Schmucker
    Sue Schmucker Coblentz and Christopher Coblentz
    Donna Schrock
    Jonathan Schrock and Amanda Yoder
    Marion and Verna Schrock
    Christine Schumacher and J Harold Hess
    Douglas J Schwartzentruber and Diane White
    Earl and Jane Sears
    Ruth Anne and Sidney Sexton
    Laura Shaida
    Lon Sherer
    Rose and Leonard Shetler
    Arlin and Esther Shisler
    Carolyn Short
    Jerry and Kathleen Short
    Joe Short
    Peter and Suzanne Short
    Tim and Jane Short
    Shirley and Stuart Showalter
    LaRayne and Jim Siegmann
    John and Joann Smith
    Stanley and Rita Smith
    Chad Smoker and Britt Kaufmann
    Arthur Smucker
    Barbara and George Smucker
    Mary Lu Smucker
    Philip and Jessica Smucker
    Ralph and Lila Smucker
    Theodore and Marlene Springer
    Jody and Brenda Srof
    Bruce and Barbara Stahly
    Gerald and Beulah Steiner
    Rick and Kathy Stiffney
    Melvin and Carolyn Stjernholm
    Randall and Ellen Stoesz
    Charlene and Lowell Stoltzfus
    Eric and Ruth Stoltzfus
    Glenn and Geneva Stoltzfus
    Ruth W Stoltzfus
    Vernon and Carla Stoltzfus
    Donna and William Suter
    Joanna Suter
    M Willis and Esther (deceased) Sutter
    Thelma Swartzendruber
    Jon Sweigart and Lisa Britton
    Terry Yoder and Joan Gotwals Yoder
    Robert and Brenda Toews
    Donald and Beth Troyer
    Eric Troyer and Emily Headings
    Marlin and Evelyn Troyer
    Virgil and Rita Yoder
    Carolyn and Larry Vanice
    Barry and Marjorie Weaver
    Henry and Mary Weaver
    Mark and Barbara Weaver
    Gordon and Barbara Weirich
    Dale and Helen Weldy
    Galen and Carolyn Wenger
    Galen Wenger
    Herbert Wenger
    Sara Wengerd
    Susan and William Weybright
    Donald White and Betty W Good-White
    Maria and Jonathan Witmer-Rich
    Adam and Laura Yoder
    Aden and Helen Yoder
    David W and Jane K Yoder
    Douglas and Janette Yoder
    Gordon and Esther (deceased) Yoder
    Evangeline Yoder and JT Cutler
    Fred and June Yoder
    Janet E Yoder
    John and Joyce Yoder
    Lillian Yoder
    Doug and Vicki Yoder
    Marilyn and Duane Yoder
    Michael Yoder and Mary Lehman Yoder
    Richard W Yoder
    Robert and Dorothy Yoder
    Roberta and Larry Yoder
    Ruth H Yoder
    Terry Yoder and Joan Gotwals Yoder
    Timothy and Sarah Yoder
    Virgil and Rita Yoder
    Mildred Yoder Troyer
    John and Winnie Yordy
    Grant and Dorothy Zehr
    W Jay Zehr
    William and Joyce Zuercher


Builders ($365 – $999)

    Anonymous (4)
    Kaleab Abebe and Alyssa Beck Abebe
    Kathleen Aeschliman
    George Albiez
    Jerry and Barbara Albrecht
    Jacob and Marlene Alderfer
    Jaime Alvarez and Diane Beam
    Mahlon Amstutz
    Aedra and Lawrence Andrade
    Larry Aschliman
    Reuben and Beverly Aschliman
    Donald and Patricia Bachman
    Ferne and Russel Bachman
    Carl and Laura Barnett
    Marvin and Delores Bartel
    Loretta and Roger Baur
    Matthew and Monica Beachy
    Curtis and Shari Bechler
    Merlin and Eileen Becker-Hoover
    Joyce Bedsworth Hoffman
    Gretta and Ted Beitler
    Cynthia and Cleveland Bell
    Byron and Lois Bender
    John and Naomi Bender
    Mary and Darin Benner
    Ivan and Romona Beyeler
    David Birky and Beth Martin Birky
    Ian and Beverly Birky
    Mark and Jeanne Birky
    Marjorie Bixler
    Patricia Bixler
    Jan and Barbara Bleile
    Michael and Jodi Bodiker
    Galen and Gladys Bontrager
    Herman and Jeanette Bontrager
    Lilly and Jeremy Bontrager
    Phillip and Lynette Bontrager
    Helen and Murray Bowman
    Todd Brenneman and Trinda Bolton
    Lewis and Lois Brubacher
    Robert Brunk
    Helen and Joseph Burkholder
    John and Lyn Buschert
    Joyce Buschert
    Steven and Lori Bustos
    Leonard and Rhoda Byler
    Ruben Castellano
    Ruth and Milton Cender
    James and Darlene Christner
    Linda and Joseph Christophel
    June and William Cleaveland
    Gwendolyn Clemens and Paul Sack
    Mary Clemens
    James and Charlene Clymer
    Crystal Collier
    Dean Cooke
    Richard Craig
    Phyllis and Donald Crouch
    Louise Cullar
    David and Ester DeFehr
    Jim and Dory Delp
    Lois Deter
    Peggy and Robert Detwiler
    Nevin and Rachel Diener
    Julia Dietz
    George and Edna Dyck
    Kaylene and Alan K Ediger
    Dennis Egli
    Donna Eigsti
    Robert and Ruth Enns
    Ramzi and Carol Farran
    Elaine and Edwin Fischer
    Kerri and Jim Fisher
    Amanda and Andy Flickinger
    J Lamar Freed and Susan Moyer
    Dayton and Gayle Frey
    Jerry and Jill Frey
    Rodney and LaDeen Frey
    Sandra and Douglas Friesen
    Erin Geiser
    David and Fern Gerber
    John and Suella Gerber
    Robert and Fran Gerber
    Linda Gerber-Stellingwerf and Michael Stellingwerf
    Beth Gerig and Dean Bachman
    Kevin and Beth Gerig
    Rich and Marcy Gerig
    Pamela Gerig Unruh and Lowell Unruh
    Elaine and James Gibbel
    Douglas and Gloria Gingerich
    Wallace and Elaine Gingerich
    John and Sally Glick
    Melvin and Sherrill Glick
    Laura and John Goerzen
    Conrad and Mary Goodwin
    Lillian and Raymond Gotshall
    Kevin and Jennifer Graber
    Peter and Mary Graber
    David Graybill and Brenda Martin
    Michael and Elisabeth Grieser
    Sue and Marlin Groff
    Michael and Eleanor Groh
    Mary Groh
    Daniel and Twyla (deceased) Haarer
    Richard and Annette Harnish
    Paul and Ethel Hartman
    Rachel Hartzler
    Kenneth and Ruth Heatwole
    Jennifer Helmuth
    Steve and Ann Herendeen
    Gladys Hershberger
    John and Carolyn Hertzler
    Julie Hertzler
    Ruth Hertzler
    Dan and Joy Hess
    Reynard Hilman and Betrice Tinawati
    Felipe and Maribel Hinojosa
    Lynne and Victor Hinojosa
    Robert and Rachael Hochstedler
    Dale and Lucile Hochstetler
    Justin and Abri Hochstetler
    Russell and Catherine Hochstetler
    Arlene and Kenneth Holdeman
    Martin and Carol Honderich
    Jon and Maria Horsch
    Gordon and Phyllis Hostetler
    John Hostetler
    Jesse and Marla Hostetter Kropf
    Norman and Alice Hsu
    Kyle and Adela Hufford
    Susan Hunsberger and Trevor Bechtel
    Glendon Jantzi
    David and Cynthia Janzen
    Jean Janzen
    Yolanda Johnson
    Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost
    Dawn Kaczor and Steven Lantz
    David and Lou Ann Kanagy
    Ann and Ned Kauffman
    Irene Kauffman
    Sanford and Linda Kauffman
    Sherman and Betty Kauffman
    Travis and Kristin Kauffman
    Ruth Kauffmann and Brian Roots
    Myrna and John Kaufman
    Dawn and Cameron Kaufman-Frey
    H James and Lois Kaufmann
    John and Margaret Keiser
    Kurt and Betty Kennel
    David and Karen Kieper
    Delmar and Sherri King
    John and Jean King
    LaDene King and Gretchen Nyce
    Jean and David Kohli
    D Wayne and Phyllis Kornhaus
    John and Renee Koshmider
    Norman and Rhoda Kraus
    Janice and Evan Kreider
    Richard Kremer and Jane Carroll
    Rodney and Charla Kremer
    Warren and Janice Lambright
    Henry and Jane Landes
    Mark and Deanna Landes
    Jan and Michael Landis
    Zachary and Deborah Landis Lewis
    Gordon Lapp
    James Lapp and Miriam F Book
