2015-16 donors to restricted funds

ThankYou_web4Restricted Fund Donors

(7/1/2015 –6/30/2016)

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Ashenafi Abebe
Kaleab Abebe and Alyssa Beck Abebe
Stephen and Judy Ainlay
Saloma Albrecht
Audrey Alderfer
JoAnne Alderfer
Kirk and Jean Alliman
Jimmie and Beulah Allman
John Allyn and Barbara Kling Allyn
Sara Alvarez
John and Lois Amstutz
Leah Amstutz
Margaret and Marlowe Anderson
Anonymous Faculty-Staff
Anonymous Friends
Krisann and T Scott Applegate
Susan Aprahamian
Kathryn Aschliman



Walter and Lynette Bachman
Anneliese Baer
Patricia and David Baer
Felice and Joe Bailey
Deana Baker
Dianne and Alan Baker
Edward and Barbara Bangert
Jim and Lois Bare
Scott Barge and Nessa Stoltzfus Barge
Kathleen Barr Hollenberg and Stephen Hollenberg
Marvin and Delores Bartel
Douglas Basinger and John Flickinger
James and Carol Basney
Chad and Jodi Mullet Bauman
Gail and Jeff Baumgartner
Ross Bay
Carol Beachey and Donald Voth
Gregory and Cheryl Beachey
Hannah Beachey
Caleb Beachy
John Beachy
Roger and Teresa Beachy
Mary Ann and Joseph Bean
Jeannette and Thomas Bechtel
Ervin and Phyllis Beck
Kent Beck and Karen Lehman
Kevin and Patty Beck
Carol Beechy and Kathryn Boardman
John and Claudia Beechy
Marie Beechy
John and Naomi Bender
Joseph and Rachel Bender
Michael and Alice Bender
Roy and Connie Bender
Johanna Benink
Dean and Cindy Bergeman
Mary Berghoff and Neil Meyer
Dennis and Connie Berkey
Jordan and Regina Berkey
Maurice and Cecelia Berkey
Janeen Bertsche Johnson and Barry Johnson
Janet Bettcher
Benjamin and Jodi Beyeler
Eleanor Bieghler
Jeffry and Millie Birky
Wilbur and Fanni Birky
Maria A Bischoff
Matthew and Melissa Bischoff
Thomas and Trinda Bishop
Zachary Bishop and Christina Alderfer
John Bixler
Renee and Gary Black
Richard and Arlee Blackburn
Daniel and Diane Bodiker
Paul Boers
William and Lynne Bogardus
Arlene Bohnke
Frank Bonanno
Andrea Bontrager
Elvie and Ruby J Bontrager
Gordon and Cynthia Bontrager
Mary Bontrager
Jamey and Kay Bontrager-Singer
Sherril Borglum
Ryan Born
William and Shawna Born
Bryce and Tabitha Bow
Stan and Marylin Boyer
Mike and Pam Brandt
Wade Branson
Janet and Jonathan Braslow
Ina Ruth Breckbill
G Martin and Faye Breneman
Eunice and Merle Brenneman
James and Terri Brenneman
Calvin and Cheryl Britsch
Lucy Wyse Broadston
P Jane and Jon Brookmyer
Larry and Susan Brooks
Marilyn and William Brown
Robert and Rebecca Brubacher
Andrew Brubaker and Alison Gotwals
Carolyn Brubaker
Debra Brubaker
Rodney Brubaker
Mabel Brunk
David Bucher and Sharon Hoover
Florence Bucher
George and Martha Buckingham
Timothy Buckwalter and Andrea Brown
Theodore Budiardja and Shin Yee Tan
Kevin and Gayle Buerge
Steven and Elaine Buerge
Paul and Debra Buller
Waneta and Francis Bundy
Jo Ann and Richard Burdek
Paul and Carol Burkett
J Howard Burkholder
Elizabeth Buschert
Joy Martin Buschert
Susan Butler
Jon and Deborah Byler
Sue Ann Byler



