FiveCore Media obtains groundbreaking cinema camera

FiveCore Media (Goshen College’s video production company) is now one of the first companies in the world to buy and receive a BlackMagic Cinema Camera. This camera is the first of its kind that combines the technologies and quality of a digital cinema camera into an affordable package. Scientific American predicts by 2015 most theaters in the world will have been converted to digital projection. The move from film acquisition to digital increases exponentially every year. FiveCore’s investment in this new class of digital cameras benefits both its clients and the Goshen College students involved in the program.

FiveCore Media pre-ordered the camera in July but due to production issues, the device was delayed for six months. It arrived this month. Many companies who also pre-ordered still have not received the BlackMagic Camera. The BlackMagic Camera was first demonstrated at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in April of 2012.

“The BlackMagic camera gives us the ability to shoot cinema quality, high resolution video at no extra cost to our clients,” said General Manager Kyle Hufford. “For a production company and college of our size it’s an unique opportunity to be one of the first to obtain this new camera.”

The BlackMagic Cinema camera also offers FiveCore Media students the opportunity to learn cinema style production. They will now gain experience with both cinema cameras and digital cameras, giving students a wider base of skills in video production. It will help to prepare students for a career in either film or video production as FiveCore will have the equipment to train students in  several production styles.

“We now have the capability to teach our students hands on cinematic techniques with the BlackMagic Camera, while also giving us the flexibility to shoot in various styles for each production,” Hufford said.

On a technical level, the BlackMagic Cinema Camera gives footage a film-like grain and feel that common digital video cameras can’t. It also performs well in low light situations, giving FiveCore the capability to shoot in many different settings.

FiveCore Media is a video production company located in Goshen, Ind., comprised of creative professionals and a group of gifted Goshen College communication students. FiveCore Media writes, produces and edits videos including commercials, promotional and informational videos. To see some of FiveCore’s work, visit their website at

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