    David Leaman and Marva E Williams
    Philip and Lisa Lederach
    Allon and Doris Lefever
    Carol Lehman and John Kampen
    Chad Lehman
    Gary and Alice Lehman
    Sanford and Gay Lehman
    Thomas and Mary Lehman
    Paul and Twila Leichty
    Daniel and Jill Koop Liechty
    Jeanne Liechty and Michael Dickens
    Joseph and Linda Liechty
    Mary Ann Litwiller and Fred Brancel
    Constance and Joseph Longacher
    Phyllis Lyndaker
    Timothy and Gail Manickam
    Dean Mann and Petra Lenz
    Eric and Jan Mann
    Wesley Mark and Mary Harder
    J Mark Martin and Amy Anderson
    Terry and Wanda Martin
    R Michael and Lois Massanari
    John and Lois Mast
    Jon and Rhoda Mast
    Norma and Marion Mast
    Terry May and Diane Ebert-May
    Hilary Mayhew
    James and Trudy McKinnell
    Connie and Stephen McTigue
    Erwin and Alta Mellinger
    Paul and Jeanette Metzler
    Kathy and Paul Meyer Reimer
    BJ Miller
    David and Mary Miller
    Gerald and Mary Miller
    Jon Eric and Jodi Miller
    James and Debra Miller
    James and Anna Miller
    Jeffrey and Kay Miller
    John K Miller
    John and Rachel Miller
    Joyce Miller and Steve Pischalko
    Kenneth and Doris Miller
    Lana Miller and Linda Hyland
    Lloyd Miller and Joan Yoder Miller
    Lois Miller
    M Devon and Margaret Miller
    Mark and Deborah Miller
    Mary Sue and Eli Miller
    Peter Miller and Leah Roth Miller
    Peter Miller and Marilyn Graber
    Philip Miller and Jean Krabill Miller
    Raymond and Marie Miller
    Richard A Miller and Laura Eshleman
    Donald and Martha Minter
    William and Karla Minter
    Colin and Julia Mishler
    Luke and Donna Mosemann
    David and Joanna Moyer-Diener
    Audrey Musselman
    Dennis and Anita Myers
    Lorna and Robert Mynsberge
    Glen Nafziger
    J Larry and Norma Jean Neff
    Kurt Neufeld
    Perry and Patricia Ng
    Dennis Nice
    Matthew Nofziger
    Steve and Rachel Nolt
    Mark and Judith Nord
    Lowell and Virginia Nunemaker
    Ray and Kay Nussbaum
    Van Nussbaum and Carla Wenger-Nussbaum
    J Mark Nyce and Heiki-Lara Nyce
    John Nyce and Dorothy Yoder Nyce
    Lynda Nyce and John-David Yoder
    William and Lois Olson
    Mary K Oyer
    Richard Oyer
    Carolyn Amstutz Patterson and Richard Patterson
    Ruth and Milbert Penner
    Cynthia and Carroll Peterson
    Charles Pfeiffer
    Merrill and Beulah Raber
    Paula and James Ream
    Gary and Gloria Rediger
    David Reimer
    Marvin and Sylvia Reimer
    Sydney and James Rieckhoff
    Anna Jean and James Rios
    Deanna Risser
    David Ritchie and Susan Brown
    Myron and Thelma Roll
    Octavio and Guadalupe Romero
    Edward and Mildred Roth
    Evan and Grace Roth
    Sarah and Luke Roth-Mullet
    David and Beth Rupp
    Philip and Karen Rush
    Jason and Jeanette Samuel
    Janet Scheevel
    Cora Schertz
    Frances K and Eric Schiller
    Jason and Melanie Schmucker
    Joyce Schmucker
    Kenton and Sally Schreck
    Howard and Willeane Schrock
    Thomas and Ruth Schrock
    Michael and Susan Schrock
    Steven Schrock and Kimberly Stuckey-Schrock
    Marian Schwabbauer
    Jane Sell and Robert Pierre
    Laura and Nick Sharp
    Ada Shaum
    J David and Shirley Shenk
    Philip Shenk and Anne Lehman
    Shirley and Brent Shenk
    Michael and Patricia Sherer
    Byron and Gail Shetler
    Clay and Rose Shetler
    Leslie and Frances Shetler
    Peter and Jan Shetler
    Elaine and Larry Short
    Linda and James Showalter
    S Anthony and Chelsea Showalter
    Bryan and Judy Smith
    Leanne and Walter Smith
    David and Sheri Smucker
    Judy Snyder and Gregg Nussbaum
    Randall and Ann Snyder
    Samuel Snyder and Lori Nitzsche
    Bradley K and Kathleen J Sommer
    Aliko Songolo and Emilie Ngo-Nguidjol
    Frederick and Joan Speckeen
    Joe Springer and Jo-Ann Brant
    Eric Stoltzfus and Cynthia Lapp
    Margaret Stoltzfus
    Allen and Jeannie Stuckey
    Jeffrey J and Amanda Stuckey
    Keith and Phyllis Stuckey
    Kent and Linda Stucky
    Linda and Tom Stump
    Kwang-Eel and Yon-Sook Suh
    Jo Ann and Donald Sumner
    Martha Suter and John Martens
    Mary Ann and William Suter
    David and Janice Sutter
    Mary and Willard Swartley
    David Swartz and Lisa Fitzgerald
    Mary Swartzendruber
    Lon and Sandy Swartzentruber
    Melvin and Mary Swartzentruber
    R Jane Swihart Farrell and Joseph Farrell
    Linda and John Taylor
    Stephanie and Donald Thompson
    Benjamin Toews
    Rebecca K Tyson and Marcellus Blosser
    Mary Vail
    Patrick and Ann Vendrely
    Donald Voth
    Robert and Emilie Walson
    Jorgiann Waltner
    Angela and James Ward
    David Weaver
    Elizabeth Weaver
    James and Jane Weaver
    Maynard and Phyllis Weaver
    Vance and Karon Weaver
    Arlene Wenger
    Janice Wenger
    E James and Rachel Witmer
    Jerry and Ruth Ann Wittrig
    Brian Wyse
    D Byron and Myrtis Yake
    Denton and Jan Yoder
    Hazel I. Yoder
    James and Mary Kay Yoder
    Jessica Yoder and Brad Miller
    Jonathan and Leanna Yoder
    Katherine Yoder
    Kevin A Yoder
    Laura and Edward Yoder
    Leroy and Maxine Yoder
    Mary E Yoder
    Paul and Anita Yoder
    Steven and Betty Diana Yoder
    Timothy and Jane Yoder
    Todd and Kathleen Yoder
    Wayne and Roveen Yoder
    Lloyd Zeager
    Brian and Kyla Zehr
    Curtis and Susan Zehr
    Eric and Luisa Zehr
    Karen Zimmerman
    Mervin Zook
    Aaron and Sherrie Zou


Additional donors to the GC Fund

    Anonymous (13)
    Tamene Abebe
    Zenebe and Barbara Abebe
    Jeffrey and Margaret Aeschliman
    Erica and Joe Aker
    Douglas Albrecht and Jill Ropp
    Peter and Rosalie Albrecht
    Joseph and A Jane Alderfer
    Gina Alicea
    Kevin Allebach
    Charlene and Donald Allen
    LaVelle Allen
    Audrey and James Almdale
    Angela Altenhof
    Vernon and Blanche Althouse
    Lois Alwine
    Alicia and Johnny Amazan
    Kenneth and Vonnie Amstutz
    Neil and Janette Amstutz
    David Anderson and Sharon DeBliek-Anderson
    Ronald and Jane Anderson
    Rosalind and Carl Andreas
    Janice Andrews
    Mary Ellen and Darrell Andris
    Lois and Darwin Anneler
    Melanie Antram Ingraham and Bradley Ingraham
    Beverly and Larry Armstrong
    Lorene and Bruce Arnold
    Daryl and Lisa Aschliman
    James and Cindy Aschliman
    Robert E and Luanne Aschliman
    Roselyn Aschliman-Roth and Edward Roth
    James and Darlene Ashcraft
    Cora Askren
    Anthony Asoera
    Janice Atwood
    Myron and Esther Augsburger
    Jay and Shirley Bachman
    Walter and Lynette Bachman
    Franklin and Retha Baer
    Patricia and David Baer
    Diann Bailey
    Ramona and David Bailey
    Ray and Lillian Bair
    Deana Baker
    Leona Baker
    Sharon Baker
    Norman and Barbara Bakhit
    Kathleen Balutansky and John H Howland Jr
    Edward and Barbara Bangert
    Violet M Barr
    Beth Bartel and Christopher Miller
    Matthew and Rebecca Bateman
    Albert and Katherine Bauman
    John Bauman and Susan Ebersole
    Kendal and Jennifer Bauman
    Philip and Connie Bauman
    Gail and Jeff Baumgartner
    Marita Beachy