Erma and Charles Calhoun
Allan and Dorothy Campbell
Jorge Campos
Luna Campos
Nemuel and Blanca Campos
Garrett Cannizzo
Barbara Carbaugh
Gilbert Cardenas
Anne and Thomas Cartmel
Tyra Carver
Lee and Patricia Casebere
Doug Caskey and Mary Liechty-Caskey
Emma Caskey
Jim and Lisa Caskey
J Michael and Nancy Caywoood
John Cender
Rosa Cender
Ruth and Milton Cender
Lois Chamness
Geraldine Chan
Tim and Rebecca Chandler
Alexander Childers
Eric Christner
David and Sara Chupp
Mark and Mariah Chupp
Jeffrey and Mariko Claassen
Don and Marie Clemens
J William and Margaret Clemens
Jacob Clemens
Orrie and Therese Clemens
Rebecca and Douglas Clemens
Timothy and Evangeline Clemens
Randall and Pamela Clouse
Bert Coblentz
Maribel Colon
Wilma and David Colter
Mark and Nancy Conrad
Jeremy Corson
Thomas and Dorthy Corson
George Crawford
Matthew Crawford
Myron and Melissa Cross
Marlene Crouse
R Charlotte Croyle



Bill and Judith Davis
Thomas Dean
Phillip Detamore
Jay and Barbara Detweiler
Bruce and Jill Detweiler Breckbill
Helen Detwiler
William and Alta Dezort
Sylvia and Manuel Diaz
Juan Diaz Quezada
John and Shirley Dick
Prashansa Dickson
Myron and Donna Diener
Thomas and Carolyn Diener
Julia Dietz
Stephen and Janelle Diller
Julie Dimmack
A Corinne Dixon
Tim and Jen Drescher
Jacqueline Drobny
Deloris Dueck
Michael Patrick Dugan
B Harry and Lois Dyck
Jeffrey Dyck and Lara Troyer
Rebecca Dyck and Peter Deslauriers



Catharine Eash
Dale and Judy Eash
Donald and Carol Ebersole
Kenneth and Meredith Ebersole
Marcus and Robin Ebright Zehr
Darlene Mathis Eddy
Suzanne Ehst and Mark Goertzen
Lillian and Jacob Elias
Dawn Elick
Kip and Laura Emenhiser
Carolyn and David Emmert
Kristin and Willie Ems
Rodger and Carol Endsley
Audrey Engle
Mark and Mary Ennes
Nathan and Sheila Epp
Robert Erck
Kenneth Espenshade
Steven and Pamela Etheridge



James and Karen Farlow
Patrick and Stacey Farran
Ramzi and Carol Farran
Irene B Farrand
John & L Anne Fetter
James and Tracy Filisky
Kerri and Jim Fisher
Matthew Fisher
Pauline Fisher
Emery Flickner
Charlene and Monte Flowers
Frances Fonseca
David and Jennifer Forrer
Kara Fortman
Jenny Foster
Elizabeth Franks-North
Christine Frederick and Tom F Urban
Janet and Tom Fribley
Barbara and George Fridley
Martin Friedmann and Laila Storch Friedmann
Ivan and Rachel Friesen
LeRoy and Marion Friesen
Lois and Joachim Friesen
Shirley Friesen
Brook and Barbra Frymier
Gary Fugh
Sally and Jack Fuller
Laura Funk



Douglas and Rebecca Gaff
Benjamin S Ganger
Barbra Gant
E Leonard and Veva Garber
Jeremy Garber
Verlin Garber
Merritt and Ruth Ann Gardner
Luke and Becky Gascho
Timothy Gascho
Larry and Julia Gautsche
Jerilyn and Junior Geiger
Ray and Dorothy Geigley
Hannah Geiser
Leonard Geiser
Pearl Geiser
Vance George
Melba and Ralph Gerber
Robert and Julia Gerber
Winston and Sibyl Gerig
William A. Geschke
Elaine and James Gibbel
Sherry Gibson
Mary and Glenn Gilbert
Melissa and Justin Gillette
Gladys Gingerich
James Gingerich
John and E Louise Gingerich
Owen and Miriam Gingerich
Brian and Laurie Gingrich
Jon and Rita Gingrich
Candace and Joshua Gleason
David Glick and Sarah Turner
Ervie and Mary Glick
Jean and Samuel Glick
Melvin and Sherrill Glick
Lucas Godshalk
Isaiah and Allison Goertz
Andrea and Jason Golden
Jerry and Joyce Golden
Joel Gonzalez Jr
Delmar and Lou Ann Good
Marty and Ann Good
Walter and Lorene Good
Marlene Goodrich
Jessica Gotwals
John and Yixia Gotwals
Susan Gotwals and Timothy Lehman
Alvin and Dolores Graber
Barbara and Russell Graber
Elwood and Joyce Graber
Harry and Kathleen Graber
Kevin and Jennifer Graber
Millard and Sheila Graber
Natalie Graber
Peter and Melba Graber
Keith and Ann Graber Miller
Jerry and Teresa Granger
Kenton Granger and Jennifer Heath
Jim and Julie Grider
Dwight and Carol Grieser
Kathleen Grieser and John Chipka
Alan and Rhonda Griffin
Evan Grimes
Seth Grimes
Janice and Charles Grodrick
Ida Gross
Leonard and Irene Gross
Jenna Grubaugh
Esther Guedea
Elizabeth Guedea Carreno and Sonny Carreno
Ronald and Ruth Guengerich
James and Suzanne Gunden
Myra Gunden
Ruth Gunden
Thomas and Julie Gunden
Jacob GunderKline
Carl and A Kay Gusler
Marjorie and Wayne Guth
Robert and Christine Guth
Jose Gutierrez



