Service !!!

Over the weekend and into the early days of this week students departed for service. Alex and Erin stayed in Thiès where they are serving at the Bartime Hospital, a project funded by Mission Inter-Senegal (MISE). Micah left for Dakar where he is serving at an orphanage caring for 40 infants and hanging out at the Centre Culturele Blaise Senghor. Ben and Christina left for Grand Mboa where they are working with an after school program. Ally and Theo traveled to St. Louis where they are working in a center for young women teaching English and computer science. Dominique and Katrina left for the far north to a town called Richard Toll where they are serving in a yogurt enterprise. Joelle and Kate traveled to a small clinic called the Keru Yiiw Clinic outside of a village named Gorom. Karsten and Nick left for Beer Sheeba, a development project that involves a training program which combines reforestation, shade agriculture, and animal husbandry. Chris and Clayton headed for Niakhar where they will be serving in a sports program and clinic respectively. Ben and Paul traveled to Baback where they are working with Heifer Project in a number of small villages. Hannah and Jake left for Ndem, a development project/community that includes a variety of artisanal and agro-ecology projects. Finally, Grace, Justine, and Naomi traveled to Pire Goureye where they are working with local women to develop artisanal craft enterprises and also providing programming for children. You can view a google map of these placements here.