Returning Retreat


On Thursday SSTers returned to Thies. They visited with Study Term host families and spent the night in the C.A.F.E. where they took classes. On Friday morning we traveled to Saly where we are staying in Les Flamboyant Hotel. We are presenting our projects, reconnecting and preparing to return home on Sunday.

Pire Goureye and Beer-Sheba


Grace, Justine, and Naomi have been spending their service in Pire Goureye, one of the new GC service sites this year. Pire Goureye is a village located approximately 40 kilometers north of Thiès, just outside the town of Tivaoune. Grace and Naomi are living with host families from the Pular ethnicity and Justine is staying … Keep reading »

Dakar, Gorom, and Thiès


Micah is our lone representative in the capital city, Dakar. Dakar is a busy metropolis with over one million inhabitants and Micah has had to learn to navigate bus routes and busy streets to make it to his morning service location at the Pouponniere Des Soeurs Franciscaines Missionaires De Marie, an orphanage. In the mornings … Keep reading »

Ndem, Niakhar, Baback

The zoo

We spent a week visiting students in the south central peanut basin, a hot, sandy region that has felt the powerful strains of intensive peanut production for export since the time of colonialism. This is a rural area and with the coming of the first few rains the countryside is dotted with farmers and horses … Keep reading »

Highlights from Study – Beer-Sheba and Ndem

Ndem - Cleaning and Spinning Wool

During Study we spent several weeks exploring development and social change. As part of this focus we visited two social change projects, the Beer-Sheba Project and the ONG des Villageois de Ndem. The Beer-Sheba Project is a Christian based initiative that combines a sustainable agro-forestry program together with holistic training and an agricultural resource center … Keep reading »

St. Louis and Ndonba

Lunch at the Bindias

A visit north took us to the service sites for Ally and Theodore in St. Louis and Katrina and Dominique in Ndonba, a village near Richard Toll. Ally and Theodore have been spending time at Yoonu Njub a socio-cultural mission outreach center of the evangelical church. The center provides a host of services from computer … Keep reading »

Service – Grand Mbao


Our first service visit this summer was to Grand Mbao where Ben and Christina are living for service term. Grand Mbao has become something of a suburb of Dakar. A one time fishing village, it is nestled on the coast just east of the capital city. Narrow sandy streets connect neighborhoods of long time residents … Keep reading »

Service !!!

Over the weekend and into the early days of this week students departed for service. Alex and Erin stayed in Thiès where they are serving at the Bartime Hospital, a project funded by Mission Inter-Senegal (MISE). Micah left for Dakar where he is serving at an orphanage caring for 40 infants and hanging out at … Keep reading »