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  • From Asunción, Paraguay to Goshen, IN on Bicycle

    What can you do with a computer degree from Goshen College? Travel! Micheal Miller is now bicycling from South America to Goshen, IN. He has visited Paraguay, Bolivia, and Peru. He is headed to Ecuador, Colombia, Panama, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Honduras, Guatemala, Belize, Mexico.

  • Women’s Programming Camp

    Sarah Rody is running an intro to programming camp for women ages 14-18. The camp will take place from July 22nd to the 24th. To register, please email Sarah at

  • Use of iPad technology in the Goshen Core

    The Goshen Core is increasingly incorporating the use of iPad technology. The use of this technology provides study convenient access to vast stores of information both in class and out of class.

  • Informatics Student Featured in Goshen College Record

    Balazs Pirot was featured in the Goshen College Record. Balazs is from Hungary and in addition to studying informatics at Goshen College he is on the Tennis Team.

  • Code Purple: Creates Biggest Losser Web App

    Lucas Godshalk and other informatics students designed a Web App to track people's weight loss in Goshen College's Biggest Loser Competition.

  • Maria Jantz attends Sustainable Energy Conference

    Maria Jantz, an interdisciplinary major with an interest in informatics was recently selected as one of 20 college students to attend the 2013 ReCharge! retreat, a meeting of rising young leaders in the sustainable energy sector. The retreat is associated with Focus the Nation, a national non-profit clean energy organization that seeks to empower young people.

  • Nifty Assignment – Vehicle Registration

    Ezra Ocubamichael recently wrote a mobile App to help Goshen College Physical plant register vehicles. This Vehicle Registration App is a proof of concept App. The App functions, but Goshen College has not yet adopted it for official use. The app would allow students and faculty to use their iPads to register vehicles.

  • Nifty Assignment – Pong Clone

    This app was written by Caleb Hochstetler. It is modeled after the classic Pong game. It is a one player game where a person plays pin pong against the computer.

  • Nifty Assignment – Tape Measure App

    This app was written by Physics major Micah Miller-Eshleman in Goshen College's Mobile App Development course.  This app is used to estimate the height of an unknown object in a picture based on the height of of a known object. 

  • Peace, Justice and Conflict Studies

    Goshen College recently introduced a new Informatics cognate for students wanting to apply computer technology to the needs of nonprofit organizations and church agencies. If you would like to use computers to work for justice, create peace, and resolve conflicts this is the major for you. This cognate will be available starting in the Fall of 2012.

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