Returning: Homeward Bound

Hermit crab races

The students final day in Senegal began with a Sunday service on the roof of Chez Goshen. We had a final Senegalese meal at the hotel and then traveled to Dakar. In Dakar we spent the afternoon on the beach at the most western point of the African continent. Around six o’clock we left for … Keep reading »

Returning: Thiès Day Two

John produced a video exploring Senegalese music preferences

Our second day back from service started off with more student presentations, which lasted most of the morning. In the afternoon we discussed re-entry and ended our formal sessions with another story time. In the evening we went to the home of Christine (our local coordinator) and David Yanon. We ate, celebrated, and did a … Keep reading »

Returning: Thiès day one

Story time

Students were responsible for arranging their own transportation back to Thiès. They all did a fine job of it and began trickling back to our study term home in Thiès late Wednesday evening. By Thursday evening everyone had safely returned and were either resting at the hotel, Aux Berges du Ciel, or off visiting their … Keep reading »

A naming day in Denn Guèye

Visiting in the shade

A quick excursion to Denn Guèye on July 16 turned into a longer visit and a meal when it happened to fall upon the day of a naming ceremony for a new member of Aaron’s family. The child had been born one week prior to one of the women in Aaron’s concession and having survived … Keep reading »

Festival in Grand Mboa


To celebrate the end of the school term, the Association Humanitaire les Amis de l’Ecole holds a festival for family and friends in the local community. The festival includes everything from traditional dances to karate displays and to break-dancing. As part of their service assignment Billy, Daniel, and Karin helped to organize this years event. … Keep reading »

Service Visits – Saint Louis

John, Amanda, and Jess with Feluine at the center

From Ndombo Mbodjienne we traveled to our last service location in Saint Louis to spend a day with Amanda, Jess, and John. They are all three working at Yoonu Njub a mission outreach center of the evangelical church Assemblée des Frères. The center provides a host of services from computer literacy classes to cooking and … Keep reading »

Service Visits – Ndombo Mbodjienne

Cooking the milk

On Thursday, we traveled north to Ndombo Mbodjienne, a small village just south of Richard Toll on the Mauritanian border. Lydia and Maddie have been living there with Alionne Mbodj and his extended family. They have been doing some work at a small organization called AESCAW, which is an economic initiative run by local women … Keep reading »

Service Visits – Niakhar

Jessie, Ferdinand, and Jessica in front of their sleeping accomodations in Soma

The day after our visit to Dakar we headed southeast in search of Niakhar, the village where Jessie and Jessica have been spending service. Initially, plans were that the two students would be working in a clinic in Niakhar itself, but when those plans fell through our local contact Ferdenand helped get the two placed … Keep reading »

Service Visits – Dakar

Lynn and Erin washing dishes

After a day of rest from our Segou visit, we left on July 2nd for a day trip to Dakar to visit Erin, Lynn, and Matt. Erin and Lynn have been working every morning in a center that provides breakfast, showers, medical care, and some entertainment for the Talibé. The Talibé are young boys, primarily … Keep reading »

Service Visits – Segou

Group picture

On June 27th we began a four day trek to the southern village of Segou to visit Ali, Kate, Laurel, and Rebekah. Segou is located in the southeast of Senegal a few kilometers from the border with Mali. While Senegal is only about the size of Missouri, the trip highlighted the wide range of landscapes … Keep reading »