Experiencing the Arts in Senegal


On May 22 and 23 we spent time experiencing the arts in Senegal, specifically music and dance. On Thursday we visited the Centre Culturele Blaise Senghor in Dakar. At the center we were hosted by professional musicians and dancers. Some of us played music and others danced under the tutelage of the Senegalese artists. On … Keep reading »


Our third week started out with a lecture on religion in Senegal. Then on Wednesday we traveled to the holy city of Touba where we toured the main Mosque of the Mouride brotherhood. The Mouride brotherhood is an Islamic Sufi order that was founded in 1883 in Senegal by Amadou Bamba. Millions of Senegalese and … Keep reading »

Gorée Island


On the 15th and 16th of May, we traveled to Dakar to visit Gorée Island and learn more about the impact of slavery both domestically, in Senegal, and in terms of the role that memorials like Gorée Island play for the African Diaspora and other inheritors of the colonial legacy. On Thursday we met with … Keep reading »

Chez Goshen supper night

Part of SST is developing close relationships with the cohort of people who are encountering the unfamiliar with you. During Study we gather three times for an evening meal at David and Kendra’s home to affirm and celebrate that collective experience. In small groups, students are tasked with shopping for and preparing the main meal. … Keep reading »

St. Louis


On Thursday and Friday we went to Saint. Louis.  Saint-Louis is located at the mouth of the Senegal River a few short kilometers from Mauritania. It is the site of West Africa’s first French settlement and is a Unesco World Heritage Site. We stayed in the old town center located on an island in the … Keep reading »


Senegalese culture

Students participated in a two day orientation over the weekend before meeting their families on Saturday evening. Orientation on Friday included some basic introductions to the Senegalese society and culture from  Pastor François Bagne and Cécile Ndione and a visit to a local clinic where Dr. Adamson gave us some pointers on staying healthy in … Keep reading »

Safe Arrival In Senegal

Settling into tight quarters

Goshen SSTers arrived in Dakar around 8:00 p.m., made it out of the airport around 10:30, and were arranging mosquito nets in Thiès around midnight. They had been in route for some 32 hours but were lively and in good spirits. Karsten said he felt remarkably refreshed!