English Language Learners (TESOL)

Goshen College is one of the few colleges in the United States to offer a major as well as a minor and a one-year kindergarten-grade 12 teaching license in TESOL (teaching English to speakers of other languages). These options reinforce GC’s international education emphasis and our ‘Culture for Service’ motto. If you are interested in international service, travel or teaching internationals in the United States, one of our TESOL programs might be right for you. All three programs of study offer invaluable intercultural and practical training.

Benefits of a TESOL course of study

  • Goshen TESOL graduates have found English teaching jobs all over the world: in U.S. public schools and adult education centers, with church agencies and missions as well as at ESL schools from Paraguay to Egypt to Japan.
  • Students work with the TESOL director to set up a field experience either in Goshen, Ind., or wherever else in the world they want. All that is needed is a credible teaching site and a qualified on-site supervising teacher.
  • The Methods course and the Field Experience both involve actual tutoring experience so theories are combined with opportunities for supervised teaching.
  • The courses are open to students at the sophomore level and above, any and all majors.
  • All ages and religious backgrounds are welcome.
  • Students not seeking a degree may apply and attend for as much or as little of the program as they desire.

Four study plans in TESOL:

  1. TESOL major (38-41 credit hours) For students getting a B.A. at Goshen College; requires the five basic TESOL courses see below) plus courses in teacher education, foreign language, communication and some electives related to intercultural studies. Please link to the online catalog for a full description of the requirements.
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  2. TESOL minor (20 credit hours) For students getting a B.A. at Goshen College; requires the five basic TESOL courses (see below) plus six hours of related courses (Study-Service Term language course may count for part of this).
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  3. Indiana Public School K-12 ENL teaching license: For those who want to teach ESL/ENL in the public schools; five basic TESOL courses plus Expository Writing, three teaching of reading courses (the same ones required for all Elementary Education licenses), and other courses normally required for General Education and for Teacher Education students.
  4. TESOL Methods course (4 credit hours) For those who just want “the basics”; some language study prerequisites; offered in the spring semester.

Five basic TESOL courses:

  1. ENGL 310: Introduction to Linguistics (3 credits) Fall semester
  2. ENGL 315: English Language Problems (3 credits) Spring semester
  3. ENGL 319: English Syntax (1 credit) Fall semester
  4. ENGL 320: TESOL *Methods (4 credits) Spring semester
  5. ENGL 325: TESOL Field Experience (3 credits) anytime after TESOL Methods

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