Supervisor Resources

Hiring New Employees

Goshen College employees will follow a standard procedure when hiring faculty (both teaching and administrative) members that includes approval to hire, establishment of a search committee, appropriate advertising to attract a diverse pool of applicants, affirmative action review, on-campus interviews, background checks and final approval and offer. The Human Resources Office (HR) coordinates the process with the appropriate department, and with the academic dean’s office on all teaching faculty searches.

Payroll Information

Employee payroll forms are required for all new and rehired employees as well as those with a change in status. These forms ensure that HR has the correct information as well as the approval of the department supervisor.

Performance Management and Development

The ultimate goal for the employee performance management and development process and tools is to optimize individual and institutional effectiveness at Goshen College. All employees at Goshen College are expected to perform their assignments competently and to participate actively in the life of the campus, community and church. Appraisals after 90 days are required to be submitted to HR for hourly employees. If they receive a satisfactory appraisal, they will be given a 10 cent/hour raise at that time.

See the employee handbook for specific review procedures and guidelines for teaching faculty.

Forms for 2014-15

Employee Self-Appraisal

Forms for 2015-16

Reference Policy

Work-Related Injury and Worker’s Compensation

Writing Job Descriptions

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