Don Krabill ’01

Don Krabill ’01

Elkhart, Ind.

Major: Organizational management, GC Adult Programs

After two years at Goshen College, Krabill founded Geocel Corp., which produces sealants, adhesives and architectural cutting products. While Krabill, president of the successful 28-year-old business, “has done everything from washing dishes to running the company on a daily basis,” he returned to the Goshen College Adult Programs recently to round out his degree.

College in midlife might be daunting to some, but Krabill had “a thirst to learn again. … A liberal arts degree rounds you. It prepares you for many of the things that you encounter in life. And I think it also helps prepare you to think. In many ways it gives you much more of a broad appreciation of the things that impact your life.”

Krabill also wanted to catch up with his younger employees and see what was new, invigorating and healthy in business.
“I thought I’d better get back into the system so to speak – not only to understand how people are doing business, but to understand how younger people are doing that,” said Krabill. “It probably gave me a different outlook and a fresh perspective on how people work.”