    Stephen Beachy
    Ray and Carol Beauregard
    LeRoy and Irene Bechler
    Jon and Delores Bechtel
    Brent and Jennifer Beck
    Kerry and MaryBeth Beck
    Martha Beck
    Mary Lou and Vern Beck
    Palmer and Ardys Becker
    Leonard and Sharon Beechy
    Eloise and Max Beery
    Erin and Santiago Morillo
    Donald and Anita Beidler
    Marlene and David Bell
    David and Dawn Bender
    LaMar and Karen Bender
    Martha and John Bender
    Ross L Bender and Sylvia Horst
    Roy and Connie Bender
    John Bergey
    Willard and Glenda Bergey
    Craig and Rosina Berkey
    Beth and Lee Roy Berry
    Benjamin and Jodi Beyeler
    Marion and Jane Beyeler
    Robert and Julia Beyeler
    Maribel Beyler
    George Bialac (deceased)
    Verda H Bialac
    Charlotte Biris
    Eldon and Jan Birky
    Heather R Birky
    Howard and Anna Beth Birky
    LaRelda M Birky
    Melvin and Jane Birky
    Sandra Birky
    Angela Bishop
    Garrett and Jennifer Bishop
    Amy Bixler
    James and Thelma Bixler
    John Bixler
    Sylvia and Dennis Blaser
    Ronald and Cheryl Blaum
    Timothy Blaum
    Susan Blessing
    Imogene Blosser
    John Blosser and Rebecca Unternahrer
    Ramona Blosser
    John and Tina Bohn
    Lisa Bohnert Rose
    Jonathan Bollinger and Jan Good-Bollinger
    E Douglas and Teresa Bomberger
    Elton and Helen Bomberger
    James and Doris Bomberger
    Alma Bontrager
    Beth Bontrager
    Charles Bontrager
    David Bontrager
    Elizabeth Bontrager
    Elizabeth Bontrager and Philip Waite
    Elvie and Ruby J Bontrager
    Evan Bontrager
    Franklin and Leta Bontrager
    Jeffrey Bontrager
    Jill and Todd Bontrager
    Marion Bontrager and Nancy Peachey Bontrager
    Roy and Ruth Bontrager
    Tonya Bontrager
    Reta Borchelt
    CarolSue Borkholder
    Milton and Jo Ann Borntrager
    Mary Boshart
    Bruce Botts
    Gregory and Ellen Bowman
    Irma Bowman
    Jennifer Bowman
    John Bowman
    Linda and Tom Boyer
    Stan and Marylin Boyer
    Grace Bradley
    Ruth and Manfred Brancard
    Shirley Brandes
    Anita Breckbill
    Don and Carola Breckbill
    Ina Ruth Breckbill
    Cynthia and Clark Breeze
    Allen and Sheryl Brenneman
    Gerald Brenneman
    James and Sandra Brenneman
    Steve and Victoria Brenneman
    Steven and Tammy Brenneman
    William and Joyce Lorene Brenneman
    Richard and Ann Brock
    Ann and Thomas Brown
    Carol and Thomas Brown
    Lowell and Wilma Brown
    Marilyn and William Brown
    Martha and Mark Brown
    Michael and Lena Brown
    Rebecca Brown
    Rebecca Brown and Josh Kelly
    Lynne and Jan Brubaker
    Olivia and David Brubaker
    A Hope and Roy (deceased) Brubaker
    Janice Brunk
    Jeannie Brunk and Alan Greaser
    Mabel Brunk
    Shirley and Gerald R Brunk
    Fern Brunner
    Florence Bucher
    Steven Buchtel and Laura Devine
    John and Miriam Buckwalter
    Lonnie Buerge and Jan Hartzler Buerge
    Charles Bueter
    Brett and Angela Buller
    Bonnie and Wallace Burck
    Dominique Burgunder-Johnson and Patrick Coonan
    Ann Burkholder
    Kimberly Burkholder and Gary Gautsche
    Mary Burkholder
    B Jane Burns
    William Busenitz
    Jocelyn Bush
    Mario and Shirley Bustos
    Barb and Marvin Buttermore
    Joseph Buttermore
    Linda and James Butti
    Gerald and Nina Buzzard
    Curtis and Mary Jean Byer
    Dean and Carol Byers
    Deborah Byler
    James and Jo Ann Byler
    Lorin and Sharon Byler
    Linda Campbell-Davis and Kevin Davis
    Ada Canal
    Garrett Cannizzo
    David Cantu
    Nora Cardoza-Deering and Scott Alan Deering
    Monica Hochstedler Carlson and Matthew Carlson
    Pamela Carlson
    M Christine and Steven Carpenter
    Teresa Carroll
    Joan and Philip Carter
    Daniel Castellanos
    Annette Cates
    Esther Cender
    Rosa Cender
    Naun Cerrato
    Brandee Chanin
    Gary Chapman
    Padma Chari
    J Robert Charles
    Patricia Shumaker Chisholm
    Chad Chrispyn
    James and Mary Christophel
    Nancy Chupp and Ronald Krabill
    F Kevin and Jennette Claassen
    LaRita and Darrel Claassen
    Barbara Clark
    Eugene and Vada Clemens
    Rhoda Clemens
    Stanley and Joenita Clemens
    Rosa Clemens-Hines and Thomas Hines
    Daniel Clouse
    Randall and Pamela Clouse
    Jewell and Robert Coleman
    Phyllis Collier
    Beverly Colwander
    David Conrad and Kaye Brubaker
    Deborah Conrad
    Paul and Ruth Conrad
    Peter and Amy Conrad
    Paul Conrad and Martha Liechty Conrad
    A Lois and Philip Copeland
    Aaron and Elizabeth Core Shenk
    Anna Costanza
    Kay and William Creasey
    Audrey and David Croal
    Wanda and John Croft
    Patricia and Thomas Crotty
    Donna and Mark Crow
    Victoria and Ronald Crowe
    Thomas and Ellen Croyle
    Warren and Janette Croyle
    Delbert and LuEtta Culp
    Emilie and Stephen Curtis
    Larry and Myra Danielson
    Catherine and Rexford Dannan
    Janice David
    C Grace Davidson
    Nancy and Russell Davidson
    Elizabeth Davies
    Erin Daza Sigler and Johan Daza Rivera
    Karen and Terry Deaver
    Kenneth and Margaret DeBoer
    Janette and Ned Deihl
    Stacy and Richard Delgallo
    Sally and Kenneth Demars
    Lee and Susan Dengler
    Ila Dennis
    Ione and Mitchell Dennis
    Henry and Donna Derstine
    Marilyn and David Derstine
    Maxine Derstine
    Paul and Eleanor Derstine
    Rhoda and Kenton T Derstine
    Elmer and Alice Detweiler
    Howard and Judy Detweiler
    Ruth and J William (deceased) Detweiler
    Randall and Joy Detweiler
    Bruce and Jill Detweiler Breckbill
    Caroline and Ellis Detwiler
    Irvin and Althea Detwiler
    Patricia and Ronald Detwiler
    Roseyn and Gerald Devlin
    August Diamond
    Denise and Mark Diamond
    Bernice Dick
    Grace and James Dickerson
    Daniel and Lynn Diener
    Debra Dietrich
    Kenneth and Judith Dietzel
    Jane Diseroad
    Cheryl and Richard Dolson
    Ruth Ann Dome
    Wanda Domer
    Brianne Donaldson
    Muriel and Ronald Draper
    Joan and Wesley Drosdoski
    Mamo and Mary Ellen Dula
    B Harry and Lois Dyck
    Jeffrey Dyck and Lara Troyer
    Mary Dyck
    Sheryl and Peter Dyck
    Eric and Heidi Dyck Hilty
    Wendy Eash
    Hannah and Philip Eash-Gates
    Hannah Eberly
    Lucille and Larry Eberly
    Jane Ebersole
    Kurt and Rachel Eby
    Lawrence and Mary Jane Eby
    Roy and Margaret Eby
    Judith Edsall (deceased)
    Don and Barbara Eichelberger
    Grace Eicher
    Ardith Eigsti
    Bradley and Heidi Eigsti
    Calvin Eigsti and Sara Swartzendruber
    Daniel Eigsti
    Eldon and Marilyn Eigsti
    Renee and Rick Eigsti
    Rachel Eisenstat and Aaron Sidder
    Laura Eitzen and John Klotnia
    Theodore and Barbara Elser
    Stanley and Pamela Engle
    Ed and Kim Entz
    David and Susan Erb
    Jill and Christopher Erb
    Margaret Erb
    Marcia and Phillip Ertel
    John and Bernice Esau
    Louie Esau
    Richard and Lucille Evans
    Robert Evans
    Elizabeth and Mark Fakhoury
    M Dean and Janice Falb
    Nancy and William Falconer
    Myrna and John Farraj
    Irene B Farrand
    Mary Jane and Jacob Fast
    Victor and Rebecca Fast
