Hiring Students for On-campus Jobs

National studies indicate that students who work part-time on campus do as well (if not better) academically than their non-working peers. At GC, we believe having a part-time position on-campus for no more than 10 hours a week is an important part of the educational process.

In order to assist students with the greatest financial need, all departments should give preference to hiring students eligible for work-study and international students. Departments are responsible for asking students about their work-study eligibility early in the hiring process. Financial Aid can confirm if a student has been awarded work-study funds.

Additionally, remember that student employment can be excellent preparation for professional work. By formalizing your hiring and supervision process, you provide students with knowledge about employment protocol and transferable skills. The instructions and resources below are available to help you with this process.

Step-by-step process for hiring students:

  1. Write a job description

    Sample job description

    Every student position should have a detailed job description, which will help the student understand expectations and provide you with some structure when it’s time to evaluate the student.

  2. Recruit candidates

    GC job & internship bank
    ALL open student jobs should be posted on the GC job & internship bank in order to provide students with equal access to positions. Email job descriptions of available positions to careerservices@goshen.edu for posting on the job & internship bank.  Once we receive a complete job description, we will post the position on the website.

    Remember to give priority to international students and those who are Work-Study eligible. Check with the Financial Aid office if a student is uncertain about their status.

  3. Part-time job fair

    Career Services hosts a part-time job fair at the beginning of each school year. Both on- and off-campus employers are invited to participate. Contact Career Services to register at ext. 7547 or careerserv@goshen.edu.

  4. Review applications and interview candidates

    Sample employment application

    Requiring a formal application will assist you in choosing the most qualified students to interview. This sample is in Microsoft Word format, allowing you to customize it for your department, if desired.

    Sample interview questions

    An interview will help you fill your position with the most qualified candidate and it can be great preparation for students in their future employment search.

  5. Hire and orient new student employees

    After hiring a student(s), email careerservices@goshen.edu and request that your online job posting to be taken down. Don’t forget to notify other applicants that the position was filled.

    Hiring & orientation checklist

    Providing thorough orientation to new employees assists in a mutually satisfying experience for both you and the student. You may use the Student Employee Guide below to structure your orientation, if desired. Being clear about your expectations at the beginning helps to avoid any misunderstanding about their work assignment and responsibilities. Remind students to complete required payroll paperwork.

    Student Employment Guide

    This guide provides information for students and departmental employers regarding the on-campus student employment process for Goshen College. It may be used as an resource to guide orientation for students. Note that it is intended for informational purposes only and is not intended to be, and should not be interpreted as, a contract between the college and any employee.

  6. Evaluate your student employees

    - Evaluation form
    - Self-appraisal form

    Student employees want feedback, so it’s important for supervisors to provide routine and ongoing evaluations, both verbally and in writing. At minimum, complete an evaluation form for each student employee at least once per school year. In addition, a 30- or 60-day review may be useful for new student employees since early feedback can help to guide student’s behavior. Feel free to add/remove sections of this form to best fit your department’s needs.

  7. Disciplinary procedures

    GC supervisors strive to help student employees excel in their job and to provide pre-professional work environments. In return, student employees are asked to perform their responsibilities to the best of their ability. On the rare occasion a student does not consistently meet departmental work expectations, supervisors will follow a disciplinary process to help students learn from their mistakes, correct their own errors and to understand why they are being disciplined and possibly terminated. The disciplinary process includes documentation of 1) a verbal counseling, 2) a written warning, and 3) termination.

    Documentation form

  8. Grievance process

    If a student or supervisor feels that disciplinary procedures have occurred unjustly, he or she may contact Human Resources. The Director of Human Resources will work with both parties to review the situation and reconcile differences that may have occurred so that all parties understand the basis for any decision that has been made.

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