English major: Literature and life

The English department approach to the study of literature, language and writing emphasizes human stories and the search for truth. By paying special attention to the contexts of literary creation – cultural, philosophical, historical, aesthetic and rhetorical – we seek to impart an understanding of knowledge as power, and the responsible ways in which that power can be used, both to understand the journeys of others and articulate more fully our own personal search for truth in a Christian context. Our English and TESOL majors and minors, our creative writing minor, as well as our co-curricular programs, offer students skills and opportunities to express their perspectives on the world and faith that they encounter at Goshen College and to participate in the circulation of knowledge. Our TESOL and English/language arts secondary education majors offer students practical skills for building bridges between cultures and languages in educational and service positions locally or globally.

English majors reap full benefit of the mind-opening possibilities of the liberal arts curriculum at GC. Majors take complementary courses in philosophy, history, theater, communication, anthropology, women’s studies, literature in a foreign language and art and music history.

As an English major, you will explore both the ethical and practical opportunities of English through the senior seminar and field experience. You will discuss theory and applicability of English studies; prepare a résumé on a capstone portfolio; and complete a senior project by publishing your own book, writing for a local business or teaching in the local school system.

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English minor: The critical component

This minor offers content enrichment and skills to supplement other majors through courses in writing, literature and language. Whether you are studying art, business, communication, foreign language, history, music or another discipline, this minor demonstrates your enhanced critical thinking and writing skills.

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