    Gail and Nancy Fisher
    Glenn and Mary Fisher
    Thomas Fisher
    Victoria and Glenn Fisher
    Carrie Fisher Stalter and Travis Stalter
    Kathleen and Thomas Fix
    Nancy Flint Shambaugh and Robert Shambaugh
    Jacob Flisher
    Simona Flores
    Joyce and Michael Flueckiger
    Gershom Foster
    Margaret and Donald Foth
    Diane and Robert Fowler
    Philip and Cheri Fox
    Bettilu and John Fraas
    Herbert and Janet Frederick
    Joann Freed and Ron Ross
    Dempwolf Frey
    Elaine and Fred Frey
    Richard Frey and Janet Landis-Frey
    Joyce and Thomas Frey
    Barbara and George Fridley
    G Weldon and LuEtta Friesen
    George and Sara Friesen
    Gregg and Joanna Friesen
    J Stanley and Delores Friesen
    Maribeth and Howard Friesen
    Melvin and Marlene Friesen
    Shirley Friesen
    Kathleen and Joseph Fritsch
    Kay and Jerry Frunzi
    Gena and Robert Fryer
    DeVere and Vernon Fulmer
    Laura Funk
    Raymond Funk
    Douglas and Rebecca Gaff
    Jayne and James Gall
    Barbra Gant
    Esther and Martin Garay
    Charles Garber
    Lamonte Garber and Marcella Hostetler
    Merritt and Ruth Ann Gardner
    Sabine and Joseph Gardner
    Ann Garl
    Delmar and Donna Gautsche
    Steven Geary
    Helen and Michael Geglio
    Janet Gehman
    Johanna Gehman
    Pearl Geiser
    Glenn and Arlene Geissinger
    Edward and Jo Geleske
    Solomon Gemeda
    Barbara George
    Anne Gerber
    C Suzanne and Joseph A Gerber
    Douglas and Dawn Gerber
    Gary Gerber
    Joyce and Larry Gerber
    Keith Gerber
    Leora and David Gerber
    Lowell Gerber and Lois Shank Gerber
    Phyllis and Clark Gerber
    Shawn and Rachel Gerber
    Stephen and Grace Marie Gerber
    Analisa Gerig-Sickles
    Janet and Doyle Geyer
    A Mark and Rebecca Gibbel
    Jean Gilcrest
    Tracy and Michael Gill
    Janet Gillon
    Firman and Susan Gingerich
    Judith Gingerich
    Kenneth and Noreen Gingerich
    Kenneth and Leona Gingerich
    Martin and Heidi Gingerich
    Simon G Gingerich
    Elizabeth Gingrich
    Jon and Rita Gingrich
    Claire Gisel
    Bruce and Helen Glick
    Ervie and Mary Glick
    Stephen and Jennifer Glick
    Linda and Keith Gnagey
    Sandra and Ronald Gnagey
    Philip and Judith Godshalk
    Rikki and Lynn Godshall
    Timothy Godshall and Virginia Showalter
    Ilse-Marie Goertz
    Roger Golden and Cinny Poppen
    John and LuAnn Goldfus
    A Ruth Good
    Barbara L Good and Dwight A Stewart
    Delmar and Lou Ann Good
    Doreen and Melvin Good
    Howard and Gloria Good
    Leland Good
    Ronald and Loretta Good
    Walter and Lorene Good
    Carol and Phil Good-Elliott
    Rachel and Duane Goossen
    Martha Gordon
    Benjamin and Ivannia Graber
    Darryll and Linda Graber
    DeLane and Terry Graber
    Dennis and Barbara Graber
    Donald and Sherrill Graber
    Elwood and Joyce Graber
    John Graber and Crissie Musselman Graber
    Katrina and Kevin Graber
    Kenneth and Martha Graber
    Leon and Marla Graber
    Millard and Sheila Graber
    Myron and Martha Graber
    Nathan and Amy Graber
    Randall and Shirlyn Graber
    Ronald and Esther Graber
    Tim Graber
    Miriam Graber Schrock and Orie Schrock
    Hope Graham
    Jerry and Teresa Granger
    Cynthia and Michael Grau
    Laurie and Frank Gray
    Beth Graybill
    J Lester and Eileen Graybill
    John Graybill
    Scott and Joyce Graybill
    Laura and Sam Green
    Elena and Stephen Greer
    Marlin and Jacqueline Gregor
    H Russell and Nancy Gregory
    Arlene Grieser
    Cara and Stanley Grieser
    Dwight and Carol Grieser
    Merlin and Mary Grieser
    Nathan and Katharine Grieser
    Jean and Daniel Griffin
    Joan Griffith
    Seth Grimes
    Nancy Groff
    Alta Grossman
    Jay Grossman
    Kathleen and Erik Grothouse
    Robert and Cheryl Grove
    Ruperto and Rachel Guedea
    Elizabeth Guedea Carreno and Sonny Carreno
    Cynthia Guenthner
    Jacob GunderKline
    Jeffrey and Marlyce Gundy
    Les and Gwen Gustafson-Zook
    Marjorie and Wayne Guth
    Robert and Christine Guth
    John and Chichi Guy
    Carl Haarer
    Melford and Verla Haas
    Karen and Jerald Hadley
    Ann and Samuel Haines
    Carroll and Martha Jane Haines
    Judith and Richard Haller
    Ada Hallman
    Jayne Hamiel
    Letha Hamm
    Theresa and Roy Hammond
    P Marcus Hamsher
    Donovan and Debra Handrich
    Trisha Handrich
    Debra and Charles Hansen
    Barbara Harder
    Hillary Harder
    Wilma Harder and Barbara Swartley
    Len and Loanne Harms
    Matthew Harms
    Robert and Ruth Harnish
    Stephen Harnish and Monica Hostetler Harnish
    James Harp
    Steven and Carolyn Harper
    Elaine Harrison
    Kathleen Harshbarger
    Curtis and Jacqueline Hartman
    Doris and J Lowell Hartman
    Freeman Hartman and Natasha Loop
    Harold and Catherine Hartman
    Kelsey Hartman
    Loren and Martha Hartman
    Marlene and Leroy Hartman
    Steven and Lori Hartman-Keiser
    Grace Hartzler
    Kelly Hartzler and Manoel Couder
    Robert and Phyllis Hartzler
    Rodney and Rebecca Hartzler
    Ruth C Hartzler
    Victor and Marlene Hartzler
    Frances Hassencahl
    Dorothy and Melvin Hathaway
    Rosemary and David Haury
    Tamara and Tony Hazbun
    Esther and C Franklyn Heatwole
    Lawrence and Karen Heatwole
    Marsha Heck
    Arlene and Nathan Hege
    Ben Heilman
    Justin and Hannah Heinzekehr
    Wealtha and David Helland
    Harold and Esther Helmuth
    Martha Helmuth
    Paul and Lavera Helmuth
    Carl and Betty Helrich
    Thushan and Jill Hemachandra and
    Terry J Hemlinger
    Margaret and Clifton Hensel
    Jair Hernandez
    Eric Herr and Elizabeth Willard-Herr
    G Daniel Herr
    J Michael and Donita Herr
    Larry and Barbara Herr
    Lowell and Grace Herr
    Rodney and Marcia Herr
    Delvin and Michele Hershberger
    Dwight and Joan Hershberger
    Floyd and Barbara Hershberger
    Galen and Karen Hershberger
    Geneva Hershberger and Patrick Cameron
    Maynard and Jean Hershberger
    Norma and Bruce Hershberger
    Paul and Lorie Hershberger
    Paul Hershberger
    Ross Hershberger and Melika Kauffman Hershberger
    Thomas and Shirley Hershberger
    Virgil Hershberger
    Warde and Patricia Hershberger
    C Kenneth and Joanne Hershey
    David Hershey and Kristine Koehne
    Franklin Hess and Vassiliki Tsitsopoulou
    Sandra Hess
    Kari Heusinkveld
    Joyce Hiendarto
    James and Carol Hilty
    Stephen Himes
    Michael Hinds
    Suzanne and Jerry Hinnefeld
    Sandra and Steven Hirdes
    Lenora Hirschler and Tobias Magatti
    Carol Miller Histand and Stan Histand
    Timothy and Kathryn Histand
    Leon Hluchota
    Loren and Elvesta Hochstedler
    Ruby Hochstedler
    Wayne and Kathryn Hochstedler
    Jeffrey and Kelsey Hochstetler
    Clyde and Carolyn Hockman
    Cathleen and David Hockman-Wert
    Anna Joyce Hoff
    Susan and Ralph Hofstetter
    Bruce and Tonya Holaway
    Curtis and Edith Holsopple
    Kathleen Holsopple
    Todd Holsopple and Jan Friesen Holsopple
    Carol Holsopple-Froese and David Froese
    Dorothea and De Honn
    Daniel and Linda Hood
    Arlis Hook
