Final “Study” Week in Phnom Penh


Although students already are out on service, scattered across five provinces in eight different service sites, we wanted yet to post photos of their final week in Phnom Penh before leaving last Friday for the “accompaniment” portion of SST. It was a full week of classes and activities. Among the highlights of the week were: … Keep reading »

Off to Service


Students all left for service on Friday morning, most meeting at and departing from the Graber Miller apartment. Some came early for breakfast, others arrived later in the morning, but all were on the road by 1 p.m. The day was not without its snags and demi-traumas (a missed bus to Ratanakiri, non-functioning phones, a … Keep reading »

Audrey on Goals for Service


Students set out yesterday (Friday) for their service assignments, scattered across five different provinces in eight different service settings. Watch for an additional post about students’ service locations, and also an out-of-order post about the students’ last week in Phnom Penh. Audrey headed off, with Joel, to a remote fishing village known as Kampong Phluck, … Keep reading »

Sarah L-R’s Reflections


The following reflections are from Sarah L-R’s journal, used by permission and previously published in The Record back on campus: By Sarah L-R Here in Phnom Penh I have the uncommon experience of living with a Christian family. My “parents” (they are in their 30s, and more like siblings than parents) both joined the church … Keep reading »

Host Family Celebration


Since students leave for their service assignments this Friday, last evening (Sunday evening) we threw a family celebration at the countryside home of Sreyhem and Mike Roberts. Sreyhem is an NGO consultant in Cambodia, and in 2007 and 2010 was our local family assistant. Her husband Mike is the director of IDE, a local NGO … Keep reading »

Teacher Pantha’s Krama Lecture


Morning Khmer classes and afternoon Khmer classes continued throughout this past week, with Town/Village Studies happening on Friday and Saturday (see new blog on that from last evening). Last week at P’teah Goshen, with Corey in the group of cooks, the meal involved a lot of cheese, a food students sometimes miss. The meal included … Keep reading »

Village/Town Studies


On Friday and Saturday, students fanned out around central and south Cambodia for village/town studies, taking two- to four-hour trips by bus or van to designated locations in a 150-kilometer radius around Phnom Penh. The intent was to prepare them for heading out for their service assignments this coming Friday. Groups went to the following … Keep reading »

Immersing Ourselves at Rabbit Island


This is the third of three blog posts we’re putting up today — one on our lectures and language classes over the last week, and one Kate’s reflections on being in Cambodia. Please see those blogs as well. On Saturday and Sunday we took a quick overnight trip to Kep/Kaeb and Rabbit Island on Cambodia’s … Keep reading »

Language Classes and Mosque Visit


(This is one of three blogs posted today, so please see Kate Yoder’s reflections as well as the blog post on our trip to Kep and Rabbit Island.) Over the last week students continued to have Khmer language classes each morning. The four language teachers have done a good job responding to students’ language needs, … Keep reading »

“Cambodians Have Wonderful Sense of Humors”


This blog post is by Kate, and first appeared in this week’s Record back on campus: “If You Pay 10 dollors, you can eat pork belly and drink endlessly until when you say ‘STOP!’” Welcome to Cambodia, where the English major in me is reduced to giggles by the sometimes amusing English translations that appear … Keep reading »