The Bulletin – Fall/Winter 2018

The Fall/Winter 2018 issue of The Bulletin will arrive in mailboxes in early to mid-November. Look for yours!

About the cover

Study-Service Term (SST) is all about new relationships, cultures and ways of knowing ourselves. Similarly, stamps help carry messages of life, love and learnings thousands of miles to keep people connected. Their rich colors, beautiful landscapes, notable people and striking designs share mini-stories of art, culture and history of the countries they belong to. These stamps also highlight the ways things have changed in our digital world, since today’s participants on SST rarely write or receive letters from home. Thanks to local alumni stamp collectors Doug Risser ’70 and Larry Gautsche ’74 who shared old and newer stamps from all 24 SST destinations over the years, taking us on this global tour!

From the President:


  • 2018 Alumni Awards: Read the stories of the five alumni honored this year for their commitments to the college’s core values: David Reimer ’84, Patricia Ebersole Zwier ’76, Jes Stoltzfus Buller ’08, Penina (Acayo) Laker ’11 and Byron Shenk ’63.
  • Out of the classroom, into the world: In this year of celebration and planning for the future of global education, Professor of Bible, Religion and Philosophy Keith Graber Miller shares what makes international, experiential learning so pedagogically powerful.
  • The love story of one gamelan’s journey: Learn about why the late Duane Gingerich ’69 donated one of his gamelans — a massive, multi-piece set of percussive instruments from Indonesia — to the college, and how it will be used.

Lasting Ties