Daryl and Crystal Haarer
Fred Habegger
Janice Hadley
David and Monique Haire
Rachel Halder
Lois and Alan Hall
Mary Hammann
Patricia and Benjamin Handrich
Wilma Harder and Barbara Swartley
Annie Laurie Hardie
Harold Harding Jr
John and Elaine Harley
Len and Loanne Harms
James Harp
Elaine Harrison
Freeman Hartman and Natasha Loop
Greg and Bethany Hartman
Marlene and Leroy Hartman
Gregory and Eudora Hartzler
Jean Hartzler
Kelly Hartzler and Manoel Couder
Roy and Lois Hartzler
Victor and Marlene Hartzler
Heather and Hamilton Harwood
Melissa Hayden
Cathy and Robert Hayes
Vivian Headings
Jack and Mary Ann Heath
Mervin and Sharon Helmuth
Paul and Lavera Helmuth
Robin and Debra Helmuth
Todd and Rebecca Helmuth
Carl and Betty Helrich
Thushan and Jill Hemachandra and
Jair Hernandez
A Chris and Tamie Herr
Edward and Delia Herr
Abner and Anne Hershberger
Delvin and Michele Hershberger
Diana and John Hershberger
Lotus and Judith Hershberger
Valerie Hershberger
Virgil Hershberger
James and Diane Hertzler
John and Carolyn Hertzler
Jon Hess
Owen and Joy Hess
Sandra Hess
Ursula Hess
Linda and Terry Hicks
Jeremy High
Alice and John Hill
Kami Hilliker
Sandra and Steven Hirdes
Erik and Jessica Hisner
Timothy and Kathryn Histand
Ruby Hochstedler
Alexandria Hochstetler
Allison Hochstetler
Kenneth and Susan Hochstetler
Norman Hocking
Joyce and Samuel Hofer
Todd and Marnette Hofer
Martin Hofkamp
Curtis and Edith Holsopple
Todd Holsopple and Jan Friesen Holsopple
Elizabeth Holt
Thomas and Joanne Holtzinger
Michael and Stephanie Honderich
Elizabeth Hoover
Helene Hoover
Chad and Michelle Horning
Kenneth E and Rebecca B Horst
Paul and Joanna Horst
Randall Horst and Laura Lerch Horst
Ambrosia Hostetler
Jeptha and Joyce Hostetler
Merle and Mary Hostetler
Merle and Elaine Hostetler
Wilbur E and Donna L Hostetler
Rick and Joy Hostetter
Paul and Kirsten Housholder
David Housman and Jeanne Bowen
Susan and Michael Howes
Dayna and Jonathan Hrovath
Natalie Hubby
Vincent and Debra Huff
Arlin K and Naomi Hunsberger
Carl and Mary Hurst
David and Edith Hurst
Gerald and Glenda Hurst
Ronald Hurst
Kayla Hussey
LaVella Hyter



Donald and Ruth Inglis-Widrick
John and Margaret Ingold



Elizabeth Jacobs
Christine and Sushil Jain
Amanda Jamison
Jonathan and Sue Jantz
Donald and Marilyn Jantzi
David and Cynthia Janzen
Beth and James Jensen
Elizabeth Miller Jeschke
Fernando Jimenez
Dewayne and Carolyn Johns
Nelda Johnson
Mark and Sherry Jordan
David Jost
Timothy and Ruth Stoltzfus Jost
Patricia and Hans Jurczak



