Red Cents

Red Cents 2015-2016

Red Cents is an award-winning literary arts journal that showcases student writing, visual art and graphic design. It is edited and published each year by Goshen College students through the college’s Pinchpenny Press. In 2017, Red Cents published its 12th issue.

The 2013 issue of Red Cents won four awards at the Indiana Collegiate Press Association (ICPA) literary magazine contest. These included first place awards in the nonfiction and short poem categories, second place for best free verse poem and third place for best literary magazine of the year. The 2012 Red Cents publication won six awards, including first place for best single issue.

Rosanna Nafziger Henderson ’06, who wanted to see the work of her classmates in print, proposed the idea for Red Cents in 2004. She came up with the title “Red Cents,” which was meant to complement the “Pinchpenny Press” theme with a name that suggested frugality.

Past Editors of Red Cents:

Maggie Weaver, Helena Neufeld and Madeline Gerig, 2017
Madeline Gerig, Joe Kreider and Elizabeth Franks-North, 2016
Hayley Brooks and Kate Yoder, 2015
Kate Stoltzfus and Kate Yoder, 2014
Mary Roth, 2013
Annie Martens, 2012
Chelsea Kaufman, 2011
Chelsea Kaufman, 2010
Whitney Philips, 2009
Hope Langeland, 2008
Claire Swora, Erini Shields and Alex Roth, 2007
Amanda Zimmerman and Laurel Yoder, 2006
Rosanna Nafziger, Aaron Zimmerman, Beth Bender and Katrina Maust, 2005