Open Minds, Busy Hands

Alicia identifies medicinal herbs while Jane translates

We began our first full week of program activities with lectures on modern political events and the reality of life in the new settlements that surround Lima.  We participated in a workshop on medicinal herbs, a time of reflection and worship at Goshen Tambo and language classes in the afternoons.  Then we headed south for … Keep reading »


Classes are held at the Miraflores Methodist Church

What is the best way to learn a new language?  Living in a Spanish-speaking country gives our students opportunities to learn that go far beyond the classroom.  But class time is important nonetheless when students first arrive as it offers each student a chance to study Castellano, as the local dialect is called, under the … Keep reading »

Lima, the Colonial Capital

The cross atop Cerro San Cristobal

We boarded a bus for downtown Lima to explore the city founded by Spanish conquistador Francisco Pizarro in 1535.  Celia, a lifetime resident of Peru’s capital, pointed out landmarks along the way, helping the students get a sense of the geography of the city.  Our driver, Juanito, skillfully steered our bus up the narrow road … Keep reading »


Our first morning:  "Unity and Peace"

We spent two days getting to know each other, our study program and our coordinators.  On day one we began with a walk from Home Peru to the directors’ home, Goshen Tambo.  When we arrived we did our first check in, giving each student a chance to share whatever happened to be on their heart … Keep reading »

Meeting the Host Families

Photos Families 2010-04-30 002

This evening our students greeted their host families for the first time.   Each seemed excited and a bit nervous as they waited near the entrance to our hostel.  One by one, families appeared.  Connections were made.  Handshakes, hugs and kisses were exchanged.  Photos were taken.  A hasty goodbye was said to the remaining students.  And … Keep reading »


Assembled in the Lima Airport

Twenty-one fresh faces landed at Jorge Chavez Airport in Peru’s capital city this evening.  After making record time through immigration and customs, they boarded a bus for Home Peru, the hostel where they will spend the next two nights.  Over the next several days they will have a chance to get their bearings here in … Keep reading »

Leaders and Families

Jane, Jordan, Naomi, Teresa, Jerrell and Sierra at Paracas Natural Reserve

Jerrell and Jane Ross Richer will direct the Peru SST group for their fourth and final semester this summer.  Jerrell, Jane and their children — Sierra (11), Naomi (9), Teresa (7) and Jordan (5) — are anxiously awaiting the students’ arrival  Wednesday night. In preparation for their arrival, the Lima host families met with the … Keep reading »