Talis and Linda Kaminskis
Franklin and Linda Kandel
Dianne Karsh
Dale and Vivian Kaser
Matthew and Kari Katzer
Allan Kauffman and Carol Miller
Armon and L Bernice Kauffman
Debra and Robert Kauffman
Dwight and Carolyn Kauffman
Irene Kauffman
Jason M and Shelley D Kauffman
Jeff and Chris Kauffman
Richard and Suzanne Kauffman
Seth Kauffman and Angela Gunden
Thomas and Donna Kauffman
Travis and Kristin Kauffman
Duane and Dorotha Kauffmann
Norm and Sharon Kauffmann
Brent and Cheryl Kaufman
Douglas and Jill Kaufman
Myrna and John Kaufman
Stanley Kaufman
Eric and Cynthia Kaufmann
H James and Lois Kaufmann
Kim and Michael Kearney
Janet and Forrest Keefer
Bryan and Anita Kehr
Paul Keim and Julia King Keim
Gary and Norma Keister
Joshua and Nina Keister
Dale Kempf and Kay Miller Kempf
Sandra and Brian Kennedy
Christine Kennel
Helen Kennell
Cynthia Kester
Badawe and Joy Khader
John and Jean King
LaDene King and Gretchen Nyce
Larry King and Betty Serian
Lydia King
Mark and Pushpa King
Ronald and Lila King
Stanley and Bonita King
Vernon and Shirley King
James and Gloria Kinnard
Vicky and Jim Kirkton
John and Alice Klassen
Loyal and Bertha Klassen
Sara Klassen
William Klassen and Dona Harvey
Linda Klingensmith
John and Judy Kolb
Vic and Irene Koop
Christina and John Kopina
D Wayne and Phyllis Kornhaus
Merrill and Clare Krabill
Jean Kraybill
Alan and Eleanor Kreider
Anya Kreider
Evelyn Kreider
L Emil and Louise Kreider
Lenora and Dietrich Kroeker
Michael and Rebecca Kubacki
Eric A Kurtz



Max and Betty Lake
Warren and Janice Lambright
Wayne and Lois Lambright
Deanna and Gary Lancaster
Henry and Jane Landes
Mark and Deanna Landes
R Dale and Gloria Landes
Douglas and Joy Landis
Geoffrey Landis and Elizabeth Gunden
Jacob Landis
Jan and Michael Landis
Prentice Lantzer
Jessica Lapp and Philip Hertzler
John and Alice Lapp
Samuel and Helen Lapp
Nelson and Joy Le Count
M Grace Leatherman
John and Naomi Lederach
Philip and Lisa Lederach
Elwin LeFevre
Barbara and Lee Lehman
Brent Lehman
Douglas & Joni Lehman
Elizabeth Lehman
Gary and Alice Lehman
J Stan Lehman and Kathleen Sherwood
Jane M Lehman
Jason and Patricia Lehman
Jessica Lehman and Mark Murphy
Jewel Lehman
Kathleen and J Michael Lehman
Jim and Betsy Lehman
Martha Lehman and Rex Hooley
Maurice and Carol Lehman
Merritt and Dierra Lehman
Priya Lehman
Ralph Stephen Lehman
Dick and Jolene Lehman
Rodney and Sandra Lehman
Sharon Lehman
Timothy and Jan Lehman
Brooke Lemmon
Andrea and Kyle Lemna
Debra Lendman
Robert and Annabelle Lerch
Neil Ann S Levine
Douglas Lewis
Christopher and Holly Liechty
Daniel and Mary Liechty
Daniel and Jill Koop Liechty
John Liechty and Joy Lambright Liechty
Russel and Marjorie Liechty
Laura and Ricardo Linares
Clifford and Hope Lind
Kristan and David Linton
Glen and Ann Linvill
Faye Litwiller
Michael Litwiller
Wendell and Betty Litwiller
Melvin and Elfrieda Loewen
Nancy Liechty Loewen and
Susan Hepler Long and Doug Long
Aaron and Martha Longacre
Mark and Ruth Longacre
Kenton Longenecker and Shelly Mann
Nevin and Lorna Longenecker
Gordon and Laurie Lord
Charles Lorenz
Ann and Lawrence Love
Janet Kay Love



