Service Visits – Denn Guèye & Grand Mboa

Daniel and Father

This week we finished up two weeks of travel and visiting with students at their service locations. Our visiting took us south to within five miles of the Mali boarder and north to within three miles of the Mauritanian boarder. Everyone is doing well. We have a wonderful group of SSTers here – mature, engaged, … Keep reading »

Off To Service

Early morning travelers - Segou bound...Rebekah, Kate, Ali, Laurel

After three days of bustle, all the students have left Thiès and have safely arrived at their service placements. Early Saturday morning Ali, Kate, Laurel, and Rebekah left for a two day trip to the south east of the country where they will be living in a little village called Segou. Later that morning Amanda, … Keep reading »

Bandia Game Reserve

All aboard

We went to the Bandia Game Reserve and saw a variety of animals. We ate lunch by the crocodile pond and in the company of a troop of monkeys. We ended the day with a final story time before we head out for service.  


Statue of Léopold Sédar Senghor

We spent three days in and around the town of Joal-Fadiouth. Joal is the boyhood home of Léopold Sédar Senghor, the first president of Senegal. Senghor was not only the first president but also a poet and intellectual whose notion of “négritude” helped define post-colonial Senegalese and African identity.  We started off the weekend with … Keep reading »

Toubabs on the Court


What was billed as a friendly match between the Goshen toubabs and a Thiés club team turned into a competitive competition when some Senegalese all stars stepped on the court.


Touring Saint-Louis

Over the weekend, we traveled north to the Saint-Louis Jazz Festival. Saint-Louis is located in the northwest of Senegal where the mouth of the Senegal River meets the Atlantic Ocean. It sprawls over a number of small islands and served as an important trading post and eventually the capital of the French colony of Senegal … Keep reading »

Djembe Lessons

The drummers

We spent Thursday afternoon at the Village Artisanal, a collection of artists, woodcarvers, musicians, weavers, and leatherworkers. The main attraction was djembe lessons!

Beer-Sheba Project

Heading out for a tour of the project

We started off the 4th week with a field trip to the Beer-Sheba Project. The Project is a vision of a small team of SIL language workers assigned to the Serer-Sine area in Senegal and is part of their strategy to promote the use of the newly translated Bible among the young Serer Church, which … Keep reading »