Stephan Bontrager ’01

Stephan Bontrager ’01

Major: Communication, minors in art and theater

Now:WYEP-FM midday music host/producer (hired September 2002 after a year-long internship)

What are the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of your job?

WYEP is an independent public radio station, meaning that we have a lot of freedom in choosing the music we play. I get the most enjoyment out of discovering new or lesser-known music and playing it for my listeners. Sometimes not everyone likes everything I play, but it’s great to get feedback from someone who’s been exposed to something new or challenging and wants to discuss it. It’s also a lot of fun to meet musicians, although I still need to hone my on-air interviewing skills!

About his GC experience:

My involvement with the campus radio station, WGCS, definitely gave me experience on which to expand my skills as I was able to get involved on many levels in radio. I also draw from my marketing and communication classes frequently whenever it comes to writing public service announcements and album reviews, or deciphering listener demographics.

About his vocation and life goals:

I’d love to stay involved with a National Public Radio station, maybe eventually shifting to a marketing position, although it’ll be hard to give up on-air work. I’d like to stay in the nonprofit sector.

About living with Culture for Service:

Our station is very involved in the community, whether it be through organizing blood drives, benefit concerts for social service organizations, or promoting local events or issues of importance to the diverse population of the city. It’s nice to know that we provide a service that can reach so many different people – it’s humbling.