Thanks for Following our Cambodian Journey

SST Cambodia 2010

Within the next three hours, the first five Cambodia SSTers will be returning to campus. Kelly, Phil, Seth, Trisha, and Jake boarded their Korean Airlines plane at about 11 p.m. last evening for their two lengthy flights back to the States. Fourteen of their peers stayed behind to travel in Cambodia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Malaysia, … Keep reading »

Reorientation Events, Day II

Charlie leading Muslim prayer

Easter Sunday was the second day of project presentations and reorientation events for Cambodia SSTers. The highlight of the day were afternoon project presentations. Charlie, who with Jake spent the six weeks of service in a Cham Muslim village in central Cambodia, led us in the Muslim Call to Prayer and the bodily movements of … Keep reading »

Language Testing and Project Presentations

Gathering at RUPP on a rainy Saturday for Khmer final exam

All of the Cambodia SSTers returned to their Royal University of Phnom Penh classrooms Saturday morning for final language testing, meeting with their teachers for discussions about what they did in the provinces. Nearly everyone showed marked improvements in language abilities after being more deeply immersed in Khmer culture over the last six weeks.

Back Home Again in Phnom Penh

Sharing stories

All 19 Cambodia SSTers arrived back home in Phnom Penh sometime Friday, checking in at the Graber Miller home before returning to their host families. Everyone was healthy and happy to be back, though some were melancholy about leaving their villages, where they had developed close friendships over the last six weeks.

Cambodian Family Photos

Cambodian Kids' Photo

One of the Graber Miller family activities this week — in addition to bumper cars and bowling — was getting our photos taken in the Cambodian style, with traditional Cambodian clothing and excessive amounts of makeup and even hair extensions or curls for Ann and Mia. Not everyone in the family was thrilled with the … Keep reading »

Allison and Trisha in Beautiful Kampong Kreang


Allison and Trisha are living 15 minutes outside of Kampot, tucked in the southwestern part of Cambodia about half an hour from the beach. The Graber Millers made their last service visit there from Monday to Wednesday this week; all 19 students will be returning to Phnom Penh in 8 days (Friday, April 2) for … Keep reading »

Kat and Rachel in Mongkol Borei

Relaxing with students at Kone Kmeng

Three hours from their nearest counterparts in Kampong Phluck, Rachel and Kat are living and serving in Mongkol Borei, a town an hour and a half north of Battambang, Cambodia’s second largest city. Mongkol Borei is only 50 kilometers from the Thai border and part of the region where the Khmer Rouge held power long … Keep reading »

Annalisa and Julian, our Kampong Phluckians

Annalisa in the classroom

Julian and Annalisa are living in working in two of the three villages that make up the Kampong Phluck communities, the stilted villages near the Tonle Sap lake and Siem Reap. The entire group visited Kampong Phluck back in late January when we went to Angkor Wat, and many said the village visit was almost … Keep reading »

Jake and Charlie living the Muslim life in Svay Khleang

Ahmed before prayers

This is the third and final posting from this week’s visits to three different student village settings — seeing Corinne, Seth, Bailey, Sarah, and Chloe in Tampoun villages, Michael and Austin in their Jarai village, and Charlie and Jake in Kampong Cham province. The Graber Millers head off tomorrow morning for Siem Reap and Kampong … Keep reading »

Michael and Austin in Kong Yuk

Wild man Austin

Austin and Michael are living and working with a Jarai indigenous family in the village of Kong Yuk, about 50 kilometers outside of Banlung, the provincial capital of Ratanakiri Province, and just 40 kilometers from Vietnam. Some may remember the story of the “jungle girl of Cambodia,” a young woman who reappeared from out of … Keep reading »