Patrick Mackowiak
Mark and Dawn Maes
W E Malone Jr and Sharon Malone
Paul Man-Son-Hing
Timothy and Gail Manickam
Eric and Jan Mann
Jean Mann Graber and Cal Graber
James and Audra Mark
Jonathan Mark
Armand and Virginia Martin
Chad Martin and Jessica King
Clair and Guenn Martin
James and Linda Martin
Kendel and Lori Martin
Mary Martin
Rosemarie Martin
Ruth and Jay Martin
Vincent and Rachel Martin
Shawn Martz
Adamson and Joanna Masingila
Phillip Mason and Cynthia Friesen-Mason
David and Nancy Massanari
Walter Massanari
Cheryl and Brian Mast
Conrad and Donna Mast
Dean and Gail Mast
Glenda and D Leon Mast
William and Marna Mateer
Sonya and Nathan Mateer Rempel
Rodney Maust and Martha Yoder Maust
Scott and Catherine Maxwell
Hilary Mayhew
Marla and Paul McAfee
June W McCarron
Errick McCollum
John and El McCory
George and Cheryl McCoy
James Melchert
Erwin and Alta Mellinger
Dorothy and Roger Mertz
Lydia and Max Mertz
Gary and Karen Metzger
Carl and Doris Metzler
Paul and Jeanette Metzler
Thyra Metzler
G E and Nettie Meyer
Jocele Meyer
Kirsten and David Meyer
Kathy and Paul Meyer Reimer
Thomas and Julia Meyers and
William and Dalisay Meyers
Joyce Millen
Anthony and Leah Miller
BJ Miller
Carroll and Roberta Miller
Celesta Miller
Claudette Miller
D Richard and Mary Miller
Darren Miller
David and Brenda Miller
Donald and Mary Miller
Duane and Jill Miller
Edna and Paul R Miller
Eric and Michelle Miller
Galen Miller and Sue Neeb
Glen E and Marilyn Miller
Gloria and Levi Miller
Imogene Miller
J Kevin Miller and Lorene Byler Miller
James and Kristine Miller
James and Eleanor Miller
James R and Sylvia Miller
Jana and Michael Miller
Jonathan and Nancy Miller
Joyce Miller and Steve Pischalko
Judith Miller
Karen M. and Thomas C. Miller
Katherine Miller
Kelly Miller
Kenneth and Doris Miller
Kevin Miller and Rebecca Stoltzfus
Lee Miller and Susan Fisher Miller
Leroy and Elaine Miller
Leslie and Daniel Miller
Linus Miller
Lloyd Miller and Joan Yoder Miller
Lois Miller
Luke L Miller and Christian Moevs
Lyle and Bonnie Miller
Lynn and Darlene Miller
Mary Ann Miller
Peter Miller and Leah Roth Miller
Peter Miller and Marilyn Graber
Peter Miller
Philip Miller and Jean Newcomer
Phyllis Miller
Ron and Wanda Miller
Samuel and Meghan Miller
Sanford and Mary Lou Miller
Sheri Miller
Stanley and Sandra Miller
William and Phyllis Miller
Ron and Sally Jo Milne
James and Lucy Miner
James and Virginia Mininger
Donald and Martha Minter
Eric Miranda
Dennis and Pattie Mishler
John and Phyllis Mishler
Karen Geiser Mishler
Mary Mishler
Robert and Kenda Mishler
Judith and Jim Mohler
Alicia Moore
Mark and Kathy Mow
Jeff Mowery
Laura Moyer and Robert Knappman
Sharon and Dale Moyer
Robert and Janie Mullet
Denise and Michael Murphy
Lorraine Murphy
John and Marilyn Murray
Lauren and Thomas Murto
Lorna and Robert Mynsberge



Susan Nacker
Anna Nafziger
Charles and Esther Nafziger
Dean Nafziger
Ella Nafziger
Eric and Karen Nafziger
Joel Nafziger
LaVerne Nafziger
Lowell and Diane Kae Nafziger
Matthew Nafziger
Roger and Laurie Nafziger
Timothy and Izaete Nafziger
Timothy Namisnak
Julie Namisnak-Jones
Sharon and Troy Neely
David and Luann Neff
Sue Neff
Nancy Neiman-Hoffman
L Ann Nelson
Iris Neufeld and Eric Basinger
Jonathan Neufeld
Marjorie Neufeld
Mark and Gail Neumann
Roger Neumann
Kenneth and Tiffany Newbold
Gregory Newswanger and Judith Woodring
Douglas Nisley
Bryan and Elaine Noe
Shirley and J Wesley Noe
Donna and James Noffsinger and
Cheryl and Douglas Nofziger
Janice Nofziger
Melissa and Phil Nofziger
Myrl and Phyllis Nofziger
Patricia and Bruce Nofziger
Ronald and Marlene Nofziger
Verlyn and Marjorie Nofziger
Joseph and Madeline Noll
Steve and Rachel Nolt
Molly Noonan
Teresa Norris
Robert and Donna Nosofsky
John and Doris Nunemaker
Gloria and Curtis Nussbaum
Jared Nussbaum
Rebecca and Jonathan Nussbaum
Van Nussbaum and Carla Wenger-Nussbaum
John Nyce and Dorothy Yoder Nyce