    Jane Hooley
    Christine and Terry Hoover
    Elizabeth Hoover
    Evan and Lori Hoover
    Helene Hoover
    Michael Hoover and Charlotte Weaver
    Ruth Hoover and Dale Patton
    Virginia Hoover
    James and Ruth Horsch
    Byrdalene Horst
    Donald and Fay Etta Horst
    Oren Horst
    Philip and Janet Sue Horst
    Randall Horst and Laura Lerch Horst
    Anne Horst Hanby and Rod Hanby
    Ann Hostetler and Merv Smucker
    Cletus Hostetler
    Darrel and Marian Hostetler
    Eileen Hostetler
    Elaine and Robert Hostetler
    George Hostetler and Janet Heltzel
    Jeptha and Joyce Hostetler
    Karl and Margaretha Hostetler
    Lavonn and Eric Hostetler
    Loren Hostetler
    Marian E Hostetler
    Richard and Helen Hostetler
    Samuel Hostetler
    Sheila Hostetler
    Wanda and Charles Hostetler
    DeWayne Householter
    Hans and Linda Houshower
    Beth and George Hower
    Florence B Hower
    Susan and Michael Howes
    Barbara and Stephen Hrynewycz
    Shirley Hsu and David Pei Yu Hsu
    Jessica and Jonathan Huber
    Joyce Huber
    Nancy and Donn Huber
    Stanley and Mary Huber
    Susan Huber
    Sherri Huebert Schmidt
    Gerald and Annabelle Hughes
    Kyle Hulse
    David and Brenda Huneryager
    Larry Huneryager
    Leah and Bradley Hunsberger
    Carolyn and Anthony Hunt
    Glenda Hunter
    Carl and Mary Hurst
    Rose Hutchinson
    Rowena and Donald Impey
    Jennifer and Shaleen Jain
    Brian Jans and Lori Steiner Jans
    C Earl and Mary Ellen Jantzi
    Sara and Ralph Janzen
    Lois Janzen Preheim and Lyle Preheim
    Donald and Phyllis Jaquet
    Renita Jaworski
    Cara and Andrew Jeeves
    Elizabeth Johnson and Bob Anderson
    Lois Johnson
    Norma Johnson and Vern Preheim
    Steven and Connie Johnson-Evers
    Keith and Deborah Johnston
    William and Amy Jones
    F Lenny and Jean Jordan
    Michelle Jorn
    Katie and Amar Joshi
    John and Suzanne Jost
    Mary Ann Jost
    Micah Jost and Hannah Wittmer
    Lori Kaminski
    Gene and Wilma Kanagy
    Nicole and Steven KandeLind
    Dale and Vivian Kaser
    Willard and Phyllis Kaser
    Alan and Tisha Kauffman
    Allan Kauffman and Carol Miller
    Armon and L Bernice Kauffman
    Byron and Barbara Kauffman
    Duane and Joan Kauffman
    Ellsworth Kauffman
    Erma Kauffman (deceased)
    Gordon and Iva Jean Kauffman
    J Fredrick and Minh Thi Kauffman
    J Stanley Kauffman
    James Kauffman
    Judith Kauffman
    Lois Kauffman
    Marlo and Deanna Kauffman
    Melvin and Loretta Kauffman
    Raymond and Tina Kauffman
    Rhonda Kauffman
    Richard and Suzanne Kauffman
    Ruth Kauffman
    Stephanie and Andrew Kauffman
    Susan Kauffman
    Thelma and Robert Kauffman
    Thomas and Amy Kauffman
    Timothy and Kimberly Kauffman
    Vaughn Kauffman
    Lola and Ivan (deceased) Kauffmann
    Nancy Kauffmann
    Calvin and Loretta Kaufman
    Dora Kaufman
    Gerald and Marlene Kaufman
    S Roy Kaufman
    Sam and Joan E Kaufman
    Eric and Cynthia Kaufmann
    John and Jean Kaufmann
    William and Bonita Kaufmann
    Marilyn and David Kay
    Carol Keel and Ron Cunningham
    Robert and Rhoda Keener
    Bryan and Anita Kehr
    Benjamin Kelly
    Elizabeth and Cary Kelsey
    Benjamin and June Kenagy
    Sandra and Brian Kennedy
    Sharon and Cecil Kennel
    Helen Kennell
    Verna and Ellis Kerns
    Danielle Kerschhackl
    Michael and Denise Kerschhackl
    Arliss and Everette Ketchum
    Badawe and Joy Khader
    Anna Rose and Peter Kiesow
    Nelson and JoAnne Kilmer
    Sandra Kilmer
    Stephen and Patricia Kim
    ZuWhan Kim
    Daniel A King
    J Mark King
    John and Kelli King
    Kevin and Alison King
    Mark and Pushpa King
    Mary Ann King
    Mona King
    Rosemary King
    Titus and Joy King
    Melissa Kinsey
    Thomas Kintigh
    Marcella Kisseberth
    Samuel Kitchen
    Elizabeth Gertrude Klassen
    La Vern and Erwin Klassen
    Loyal and Bertha Klassen
    Timothy P Klassen
    Rosella and Henry Kliewer
    Sharon Klingelsmith and Anthony Cummings
    Robert and Linda Koch
    Ruth and David Koch
    Donald and Julia Kooker
    Donald Kopis
    Robert and Ellen Krabill
    Ray and Mary Kratz
    John Kratzer
    Patricia and Kenneth Kratzer
    Jan Kraus
    Debra Krawiec
    J Nelson and Ellen Kraybill
    Jean Kraybill
    Kenneth Kraybill and Beth Miller Kraybill
    Leon Kraybill and Audrey Roth Kraybill
    Simon and Mary Jean Kraybill
    Dennis Kreeger
    Eleanor and Alan (deceased) Kreider
    Connie Kreider
    Eldon and Patricia Kreider
    Lester and Laura Mae Kreider
    Paul Kreider
    Kathleen Kremer and Rich McFall
    Dale and Gweneth Kropf
    Dorothy Kuhns
    Roelf Kuitse and Deborah Lange-Kuitse
    Joan Kulp
    Eric A Kurtz
    Eric Kurtz and Carmen Horst
    Hilda and Maynard Kurtz
    Michael and Rosemary Lambright
    J Clyde and Jane Landes
    R Dale and Gloria Landes
    Roland and Darlene Landes
    Rhonda and John Landgraf
    Beth Landis and Jack Swaim
    Christine Landis and Steve Friesen
    Daniel and Emily Landis
    David and Carolyn Landis
    Geoffrey Landis and Elizabeth Gunden
    Joseph and Janet Landis
    Julie Landis-Cheng and Wen Cheng
    Robbin and Rolland Lang
    Jean and Henry E (deceased) Langeman
    Prentice Lantzer
    Julie D Lapp
    Neil and Janice Lapp
    Samuel and Helen Lapp
    Theodore and Darlene Larrison
    Eric Larson
    Gregory and Jennifer Larson Sawin
    Sarah and Kirk Lashley
    Keith Lauber
    Jean and Hesston Lauver
    Paul and Marilyn Lauver
    Rosemary and Rick Law
    Daniel Layden
    Bryan Leaman and Ann Helmuth Leaman
    Patrick and Kristine Leaman
    J Philip Leatherman
    Joanne Leatherman and Steve Dalbor
    Kathryn Leatherman
    Rebecca Leatherman
    Eileen Lee
    Frieda Fengmei Lee and Homer ChingGuey Lee
    John Lee
    Celia Lehman
    Eileen Lehman
    Phyllis and Elton (deceased) Lehman
    Eric and Marcia Lehman
    Gilda Lehman
    Greta and Scott Lehman
    Harold Lehman
    Jane and Paul Lehman
    Jewel Lehman
    Keith and Ernestine Lehman
    Larry Lehman
    Merlin Lehman
    Neil and Ellen Lehman
    Rodney and Sandra Lehman
    Ruby Lehman
    Ruth and Donald Lehman
    Thomas and Lena Lehman
    Matthew and Ruth Lehman Wiens
    Betty Jo and Roland Leichty
    Ed and Amy Leichty
    Greg and Kathy Leichty
    Norman and Marilyn Leichty
    Teresa and Joel Leichty and
    Lois and Melvin Leidig
    Shari Leidig-Holland and Scott Holland
    Steven and Berdine Leinbach
    Diane Clemens Leland and Dean M Smuro
    Sam and Fran Leman
    Esther Lenhert
    Michael Leong
    Wanda Lepillez
    Virginia and Neil Lettinga
    Crystal and Robert Leu
    Lawrence Lewis
    Gerald and Treva Lichti
    Renate Lichti
    Vicki and Norman Lichti
    Allen and Ginny Liechty
    Daniel and Mary Liechty
    John Liechty and Joy Lambright Liechty
    Mark Liechty and Laura Hostetler
    Ruth and Robert (deceased) Liechty
    Russel and Marjorie Liechty
    Rita Liechty-Snyder and James Snyder
    Kara Light
    Clifford and Hope Lind
    Timothy and Suzanne Lind
    Heidi and Joseph Linebach
    Jameson Lingl and Suzanne Anders
