Publishing Opportunities

Broadside Publishing

About 10 times a year the Broadside committee — composed of both faculty and students — publishes a piece of original creative writing in placard, or “broadside,” format. Each piece is individually signed by the author and distributed free of charge to a subscription list of about 250 people on campus. (Sorry, no mailed subscriptions.) Since 1976 the outstanding writing of students, faculty, and staff members, as well as visitors to campus, has been honored by such publication.

Poems, songs, and short fiction are welcome in the series. Authors are also encouraged to submit an illustration or visual design for the publication, which is produced by a paid student assistant. The Broadside editorial committee consists of a GC English department faculty member and a select group of students, including the Horswell Fellow.

Some Broadsides are printed on our department letterpress at Goshen Printmakers Guild in downtown Goshen.

Recent Broadsides:

“mountain mirror,” by Olivia Martin (Winner of the 2022 Broadside Poetry Competition)

“In the Arbor Where the War Ended,” by Oscar Murguia (Runner-up in the 2022 Broadside Poetry Competition)

“The Rug,” by Claudia Mobley

“The Sistine Chapel Took Four Years to Complete,” by Jakyra Green

“The Late Late Show,” by retired faculty member Skip Barnett

Horswell Publishing Award

The Goshen College English department has several publication awards available, because of a gift from Sushil and Christine Horswell Jain of Windsor, Ontario. In honor of Christine’s parents, Mary and Dr. Richard Horswell of Elkhart, Ind., the Horswell Fellowship and Horswell Anthology provide a unique opportunity for students to gain publishing and editing experience.

The Horswell Fellowship is awarded to an English major, after being selected from among applicants who express a clear vision for how to lead and develop our publishing initiates in the English Department.

Pinchpenny Press

About five times a year the Pinchpenny Press (PPP) editorial board publishes chapbook-size books written by Goshen College students, faculty or staff members, or friends of the college. Publications include collections of student work, such as the literary arts journal Red Cents, as well as books authored by individual students. Normally published in editions of 100, Pinchpenny Press books are sold primarily on campus for $3 to $8 each. The Pinchpenny editorial committee consists of a GC English department faculty member and a select group of students, including the Horswell Fellow.

Red Cents

Red Cents is an award-winning literary arts journal that showcases student writing, visual art, and graphic design. It is edited and published by Goshen College students through the college’s Pinchpenny Press.

Center For Mennonite Writing

The Center for Mennonite Writing is a site for news and resources about writing and cultural production by Mennonites. It hosts an online journal, published quarterly, edited by English Professor Emerita Ann Hostetler and Professor Emeritus Ervin Beck.