Goshen College to host Connect Goshen Day on April 16

GOSHEN, IND. – Goshen College is set to host Connect Goshen Day, a celebratory event that marks the pinnacle of the college’s annual fundraising efforts, on Tuesday, April 16.

Connect Goshen Day serves as a call to action to invest in the future of Goshen College and its students, along with the entire GC community. Through generous donations and enthusiastic participation, supporters empower the institution to continue its mission of excellence in education and service.

For Maple Leafs around the world, the online festivities will begin early in the morning, and an on-campus festival will kick off at 11 a.m. in the Roman Gingerich Recreation-Fitness Center. Attendees can expect music, food and an array of competitions, challenges and activities.

A highlight of this year’s Connect Goshen Day is the introduction of the “Name-a-Squirrel” initiative. For a donation of just $18.94, donors can give an identity to campus squirrels and receive an official squirrel naming certificate.

Additionally, Connect Goshen Day will feature various challenges and competitions, including the Maple Leaf Challenge and the Family Challenge, designed to encourage record-breaking goals, amplifying the impact of donations and fostering a sense of camaraderie and community engagement.

“Generations of students have been supported through the generosity of people who give to the GC Fund,” said Jill Koop Liechty, Goshen College annual giving manager. “We are adding numerous online challenges and competitions for alumni, families and friends across the world. We are also adding an on-campus festival, encouraging our entire student body, faculty and staff to join in through joyfully connecting and giving.”

The college is hosting alumni and friends events across the nation to spread the Connect Goshen Day excitement. Locations include Baltimore and Mount Rainier, Maryland; Harrisonburg, Virginia; Nashville, Tennessee; Chicago, Illinois; Indianapolis, Indiana; and multiple venues across Goshen.

To learn more about the day’s schedule of events and to participate in the online generosity and fun, visit goshen.edu/give/connectgoshenday.