Biology Internships

Internships (paid or volunteer) provide opportunities to gain valuable experience.  All students are required to complete an internship as part of their program of study. Goshen College students participate in a diverse range of internships that help them test their career interests.

Check out these recent examples:

Mosaic Health Clinic

“I had the opportunity to intern at Mosaic Health & Healing Arts, a non-profit family practice medical office in Goshen. They offer primary care, resource groups, behavioral therapy, LGBTQ+ competent care, gender affirming hormone therapy, and more. I was able to shadow Dr. Bast and other medical professionals, as well as help plan a fundraising campaign.” – Stephanie Dilbone

Physical Therapy

“I was able to shadow a physical therapist for one month. We worked in both an open space (shown) and in private rooms at this facility. The physical therapist knew when to be serious and when to have fun; I learned a lot from her. I can’t wait to become a physical therapist and spend more time in this type of environment!” – Alex Rosales

Goodrich Prairie Grazing project


“I was an intern for the Goodrich Prairie Cattle Grazing project at Merry Lea Environmental Center. This project looks at interactions between fire, grazing, and resting and its effect on warm grass prairie management. I learned to identify many prairie plants and collected data on the plant communities in the prairie. I also helped rotationally graze four angus lowline cattle.” – Ariana Perez Diener 



Marine Sponge Restoration research


“I worked with Dr. Mark Butler and graduate students from Old Dominion University at the JN Roth Marine Biology Station in Layton, FL. I aided in various research projects, one of which was sponge restoration. I’m holding a loggerhead sponge to be moved to a new site. Other projects included coral-crab interactions, lobster aging, and the marine soundscape.” – Max Burkholder

Crossroad Pediatric Dentistry


“I worked with Dr. Bigler at Crossroad Pediatric Dentistry. I had the opportunity to assist the dentist with several types of dental treatments including amalgam, composite, and sealant fillings, extractions, and fitting for crowns and bands. I also learned to properly wrap the instruments for sterilization. I also enjoyed translating for the doctor with Latino parents since I am bilingual.” – Gisselle Coronado

Goshen Hospital ER


“During my internship as an ER volunteer at Goshen Hospital, I had the opportunity to shadow a variety of healthcare workers in several departments. I was able to observe in the cardiovascular labs, surgery, intensive care, the heart & vascular center, the cancer center, and the Circle of Caring Birthplace (CCB). The CCB provided a special opportunity to watch two C-sections. It was a miracle to see the baby arrive and start crying. It was a special feeling that I’ll treasure forever.” – Ameera Alshuga


Cancer Research at Penn State


“I worked in Dr. Gail Matters’ lab at the Penn State College of Medicine studying pancreatic ductal adenocarcinoma (PDAC). My research was to investigate the cell-cell communication within the extracellular matrix through the cholecystokinin (CCK) receptor. The goal is to reduce the fibrotic microenvironment around PDAC tumors to improve the delivery of chemotherapy drugs and imaging agents for earlier tumor detection.” – Delphin Monga


City of Elkhart Aquatic Biology program


“I interned with the City of Elkhart’s Aquatic Biology program as part of the stream survey team. We did fish surveys throughout the St. Joseph watershed using electrofishing. The data we collected is part of a longitudinal study with data collected annually for the past 20 years. Most of our time was spent in the field collecting fish, identifying them, and recording length and weight. We also gave presentations to local school groups and day camps about the importance of rivers and fish diversity.”  – Skye McKinnell

Biochemistry Research at Illinois State University


“I conducted research in the Department of Chemistry at Illinois State University during my internship. The research in the lab focused on chemical pathways involved in the formation, maintenance, and function of cell membranes. My specific research focused on the pathways involving the enzymes pyrophosphatase and choline kinase. I was able to learn 31P-NMR  and protein expression and purification procedures.” – Josh Friesen

Science Education: ETHOS


“I worked at ETHOS Innovation Center in Elkhart, Indiana. ETHOS is a hands-on children’s discovery museum that focuses on the sciences. The museum is open to field trips from surrounding area schools through the week and to the public every third Saturday of the month. My role during these times was to showcase the animals in our “Critter Corner” and educate visitors with fun facts. I would answer questions and allow them to pet some of the animals. This was a great opportunity to spread knowledge and wonder.”  – McKinzi Vega


Center for Healing and Hope


“I volunteered at the Center for Healing and Hope which is a non-profit organization in Goshen that offers affordable urgent and chronic care for the underserved community of Goshen. My main roles were to be a medical interpreter, help with non-medical and medical intake, and help with a class that focuses on educating diabetic patients about the importance of exercise and having a nutritious diet. I was able to shadow doctors and surgeons, observe medical procedures, help with the collection and preparation of urine and blood specimens, set up patients with EKG electrodes, and help in the lab. I was able to observe the amount of work that has to be put into a non-profit organization to help the community members that are not able to have access to preventive, urgent, and chronic care.” – Jorge Soto

Water Street Mission

“I volunteered with Water Street Mission (WSM) in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Most of my time was spent organizing, packaging, and distributing food to community members in the Outreach program. In addition, I shadowed in the Access Center, Dining Hall, and Community Homeless Outreach Center of WSM. I was also able to tour the Central PA Food Bank! Through this experience I have learned about the process of providing food and resources to people in need.”
– Makena Zimmerman

Organic Farming: Foghino Farm


Ali Fretz

“I spent a month of my summer working on Foghino Farm in Trinidad, CO. The arid climate and hot days provided me with plenty of Vitamin D, not to mention experience in a field I did not have much in previously. Many hours were spent weeding, as the farm was organic and completely pesticide-free, but we also built fences, watered tree saplings, dug ditches, and herded goats in the hills outside of Trinidad. The relationships made on the farm helped emphasize the importance of a local community, and getting my hands dirty made me realize the importance of listening to the earth.” – Ali Fretz