Glen and Lois Oesch
Christina and Jeffrey Okamoto
Lisa and John Oneill
Charity and Paul Ortman
Jeffrey and Maria Osborne
Janine and Dave Ostergren
Craig and Charlotte Oswald
Myra Oswald
Paul Oswald
Clifford and Lois Oyer
Gordon Oyer
Mary K Oyer
Richard Oyer
Tim and Joanne Oyer



E Kent Palmer
Larry and Ruth Palmer
Carolyn Amstutz Patterson and Richard Patterson
Allen Peachey
Chester and Ruth Ann Peachey
J Robert and Helen Peifer
Dracy and Denise Pendleton
Gilberto and Elizabeth Perez
Gilberto Perez Jr and Denise Diener
Luis Perez Lerchundi
Christina Peters
Lisa Lee and Clifford Peterson
Ross and Erika Peterson-Veatch
Michael and Amy Phend
Robin Phillips
Balazs Bence Pirot
Ken and Justine Pletcher
Nathan and Andrea Pletcher
William and Rosemary Pletcher
John Plough and Korey Jeska
Jeremy Pope
Jane Porter Gresham
David Pottinger and Faye E Peterson Pottinger
Doyle and Mary Jo Preheim
Jo Ann and John Preheim
Glenn and Deborah Pulianas
Jacob Putnam
Elizabeth and C Richard Pyles



Joan Quillico



Ramiro Racey
Anne Raftree
J Mark Ramseyer and Norma Wyse
John Rapp
Lester C and Velma Rassi
Bob and Pam Reber
Jill Reedy and Andrew Martin
Stanley and Janet Reedy
Julie and Micky Reese
Larry and Louise Reeser
Marvin and Sylvia Reimer
Peter Reimer
Don and Sharon Reinhard
Jill and Todd Replogle
Gerald and Mary Alice Ressler
Patrick Ressler
Chris Retter
Ralph and Carol Rheinheimer
Carol and James Rhodes
Dean and Becky Rhodes
James Rhodes
Miriam Rich
Olive Rich
Rhonda Richer and Thom Reiher
Donald and Mona Riegsecker
Norma Riegsecker
Victor and Marjorie Riemenschneider
Emily Riesser and Thomas Sunderland
William N and Karla J Rieth
Ronald Ringenberg
Alice and Dennis Risser
Deanna Risser
J Douglas and Sharon Risser
Matthew Rissler and Angela Kohlhaas Rissler
David Ritchie and Susan Brown
E Jane Robinett
Amy Robinson
Courtney and Brandon Robinson
Mark Robles Sr. and Dolores Lopez
Pamela S Rodriguez
Carlos and Celina Romero
Victor Rosario
Colleen and Gary Rosborough
Edith M Ross
Alice and Willard Roth
Arnold C and Lucille M Roth
Bradley and Aimee Roth
Brian and Lynne Roth
Daniel and Donna Roth
John Roth and Ruth Miller Roth
Jonathan and Mary Ann Roth
Karen Roth
Kent Roth
Luke and Catherine Roth
Roger and Joanne Roth
Sue Roth
Sarah and Luke Roth-Mullet
David and Beth Rupp
Larry and Rosemary Rupp
Teresa Russell
Phyllis Ruth
Maria Rutland