    Christina Litwiller
    Donald and Nancy Litwiller
    Janet and Merwyn Litwiller
    Milton D and Barbara Litwiller
    Scott Litwiller
    Robert and Leslie Litwiller
    Sherry Litwiller
    Vonda Litwiller and Robert Fransen
    Mary Litzinger
    Adolf and Eileen Loeffler
    Elsie Long
    Jeffrey and Nancy Long
    Barbara Longoria
    Kathryn Lorentzen
    Ana Loucks
    Janice Luckenbill
    Marilyn and Jack Ludwig
    Mary and Dennis Lyday
    Rachelle and Keith Lyndaker Schlabach
    John and Lenda Mahon
    Lawrence Manglitz
    David and Mona Mann
    Ruth and Stephen Marino
    James and Audra Mark
    Donald Marquis
    Jon Marshall
    Anna Martin
    Barbara Martin
    Darrell Martin and Cynthia Miller
    Eric Martin
    Ernest Martin
    Galen Martin and Karyn Angell
    Jeffrey Martin and Kristina Roth Martin
    Jeffrey and Lisa Rose Martin
    June V Martin
    Kendel and Lori Martin
    Kenneth and Arleta Martin
    John R and Marian (deceased) Martin
    Mary Martin
    Nancy and Robert Martin
    Raymond Martin
    Richard E Martin
    Robert Martin
    Roger and Shirley Martin
    Ronald and Elizabeth Martin
    Vera Martin
    Zelma Martin
    Michael and Leslie Martin-Smucker
    Adamson and Joanna Masingila
    Orlene and Walter Mason
    Stephanie Mason
    Eric Massanari and Yolanda Kauffman
    Patricia Massanari and Donovan J Beyeler
    Ronald and Rhoda Massanari
    Beth Mast and Kevin Chase
    Cheryl and Brian Mast
    Donna and Lloyd Mast
    Lois and John Mast
    Melissa and Marcelo Mast
    Ned A Mast
    T Douglas and Astrid Mast
    Truman Mast
    Sonya and Nathan Mateer Rempel
    Camille Maxwell
    Scott and Catherine Maxwell
    Lois and Ronald May
    Michael Mazurski
    Leland McBride
    Kathleen McCain
    John and Anna McCarthy
    Kevin McCarthy
    Mildred and Robert McGinnis
    Lavonne McGuire
    Patricia McGuire
    Edward and Angela McKenna
    Joseph Medveczky
    Deloris Meiners
    Jeanette Mellinger
    Holly Spoor Melson
    Rebecca Metcalf
    Carl and Marian Metzler
    Linda Metzler and Christopher Gill
    Jocele Meyer
    Johannes and Sylvia Meyer
    Richard and Brenda Meyer
    Shirley and George Meyer
    Thomas and Erika Meyer
    Vernon and Geneva Meyer
    Steven Micinski
    Martha Mikel-Hong and Yang Hong
    Anne M Miller
    Anthony Miller
    Arlene Miller
    James L and Barbara (deceased) Miller
    Barbara Miller
    Beverly and James N Miller
    Brent Miller
    Brian A Miller and Anna Groff
    Brian Miller and Janice Eigsti Miller
    Cecilia Miller and Robin Keck
    Crandall and Carla Miller
    D Richard and Mary Miller
    Danae Miller
    Darren Miller
    Delores Miller
    Delwyn and Patricia Miller
    Donald and Nancy Miller
    Doyle Miller
    Edwin and Mary Jane Miller
    Ellene Miller
    Elnora Miller
    Ethel and LeRoy Miller
    Evelyn Miller
    Galen Miller
    Gloria and Levi Miller
    Helen L Miller
    J Mark and Kathleen Miller
    James and Debra Miller
    James Miller and Linse Leigh Moon
    Jana and Michael Miller
    Jean Miller
    Joseph Miller and Rebecca Slough
    Judith Miller
    Karen Sue Miller and Sean Hassinger
    Keith Miller
    Lawrence Miller
    Leon and Lynda Miller
    Lisa M Miller
    Lowell and Bonnie Miller
    Lynn and Darlene Miller
    Margaret and Alton Miller
    Marvin Miller and Mary Cender Miller
    Mary Ellen Miller
    Maurice and Deborah Miller
    Olive Grace and Edward J Miller
    Patricia Miller
    Paul and Sherry Miller
    Paul and Patricia Miller
    Philip Miller and Jean Newcomer
    Phyllis Miller
    Randall Miller and Charlene Mast
    Robert and Pamela Miller
    Ron and Wanda Miller
    Russell Miller
    Samuel and Meghan Miller
    Sanford and Mary Lou Miller
    Terry and Ann Miller
    Verna Miller
    Zachary and Laura Miller
    Mary Beth Miller MacKinnon and John MacKinnon
    Micah Miller-Eshleman
    Esther and Calvin Mills
    Joe B Mills
    Brian and Patti Minietta
    Kenneth and Rhoda Mininger
    R Herbert and Judy Minnich
    Douglas Minter and Jill Benedict Minter
    Angel and Lora Miranda
    Karen Geiser Mishler
    Marilyn and Mark Moffett
    Arlene Moore
    Jane and Bill Moore
    Jeanette Moreau
    Rachel and Thomas Miller Moreland
    Christine and Mark Moreno
    Patricia D Morgan
    Kathryn and Dan Moseler
    David Moser and Ingrid Friesen Moser
    Robert and Bettie Moser
    Bradley Moyer
    Doris Moyer
    Edwin and Palma Moyer
    Vesta Moyer
    Janice Mullet
    Ruth and Wayne Mumbauer
    Lorraine Murphy and Lee Holden
    Randall and Amy Murray
    J Robert and Dorothy Musser
    Abigail Nafziger and Alexander Peterson
    Charles and Esther Nafziger
    Eric and Karen Nafziger
    John and Lois Nafziger
    Maribell Nafziger
    Matthew Nafziger
    Robert and Deborah Nafziger
    Shawn and Gail Nafziger
    Alexander and Julia A Naula
    Carol Nebel
    L Caroline Nebel
    Stanley and Mary Neff
    Benjamin and Susan Nelson
    Jason Nelson
    Sarah Nelson
    Carl and Elaine Newcomer
    Ruby Newcomer
    Marilyn and Ronald Newsom
    Gregory Newswanger and Judith Woodring
    Larry and Janet Newswanger
    R Wesley Newswanger and Janet Breneman
    Hai Thi and Tho Tan Nguyen
    Dolores Nice and David Siegenthaler
    Susan and Albert Nicholas
    Karen Nichols
    Breanna Nickel
    Charlene and Alfred Nielsen
    D Lowell and Miriam Nissley
    Dale and Garnet Nissley
    Homer and Betty Nissley
    Rachel Nissley Hansen and Gregory Hansen
    Wayne and Mary Nitzsche
    Eleanor and William Nixon
    Mary and Robert Nixon
    Randy and Cathy Noe
    Donald and Vietta Nofziger
    David and Isabel Norris
    Mallori Norris
    Doris North
    Lois Noval
    Eldina and David Nussbaum
    Gloria and Harold Nussbaum
    James and Dolores Nussbaum
    Rebecca and Jonathan Nussbaum
    Ted and Kathy Nussbaum
    Joachim Oberst and Jill P Morford
    Angela and Jacob Oetama-Paul
    Mary Kathryn Oja
    Robbin and Michael O’Leary
    Jose and Iraida Ortiz
    Charity and Paul Ortman
    Amanda and James Osborn
    MariClare Osborn
    Jeffrey and Maria Osborne
    Lila Osborne
    Millard and Joyce Osborne
    C Evan Oswald
    Joan Oswald
    Robert and Donna Oswald
    Wilmer Otto
    Jean Oyer
    Robert and Rebecca Oyer
    Chibuzor and Chima Ozor
    Denny Paff
    Thomas and Pamela Paonessa
    Deloris and John Pattison
    Nancy and Dennis Patton
    Twyla and Edwin Pauls
    Ellen Peachey and Kenneth Burg
    Iris Peachey
    Michael and Jana Peachey
    Urbane Peachey
    Velma and Terry Peck
    Bruce and Joyce Peifer
    J Robert and Helen Peifer
    N Donald and Alyce Peifer
    Samantha Pena
    Frank Perri
    Jerry Peters
    Duane Peterson
    Ross and Erika Peterson-Veatch
    Joyce and John Petro
    Lena Pettiford
    Juan Pezzarossi
    Robert and Lorraine Pflederer
    Roger and Pamela Piper-Ruth
    Rodney and Marianne Pletcher
    Carol Plummer
    Beth Poinsett
    Jeff Pojanowski
    Sarah Ponder
    Angela Powell
    David and Karen Powell
    David and Krista Powell
    Shirley and John Powell
