Service Visits – Saint Louis

From Ndombo Mbodjienne we traveled to our last service location in Saint Louis to spend a day with Amanda, Jess, and John. They are all three working at Yoonu Njub a mission outreach center of the evangelical church Assemblée des Frères. The center provides a host of services from computer literacy classes to cooking and tailoring for women and girls in the community. John’s host parents, Feluine and Malick Fall are the directors of the center and John and Jess have been teaching English and computer literacy skills. The center is also home to a small clinic where Amanda has done her service assisting in consultations with her host father Yocouba Amadou who is the primary nurse practitioner in residence. Her mother Tening also works in the clinic’s pharmacy.

After a tour of the center, we continued to Jess’ home north and outside of the main city. We visited with her family the Bindias and learned that Jess has taken up baking and has made a number of cakes to the great pleasure of her family. From there we continued on to John’s house where we met his father and several of his siblings. We ended at the Amadou’s home where Amanda’s host family provided us with a meal.

In addition to their service assignments the Saint Louis SSTers have been busy with small research projects. Amanda is uncovering the order of the Senegalese market place and has made friends with a wide variety of local vendors. Jess is exploring the inspiration behind Senegalese art, and John is creating a video report that documents Senegalese musical preferences.