Yayumi Uyeno ’03

Yayumi Uyeno ’03

Major: Hispanic Education in Theology and Leadership, and minor in Political Science

Now: Service program coordinator and administrative coordinator for Mennonite Central Committee Alberta and provincial human resource representative; She is currently coordinating her conference’s summer camp for six Hispanic congregations in the Concilio Regional de Alberta.

What are the most challenging and enjoyable aspects of your job?

Working in an agency of Mennonite and Brethren in Christ churches makes a big difference. My co-workers are familiar with the way I look at life, being service oriented, committed to making peace.

Some challenging aspects are just adapting to life outside of college. For me, being a fully functioning member of society— like paying taxes and buying property— is a big step. I still am in shock that I’ve been out of school for two years and that I’m not living in Miller Hall!

How has your Goshen College experience shaped and prepared you for what you are doing now?

I think that my life has followed a plan, and a line of cause and effect. Going to Goshen wasn’t a “for sure” thing in my life. It just all fell in place. I think God had a better idea of what he wanted my life to be like, and I found myself at Goshen.

What are your vocation and life goals?

I might seek a master’s degree related to business, because I’ve always wanted to own a business. Some other life goals are to get married at some point and have a few kids. I know I will always be involved in the church, which is why I came to Goshen College. I enjoy the different aspects of my life: church, work and family.

How has Goshen’s motto, “Culture for Service,” impacted the way you choose to live and pursue your vocational calling?

On my bulletin board at work right now, I have the little blue card that we signed at graduation that says, “I pledge to explore and take into account the social and environmental consequences of any job I consider and will try to improve these aspects of any organizations for which I work. Goshen College Class of 2003.” I think Goshen’s motto really did impact me and shape me into the kind of person I want to be. The motto “Culture for Service” seems to encapsulate many things that go along with my upbringing.