    Jennifer Prado
    Debra Pressler
    Kristi Price
    Amanda Proctor
    Pamela and George Pulliam
    Elizabeth and C Richard Pyles
    Kathleen Quinn
    Carol and Stephen Quintana
    Chester and Geraldine Raber
    Philip and Myriam Raber
    Jan Marie and Brian Ramer
    Megan Ramer and Jon Stutzman
    Darlene and Richard Ramon
    Eugene and Jewel Ratzlaff
    Gwen Ratzlaff
    Brenda M and John Reed
    Gilbert and Edna Reed
    Jill Reedy and Andrew Martin
    Mary Regier
    Thomas Regnier
    Marlene Reiff
    Rebecca Reimbold and Byron Thomas
    Glenn and Lorraine Reinford
    Jeremy and Cara Reinke
    Donna Reist-Bergeron and David Bergeron
    Lynn Rempel
    Donald and Rachel Rensberger
    Jill and Todd Replogle
    LaVera Ressler
    James and Helen Reusser
    Roberta and Blair Rexroth
    Teresa Rheinheimer
    Carol and James Rhodes
    Judith Rhodes
    Mitchell Rhodes and Lora Nafziger
    Jonathan Rice
    Miriam Rich
    Sidney and Sandra Richard
    Evan and Laura Richards
    Rhonda Richer and Thom Reiher
    Emily Riesser and Thomas Sunderland
    Darlena Riley
    Elizabeth Rinehart
    Alice and Dennis Risser
    Etta and Wayne Risser
    Grant Rissler and Maia Linask
    Matthew Rissler and Angela Kohlhaas Rissler
    Dennis Rittenhouse and Mary Yunginger Rittenhouse
    Patricia and Gregory Robbins
    LaRita Robinson
    Betty Roeschley
    Jerold Roeschley
    John and Debra Roeschley
    Ronald and Jill Rogers
    Calvin and Donna Roggie
    Albert and S Rebecca Roggio
    Karen and Douglas Rohrer
    Ariel Ropp
    Elizabeth and Mark Ropp
    Paul Rose
    Claudia and Lowell (deceased) Rosen
    David and Carol Rosenberger
    Hans Rosenberger
    M Thomas and Dorine Rosenberger
    Velma Ross
    Patricia and Robert Roswell
    Anika Roth
    Annabelle and Glen Roth
    Arnold C and Lucille M Roth
    Dennis and Mary Roth
    Dolorez Roth
    Erin G Roth and Chris R Giannella
    Luke and Catherine Roth
    Mary Roth
    Paul and Caroll Roth
    Rebecca Roth
    Roger and Joanne Roth
    Stanley and Susan Roth
    Virgil and Patricia Lynn Roth
    Jackie and Michael Rouse
    Linda Rowold-Brown and George Brown
    Kathleen and Wayne Royer
    Louise Rudo
    Renee Ruocco
    Lynn and Karen Rupp
    Rita Rupp
    Ethel and Richard Rush
    Janice and Philip Rush
    Eunice Rush-Day and Jeffrey Day
    Philip Ruth and Julia Kasdorf
    J Steven Rutt
    Lois Rutt
    Wilmer Rutt
    Delvin and Mary Rychener
    Keith and Vada Saffer
    Shirley and Donald Sager
    Sandra Saggars
    H Royce and Phyllis Saltzman
    Corine and Philip Samuelson
    Margaret San Miguel
    Patricia and Fidel Santiago
    Walter and Margaret Sawatsky
    Heidi and Tyler Sawatzky
    Jack Sawyer
    Rebecca and John Schenck
    Kahlil and Rachel Schertz
    Roxanne Schertz
    Wayne Schertz and Agnes Classen Schertz
    Andrew Schiedel and Karen Martin Schiedel
    Charlene and Kenneth Schildt
    Daniel and Margaret Schipani
    Jessica Schirch
    Dale and Vivian Schlabach
    Jay and Tina Schlabach
    Kyle Schlabach and Jessica Baldanzi
    Robert and Audrey Schlabach
    Steven Schlabach
    Tami Schlabach
    Theron Schlabach
    B Loreen Schlemmer
    Craig and Ann Schloneger
    Keith and Beverly Schloneger
    Robert and Enid Schloneger
    Amanda Schmidt
    Betty and Clinton R Schmidt
    Elizabeth Schmidt
    Elvina and Vyron Schmidt
    Earl and Dorothy Schmucker
    Homer and Karen Schmucker
    Philip and Elaine Schmucker
    David and Christina Schneider
    Eloise Schrag
    Myron and Ericka Schrag
    Rhoda Schrag
    Rosalie Schrag
    Jonathon and Katie Schramm
    Bonita and Garry Schrock
    Daniel and Elaine Schrock
    Fern Schrock
    Janice Schrock
    Joseph and Mary Schrock
    Eloise and Francis Schrock
    Linda Schrock
    Lisa and Isaac Schrock
    Mildred Schrock
    Carl and Susan Schumann
    Clare and Katie Schumm
    Laura Schumm
    Genny Schwartzentruber
    Mary Lou Schwartzentruber
    Jane Schwind
    Deborah Scott
    Marilyn Scotti
    Elizabeth and John Scruggs
    Merle and Loretta Sears
    Molly and John Seeck
    Larry and Donna Seiler
    Lisa Seiler Ramos and R Marvin Ramos
    Karen and Michael Self
    Phyllis and Stephen Senesi
    Duane Shank and Ellen Kennel
    Michael Shank and Carol Troyer-Shank
    Susan Shank
    Tillie and Robert E Shank
    Wilma Shank
    Marvin and Norma Shantz
    Akanchya Sharma
    Esther Shaum
    Esther Shaum
    Jerrol Shaum and Mary Ann Weber
    Ruth Shaum
    Velorous and John Shearer
    Brenda and Albert Shelby
    James and Peggy Shellenberger
    Wallace and Evelyn Shellenberger
    Charles Shenk and Elizabeth Avendano
    Daniel and Vera Shenk
    Karen and Dale Shenk
    Ken and Natalie Shenk
    Timothy Shenk
    Wilbert and Juanita Shenk
    Linford and Alice Shenk Beachy
    Peter and Kelly Shenk Koontz
    Judith Sherk
    Rozella Sherman
    Gary and Carol Shetler
    Joyce and Harold Shetler
    Linda and Arnold Shetler
    Dale Shidler
    Allan and Ruth Ann Shirk
    Dr Hilda Shirk and Wes Farmer
    Philip and Renee Shirk
    Ralph Shive
    Alice Shoemaker
    Janet Shoemaker
    Kenneth and Doris Shoemaker
    Beverly Short and Reimar Goetzke
    Denzel and Merna Short
    Dora Mae Short
    Joel and Stacie Short
    Mark and Alysa Short
    Marlin Short
    Mary Jo Short
    Bernard and Miriam Showalter
    Daron Showalter and Kirstin Docken
    Jeanette and James Shown
    Lori Ann Shreiner and Jude Barger
    James Shurlow
    Laura and Jacob Sider Jost
    Richard Siler
    Betty and Philip Simensen
    Connie Sims
    Kenneth and E Grace Sims
    Beatrice Slabach
    Glenn and Enid Slabaugh
    Dean and Dorothy Slagel
    Karen Slagell and Gail Jungbluth
    Richard and Norma Slagell
    Michael Slager
    Kathryn Slaubaugh
    Elaine Slauenwhite
    Travis Slone
    Barbara Slough
    Walter and Doris Smeltzer
    Dore and Michael Smith
    Evelyn and Maurice Smith
    Randy Smith and Ann Yoder Smith
    Robert and Joan Smith
    Alvin J M and Betty Smucker
    Carol Smucker and Charles Back
    D Gary Smucker
    Donna Smucker
    Dorothy Smucker
    Elma Smucker
    Irene and John Smucker
    Jeanne Smucker
    John and Beth Smucker
    Pauline Smucker
    Sarah Smucker
    Stanley and Marlene Smucker
    Douglas and Kimberly Snyder
    Lela and Delbert Snyder
    Norman and Sandra Sohar
    Joanne Sommer
    Dallas and Susan Sommers
    Robert and Ada Souder
    Lois and Wayne Sousley
    Bonnie Sowers
    John and Virginia Spicher
    Carol Spicher Waggy and Norman Waggy
    Barbara Springer and Loren Eash
    Ryan and Nisha Springer
    W Frederick and Wilma Springer
    Dianne Springer Brenneman and James L Brenneman
    Charlotte Sprunger
    Dianne and Douglas Sprunger
    Jennifer Sprunger
    Joanne Sprunger
    Mary and Peter Sprunger-Froese
    Aletha Stahl and Neal Baker
    Marilyn Stahl and Dirk Giseburt
    Janice and Timothy Stair
    Anita Stalter
    Taylor Stansberry Matthews and Nick Matthews
    Diane Stauffer
    Loren and Miriam Stauffer
    Marcia and Dan Stauffer
    Robert and Judith Stauffer
