Peace and Justice Journalism

Our hope is to foster on a small-scale journalism that does care “for the rest of the world,” whether that is in Swaziland, El Salvador or closer to home.  Such journalism can be personally transforming for students who participate, and can expand minds and touch hearts wherever audiences are found, and look to partners that have a grass-roots depth of knowledge that can shift reporting away from a reflexive reliance on government and elite sources.

Objectives for Peace and Justice Journalism

  • To identify compelling subjects for study, especially those that may receive little or no attention in the mainstream press;
  • To provide advanced training for students at Goshen College, raising up a new generation of journalists with the skills, experience, and passion for blending professional reporting with concerns for peace and justice;
  • To develop interdisciplinary collaboration between the Peace and Justice Journalism Program and academic departments by involving students from various majors;
  • To pursue multimedia reporting on topics related to peace and justice at the local, regional, national and international levels;
  • To build partnerships with church agencies, mission organizations and others that can help to inform reporting on subjects;
  • To disseminate news stories and information to a broad audience, both Christian and secular.

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