Horswell Publishing Award

The Goshen College English Department has several publication awards available through a gift from Sushil and Christine Horswell Jain of Windsor, Ontario. In honor of Christine’s parents, Mary and Dr. Richard Horswell of Elkhart, Indiana, the Horswell Fellowship and Horswell Anthology provide a unique opportunity for students to gain publishing and editing experience.

The Horswell Fellowship is awarded to an English major, after being selected from among applicants who explain their goal to gain publishing experience.

Past Horswell Fellows:


Laura Miller, 2020-21                                                                                                                                        Hayley Brooks, 2013-14
Lauren Stoltzfus, 2012-13
Mary Roth, 2011-12
Sarah Rich, 2010-11
Emily Taylor, 2009-10
Heather Clark, 2008-09
Tara Hershberger, 2007-08
Sarah Roth, 2006-07
Laurel Yoder, 2005-06
Erin Lomax, 2004-05
Jesse Conrad, 2002-03
Jon Sommers, 2001-02
Rebecca Rich, 2000-01
Erin Clymer, 1999-00
Minda Kauffman, 1998-99
Erin Stoy, 1997-98

One Horswell Anthology is published each year from faculty submissions of manuscript proposals. Each anthology is a collection of student writing from a class that can be used as a text for future class offerings. Student editors gain valuable publishing skills by selecting, editing and producing the text.

The Horswell Anthology Series Includes:

  • Jan Bender Shetler, ed. Environmental History Volume (2019), n. 18
  • Duane Stoltzfus, Grace Weaver, eds. The Goshen College Guide to Studying & Serving Abroad (2017),  n. 17
  • Elizabeth Derstine, ed. Flash (2015), n. 16
  • Victor Garcia, Sara Klassen, Mandy Schlabach, Kate Yoder, eds., Goshen Graphix II, n. 15
  • Lauren Stoltzfus, ed., Goshen Portraits 4 (2013), no. 14
  • Mary Roth and Anna Ruth, eds., Goshen Graphix (2011), no. 13
  • Sarah Rich, ed., Goshen Portraits 3 (2009), n. 12.
  • Jessica Baldanzi, Jacob Schlabach, Emily Taylor, eds., Goshen Adventure Comics (2009), no. 11
  • Sheldon C. Good, ed., Surviving the Khmer Rouge:  Stories on the Struggle to Stay Alive (2009), no. 10
  • Anna Groff, ed., Goshen Portraits 2 (2006), no. 9.
  • Meryl Roth, ed., The Space Within: Reflective Journeys Through Music and Literature (2004), no. 8.
  • Magdalen Hess, ed. The Female House: Nazareth’s Forgotten Daughters(2004), no. 7.
  • Jason Witmer, ed. Goshen Portraits (2002), no. 6, for Duane Stoltzfus’
    Advanced Reporting and Editing course.
  • Deb Scott, ed. Land, Water Sky (2001), no. 5, for Merry Lea and
    Creative Writing and the Natural World, taught by Todd Davis and Mary
  • Rebecca Rich, ed, Case Studies in Ethnic Conflict: Creation of
    the “Other” as Historical Process
    (2000), no. 4, for
    Jan Bender Shetler’s History of Ethnic Conflict course.
  • Lisa Koop, ed., Having it Out with Poetry (1999), no. 3,
    for Ann Hostetler’s Advanced Writing: Poetry course.
  • Ron Stutzman, ed, Ethnographic Practice: Students’ Essays in
    Cultural Anthropology
    (1998), no. 2, for his Cultural Anthropology
  • Steve Yutzy, ed., Greeting the Dawn: An Anthology of New Mennonite
    (1998), no. 1, from the first Mennonite/s Writing in the
    U.S. conference held at Goshen College in October 1997.


For information on how to apply for the Horswell Fellowship or submit a “prospectus” for the Horswell Anthology, email Ann Hostetler at anneh@goshen.edu.