Listen & Learn Conversations on the National Anthem

In June 2010, the Goshen College Board of Directors recommended a year-long “Listen & Learn” conversation, including: the formation of a representative working group to meet regularly and give oversight and leadership to the process; that an e-survey be distributed for participation by key Goshen College stakeholders (alumni, faculty, staff and students); a series of regional events to invite more in-depth levels of engagement around the anthem decision as it fits into the overall vision of the college; and on-campus opportunities for dialogue.

The Listen & Learn Steering Committee was formed to give oversight and design leadership to the “Listen & Learn” process and to serve as a depository for collecting and interpreting responses on behalf of the Board of Directors.

Steering Committee members were: Kathy Meyer Reimer, teaching faculty; Joe Liechty, teaching faculty; Robert Reyes, administrative faculty; John F. Lapp, alumnus; Krysten Parson, alumna and Maple Leaf Athletic Club board member; David Jost, student; Justin Yoder, student; Rose Gillin, GC board member; Ivorie Lowe, GC board member; Karen Thomson, GC board member; Bill Born, President Council’s staff member designee; Larissa Fast, facilitator; and Bernie Mayer, facilitator.

The Steering Committee met regularly to fulfill its responsibilities and prepared summaries of meetings.

Listen & Learn events were held on and off campus that year.

In early May 2011, the Listen & Learn Steering Committee provided a final report to the Board on the e-survey, the alumni gatherings, and the campus listen and learn events. An executive summary and excerpts of the e-survey were made available by the Board.