Mark and Val Rae Sadler
Sandra Saggars
Jason and Jeanette Samuel
Elias Sanchez
Reuben Sancken-Marx
David and Christine Sands
Karla Santiago and Alfredo Puma
James and Mona Sauder
Benjamin and Angie Savanick
Martha Savanick
Stewart Saylor
Janet Scheevel
Wayne Schertz and Agnes Classen Schertz
Andrew Schiedel and Karen Martin Schiedel
Mary Schiedel
Douglas Schirch and Maria Sanchez de Schirch
Dale and Vivian Schlabach
Ervin and Lois Schlabach
J Carlyle Schlabach and Julia Birky
Mark and Sarah Schloneger
Irene Schmid
Kristopher and Kathryn Schmidt
Sherry Schmidt
Arden and Anna Belle Schmucker
Patricia and Douglas J Schmucker
Philip and Elaine Schmucker
Scott Schmucker and Lisa Gunden
Walter and Vera Schmucker
Yvonne and Dale Schnarr
Jonathan and Betty Schrag
Marcella and Robert Schrag
Daniel and Elaine Schrock
Daniel and Jennifer Schrock
Gregory and Leigh Schrock
Janice Schrock
Eloise and Francis Schrock
Ruth and H Devon Schrock
Steven Schrock and Kimberly Stuckey-Schrock
V Kay and Larry Schrock
Joan Schrock-Woodward and Donald Woodward
Wolfgang and Christel Schultz
Mark and Shannon Schuring
David and Alta Schwartz
Samuel and Janet Schwartz
Douglas J Schwartzentruber and Diane White
Lonnie and Sandra Sears
Ruth and Bruce Sellers
Robert and Marla Shail
Regina Shands Stoltzfus
Arden and Meribeth Shank
Edith Shantz
Steven and Kathryn Shantz
Michael Shaver
James and Mary Shearer
Brenda and Albert Shelby
Ben Shelly
Marilyn and John Shelton
J B and Beatrice Shenk
Lon Sherer
Rozella Sherman
Clay and Rose Shetler
Linda Pert Shetler
Rose and Leonard Shetler
Dorothy Shirk
Yvonne Shore
Darin and Lisa Short
Gerald and Karen Short
Shirley and Stuart Showalter
Jeanette and James Shown
Robert and Katharine Shreiner
Karen Slagell and Gail Jungbluth
Deborah Smith
Don and Jody Smith
James and Sherry Smith
Jay and Patricia Smith
John and Joann Smith
Patricia B Smith
Rebecca and Stephen Smith
Arthur and Nova Jean Smoker
Alvin J M and Betty Smucker
Arthur Smucker
Barbara and George Smucker
Dorothy Smucker
Gregory and Barbara Smucker
Janneken Smucker and Richard Sieber
Jon and Janet Smucker
Mark and Vicki Smucker
Mary Lu Smucker
Russell and Linda Smucker
Beth Snider
Dean and Janice Sommer
Donald and Linda Sommer
Karen and Darrel Sommers
Karl and Roxanna Sommers
Kendal and Robina Sommers
Robert and Ada Souder
Christina Springer and Peter Kenagy
E Keith and Kathleen Springer
Joe Springer and Jo-Ann Brant
Randall and Rita Springer
Royal and Beverly Springer
Bruce and Barbara Stahly
Anita Stalter
David and Lois Stalter
Jerry Stanner
Loren and Miriam Stauffer
Linda Stein
Cara and Joseph Steiner
Charles and Cheryl Steiner
Gerald and Beulah Steiner
Robert and Sarah Steiner
Wesley and Margaret Steiner
James Stemen
Barbara and Robert Steury
Randall and Ellen Stoesz
Joyce Stokes
Dale and Carolyn Stoll
Barry and Ingrid Stoltzfus
C Martin and Charlotte Stoltzfus
Donna and Timothy Stoltzfus
Duane and Karen Stoltzfus
Eldon and Rachel Stoltzfus
Eric and Ruth Stoltzfus
Larry and Janet Stoltzfus
Leah Stoltzfus
Virgil and Marie Strahm
Suzanne and Frank Stricker
Emily and James Stuckey Weber
Kirk Stucky
Daniel Stutzman
Phyllis Stutzman
Jo Ann and Donald Sumner
Brian Sutter
Earl and Margaret Sutter
Gary and Kay Sutter
Johanna Sutter
John and Charlotte Sutter
Lela Sutter
M Willis and Esther Sutter
Mary Sutter
Ronald and Barbara Sutter
Ruth Sutter
Jacob R Swartley
David Swartz and Lisa Fitzgerald
Douglas and Rhonda Swartzendruber
Mary Swartzendruber
Thelma Swartzendruber
R Jane Swihart Farrell and Joseph Farrell
Timothy and Camille Swisher
Robert Switzer



Stephen Tarr
Amy and Robert Taylor
Beverly and Floyd Taylor
James and Laurie Taylor
Kenneth and Vicki Taylor
Elizabeth G Tecca
Lynn and John Tecca
Glenn Teschendorf
Scarlet Teschke
Audrey Thill
Edna Thomas
J Richard and Joyce Thomas
Maria Thomas
Amy Thut and Gregory Imbur
Timothy and Margaret Thut
Greg Tipton
Robert and Brenda Toews
Colleen Tonn
Long Tran and Janet Barnes
Dennis and Kathleen Troyer
Donald and Beth Troyer
Ora and Mary Troyer
Shirley Troyer
Dechen Tuladhar
Joannie Tumbleson



R Gary and Susan Underwood
Karolyn Unruh



Daniel Vader
Linda VandenBosch
Hazel and F Helen Vanlaningham
Douglas and Jane Vendrely
Maredith Vendrely
Patrick and Ann Vendrely
Judith Vessey
Sara Von Gunten and Evan Miller
Russell and Sandra Voorhees
Melvin and Marilyn Voran