    Ruth Y and James K Stauffer
    Larry and Judith Steider
    Cara and Joseph Steiner
    Clayton Steiner
    Daniel and Cindy Steiner
    Dan and Vera Steiner
    Donovan and Rita Steiner
    Karen Steiner
    LaMont and Jennifer Steiner
    A Elizabeth Stemen
    Ruth Stephens
    Paul Steury and Michele Fanfair Steury
    Karen Stewart
    Kevin and Roseanne Stewart
    Kimberly Ann Stewart and Calvin Aschliman
    David Stoesz
    Rhoda and Dennis Stoesz
    Susan Stoesz
    Gary Stoltz
    Barry and Ingrid Stoltzfus
    Colleen Stoltzfus
    Dale and Doris Stoltzfus
    Doris Stoltzfus
    Duane and Karen Stoltzfus
    Edward Stoltzfus
    Eli and Paula Stoltzfus
    Nathan Stoltzfus
    Sara Stoltzfus
    William Stoltzfus
    Cathy Stoner
    Charlotte Strasser
    Michelle Streb
    Carmen Strite Miller and Edgar Miller
    Ann and Jeffrey Stroud
    Janet and Dean Strycker
    Aaron and Rachel Stuckey
    Robert and Emagene Stuckey
    Ted and Susan Stuckey
    Dr. Kathy Stuebing
    Janice Stull
    Daniel Stutzman
    Edwin Stutzman
    Karl Stutzman and Twilla Epp-Stutzman
    Kerry Stutzman
    Leon and Roberta Stutzman
    Phyllis Stutzman
    Ralph and Marilyn Stutzman
    Rodney and Barbara Stutzman
    Lauralea Suess and Bill Becker
    Elinor and Frederick (deceased) Surgener
    Johanna Sutter
    Ronald and Barbara Sutter
    Ruth Sutter
    Bertha and Paul Swarr
    Jean Swartley and Steve Rodenberg
    Merlin and Hilda Swartz
    Sheldon and Velma Swartz
    John and Barbara Swartzendruber
    Darrell and Melanie Swartzentruber
    Mervin Swartzentruber
    Paul and Janet Swartzentruber
    Philip Sweigart and Karen Landis
    Bethany Swope and Marshall King
    Raul and Vanita Tadeo
    Colleen and Scott Taliaferro
    Jean Tarner
    Amy and Robert Taylor
    Connie Tempest
    Lydia Tester
    Nelda Thelin
    Leah Thill
    Donald and Cheryl Thomas
    J Richard and Joyce Thomas
    Michele Thomas
    Stephen and Linda Thomas
    Ted Thompson
    William Thorne
    Amy Thut and Gregory Imbur
    John and Elisabeth Tiessen
    Robert and Ingrid Tiessen
    William Tod
    Deborah and James Toole
    Harley and Roselin Toole
    Shirley and Edwin Toole
    Long Tran and Janet Barnes
    June and Fernando Trcka
    Myrtle Treber
    Mary Triller
    Marcia and Donald L Troup
    Don and Verna Troyer
    Jon and Almeda Troyer
    Joyce and Jerry Troyer
    Krista and Timothy Troyer
    Lorna Troyer
    Mary Jean Troyer
    Milton and Ann Troyer
    Ronald Troyer
    Samuel and Elizabeth Troyer
    Gary and Debra Turner
    Donald and Julie Tyson
    Diana and Kenneth Uchiyama
    Jennifer Ulrich
    David Unzicker and Jenelle Basinger
    Royal and Susan Unzicker
    Shannon and Keith Unzicker
    Jeremy Van Lue
    Louise and Chatri Vanagasem
    Fay and George VanCise
    Linda VandenBosch
    Carol VanDonk
    Gerald and Hendrina VanSpronsen
    Elizabeth and Anthony Venuti
    Thomas Vershum
    Jeri and William Vincent
    Sueann VonGunten and John Alter
    Miriam Voran and Andrew Faunce
    Laura Wadkins
    Winifred and Elmer Wall
    Joan Walsh
    LeRoy and Sue Walters
    Anne Waltner
    Lenore Waltner
    Lonnie Waltner
    Sharon and Keith Waltner
    Bruce Warkentin
    Byron and Connie Warkentin
    Jon Warkentin and Bettina Burr Warkentin
    Phyllis Warrick
    Ruth and Michael Wartell
    Carolyn and Richard Watkins
    Mary Ann and Paul D Watkins
    Hillary Watson
    Nelson and Marjorie Waybill
    Debora J Weaver
    Harold and Mary Weaver
    J Denny and Mary Weaver
    Jerold and Catherine Weaver
    Lynn Weaver
    M Steven and Elsie Weaver
    Sara L and Glenn I Weaver
    Susan Weaver and Thomas Funk
    Susan Weaver
    Truman and Elnora Weaver
    Kathleen and Steven Webb
    Ryk Weber
    Carol Webster
    Dorothy and Preston Wegman
    Ruth and Scott Weirich
    Cynthia and David Weisel
    Julie Weismann
    Vicki Welch
    Alan and Carla Weldy
    Miriam Wellington
    Audrey Wells
    Lavon and Carol Welty
    Marilyn Welty
    James and Faith Wenger
    John and Virginia Wenger
    Marion Wenger
    Sherry and Curt Wenger
    J Ivan and Ethel Wengerd
    Theresa Wentz
    Andrew Wesdorp
    Barbara and Carl Westerbeek
    Christopher and Rebekah Westerbeek
    Sally Westmoreland
    Robert and Donita Wheeler
    Debra and Randall Whisenant
    Marnetta and David White
    Christopher and Melissa Whitehead
    Tymberley and Brandon Whitesel
    Mary Ann and Jonathan Wieand
    Bernhard and Marie Wiebe
    Bernie Wiebe
    Leonard and Joan Wiebe
    Margot Wiebe
    Peter and Rheta Mae Wiebe
    Rebecca Wiebe
    Barbara and James Wieferich
    Mary Lou Williams
    Susan Williams
    Jaqueline and Leonard Wilson
    Sharon and Scot Wilson
    Patrick Wiltshire
    Gerald and Sandra Wingard
    Catherine Wismer and Mark J Epp
    Andrew Witkowski
    Gertrude and Paul E (deceased) Witter
    Kate Wolford
    Lisa and Donald Wood
    Todd and Diane Woodworth
    Dorothy Word
    Jay Wright
    Dale and Geneva Wyse
    Jill Wyse
    Frank and Cynthia Yaggi
    Kathleen Yeakey and Michael Yeakey II
    Amanda and Joseph Yoder
    Bradley Yoder
    Carol Yoder
    Carol and Emmett Yoder
    Clarence and Gretchen Yoder
    Cynthia Yoder and Robert Gravelin
    Delvon and Shirley Yoder
    Diane Yoder
    Donna Yoder
    Doris Yoder
    Dwight Yoder and Dianne Smith-Yoder
    Eileen Yoder
    Elizabeth and Neil Yoder
    E Jean Yoder and David Newcomer
    Esther Yoder
    James Yoder
    Joanne Yoder
    John and June Yoder
    Joseph and Janice Yoder
    Katelyn Yoder
    Keith and Esta Yoder
    Kenneth and Dorothy Yoder
    Landon Yoder
    Lois Yoder
    Marilyn Yoder
    Martha Yoder
    Marvin and Neta Faye Yoder
    Mary Yoder
    Mary Ellen Yoder
    Matthew J Yoder
    Meredith and Eloise Yoder
    Nancy and Craig Yoder
    Orville and LaJane Yoder
    P Kenneth and Mildred Yoder
    Patricia and James Yoder
    Paul and L Suzanne Yoder
    Ramona Yoder
    Rebecca and Byron Yoder
    Richard and Nancy Yoder
    Richard and Connie Yoder
    Richard and Orpha Yoder
    Richard and Darlene Yoder
    Ronald P Yoder
    Ruth Yoder
    Samuel and Arleta Yoder
    Sanna Yoder and Richard Walters
    Stephen and Christine Yoder
    Teryl Yoder
    Warren Yoder and Marla Kauffman
    Zelda Yoder
    Loretta Yoder Ostojic and George Ostojic
    Jason and Tonya Yoder Rupp
    Brian and Anna Yoder Schlabach
    Marcia and John Yoder-Schrock
    Dale and Jane Yoder-Short
    Kristin and Eric Yordy
    Rhonda York
    Richard and Sandra York
    Katherine Yutzy
    Arlene Zaerr
    Allen and Carol Zehr
    Calvin and Carol Zehr
    Carl Zehr
    Eldon Zehr
    John and Julia Zehr
    LaVern and Jeanne Zehr
    Marvin Zehr and Linda Anneler Zehr
    Pearl Zehr
    Lois and John Zendt
    Myron Zerger
    Sara Alice Zimmerly
    Twila Zimmerly
    Velma Zimmerly Shoup and Arthur Shoup
    Dorothy Zimmerman
    Mark and Karene Zimmerman
    Margene and Kevin Zink
    Albert A Zook
    Avery and Eunice Zook
    Dorcas Zook
    Glenn and Lois Zook
    Marcia and John Zook
    Andrea Zuercher
    Andrea and Ian Zuercher