Farewell to Cambodia


Just minutes ago, 10 Cambodia SSTers left for Goshen after a final group meal and a full group photo. Eight SSTers stayed behind for an overnight at a guesthouse and then some free-range traveling in Thailand, beginning tomorrow morning. Cambodia SSTers all returned to Phnom Penh Friday, joining Nate and Brett, whose service assignments were … Keep reading »

Brett and Nate in Phnom Penh

Brett with his family, including Panya (Nana's longtime boyfriend), sister Mao, Ma (Nam Chenda), sister Nana, sister Leak, and Socheat (Mao's fiance). Brother David, 17, and Leak's boyfriend Tong are not pictured.

Nate and Brett’s service assignment kept them right at home in Phnom Penh, living with their host families from the “Study” portion of SST and working with a “Get-Out-the-Vote” campaign. Cambodia’s national elections are slated for July 28. Prime Minister Hun Sen, 61, said he believes the ruling Cambodian Peoples Party will again secure two-thirds … Keep reading »

Maryn and Carina in Sbov

Children ride in the Graber Miller tuk-tuk while waiting for school to begin.

This week the Graber Millers visited Carina and Maryn in Sbov, a Khmer Muslim village a few minutes from Kep on the southern coast. Given the beauty of the area, the Graber Millers stayed a couple of extra days in the coastal town of Kep for a mini family vacation. Carina and Maryn also enjoy … Keep reading »

Jake and Sara K in Siem Reap Province

Sara at the IDE office in Siem Reap

Jake and Sara K live in two quite rural villages outside of Siem Reap, about a half hour from each other and at least a 45-minute bike ride from the city. Both have made their villages home, making connections with family and friends and finding meaningful work/accompaniment. Sara lives in Krabei Riel and commutes into … Keep reading »

Kampong Phluckers: Audrey and Joel

On way to Kampong Phluck

  Audrey and Joel are in Kampong Phluck (spelled and pronounced in a variety of ways), the remote, stilted village along the Tonle Sap Lake. The entire SST group visited the village when we were in Siem Reap back in early February (see the entry on Kampong Phluck there for more overview photos). Joel and … Keep reading »

Renae and Henry in Svay Klang

Henry and Renae on their front doorstep.

Renae and Henry are living in Svay Klang in Kampong Cham Province, about a 5 1/2 hour van ride away from Phnom Penh. Their home is situated right on the Mekong River, though the riverbed directly in front of their home is dry at this time of the year (the hot and dry season), and … Keep reading »

The Ratanakiri Five

Madeleine's Yeak Lom Villlages Map

Living with Tampoun families in Ratanakiri Province — 12 hours by bus from Phnom Penh — is going swimmingly, in both figurative and literal ways. The five students placed there — Madeleine, Kate, Corey, Sarah T, and Seth — are having positive experiences living with their indigenous families and teaching English, and they also usually … Keep reading »

Jessie in Tang Khiev


This is the second of three posts we are putting up tonight — the first on Jacob M and Lauren in Ba Phnom, this one on Jessie’s accompaniment assignment, and a third on the Graber Millers’ lives in Phnom Penh. On Wednesday visiting SST Director Tom Meyers as well as Keith and Ann went to … Keep reading »

Jacob and Lauren in Ba Phnom


In the next 24 hours we’ll post several new blogs, so please take a look at the additional ones on Jessie in Oudong and the Graber Millers in Phnom Penh. Lauren and Jacob M are thriving in Ba Phnom, in Prey Veang Province east of Phnom Penh. Jacob is the first Cambodia SSTer ever to … Keep reading »