Bernita and Elvin Wade
Douglas and Mary Ellen Waldman
Karen Walker
Kim and Gregory Walker
Winifred and Elmer Wall
Eric and Tai Walsh
Robert and Ann Walton
Youko Watari and Kai Johnson
Melia Watkins
Linda Watts
Christine and Dale Way
David Weaver
Glenn and Anne Weaver
Judy Weaver and Richard Aguirre
Lynn Weaver
Mark and Barbara Weaver
Maynard and Phyllis Weaver
Vance and Karon Weaver
Amy Jo and Robert Wechter
Edward Wedel and Melissa Manda
Suzanne K Wedel
Gordon and Barbara Weirich
Alan and Carla Weldy
Carol and Keith Weldy
Dale and Helen Weldy
Kim and Karin Weldy
Leland and Sigrid Weldy
Malaina Weldy
Mark and Kortney Wenclewicz and Kortney Hanson
Jane Wenger
John and Virginia Wenger
Keenan Wenger
Marion Wenger
Paul Wenger and Katarina Borer Wenger
Robin Wenger
Sherry and Curt Wenger
Ryan Wengerd
Sherry and David Wengerd
Judy Wenig-Horswell and Charles Horswell
Michele Werner
Esther Wert
Gail and John Weybright
James and Alice Wheeler
Donald White and Betty W Good-White
Gwen White
Marnetta and David White
Grace and Robert Whitehead
James Whittaker
David and Rosemary Widmer
Gwen Widmer and Patrick Clancy
Mary Ann and Jonathan Wieand
Brian and Brenda Wiebe
Leonard and Joan Wiebe
Kevin and Marilyn Wilder
Arnold and Wanda Willems
Lynn and Margaret Williams
George and Dora Wilmer
Ardith and Ralph Wilson
Gerald and Sandy Wingard
Larkin Wise-Chappuis
Isaac Witmer
Elizabeth Wittrig
Jerry and Ruth Ann Wittrig
Dorothy Woliung
Todd and Diane Woodworth
Bud and Phyllis Wulliman



Adam and Laura Yoder
Adeline K Yoder
Carl and Phyllis Yoder
Christian Yoder and Jonathan D Miller
Clarence and Gretchen Yoder
David and Dolores Yoder
Delvon and Shirley Yoder
Diane and Richard Yoder
Donald F and Marceil F Yoder
Douglas and Janette Yoder
Dwight Yoder and Dianne Smith-Yoder
Ed and Theo Yoder
Esther Yoder
Florence L Yoder
Fred and June Yoder
Gordon and Esther Yoder
Harley Yoder and Starla Graber
James and Phyllis Yoder
Jason Yoder
J Harold Yoder
Jean Yoder
John and June Yoder
Jonathan and Leanna Yoder
Keith and Esta Yoder
Kenneth and Ferne Yoder
Kent and Gaye Yoder
Larry and Janice Yoder
Leroy and Maxine Yoder
LeVon and Anita Yoder
Lydia Yoder
Doug and Vicki Yoder
Marian Yoder
Marion and Meredith Yoder
A Marisa and Timothy Yoder
Matilda Yoder
Matthew J Yoder
Michael and Carolyn Yoder
Michael Yoder and Mary Lehman Yoder
Orville and LaJane Yoder
Patricia and James Yoder
Richard W Yoder
Rick and Lori Yoder
Roberta and Larry Yoder and Larry Yoder
Robin Yoder
Judge Ronnie Yoder and Shirley Yoder
Sandra and James Yoder
Susan Yoder and Jonathon Wills
Tessa Yoder
Thomas K Yoder
Todd and Kathleen Yoder
Wayne and Roveen Yoder
Ana Yoder Coulter and Scott Coulter
Brian and Anna Yoder Schlabach
Mildred Yoder Troyer
John and Winnie Yordy
Maurice and Patricia Yordy
Zachary and Aspen Yordy
Marcia Yost
Karen and Jon Young
Kathy and Patrick Young
Neal and Maggie Young
tom and Cathryn Young
Mona Yuhn



John and Julia Zehr
Joseph and Tami Zehr
Paul Zehr
Lois and John Zendt
Ignacio Zepeda
Mark and Karene Zimmerman
Michael and Debra Zimmerman
Jonathon Zirkle
Avery Zook II and Pamela Zook
John and Carole Zook
John and Rosemary Zook
Mervin Zook
Loretta Zook-Stanley and Joseph Stanley
Sherrie and Aaron Zou
Evelyn and Roger zumFelde
Jakob zumFelde