Goshen College Commencement, April 30, 2023

Dr. Felipe Hinojosa encourages Goshen College Class of 2023 to go forward with boldness

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Bryan Hernandez, a computer science major, sustainability minor from Goshen receives his diploma from President Stoltzfus

During the 125th Goshen College Commencement Ceremony on Sunday, April 30, Dr. Felipe Hinojosa challenged the 165 members of the Class of 2023 to share their education with others and use it to change the world (read the full text of the speech here).

Hinojosa, a Latino civil rights historian from Texas A&M and former member of the College’s board of directors, encouraged graduates to continue into life with boldness and to not be silent.

Hinojosa reminded graduates that their education is the one thing that no one can take away from them, but importantly their education is what they can use “in service to your neighborhood, your communities and the world,” he said.

“Take this knowledge with you, and remember that your responsibility now as graduates is to give it away, to share this knowledge, use it to build connections, to start something new, to revolutionize our world,” said Hinojosa.

Commencement speaker, Dr. Felipe Hinojosa. Photo by Tyson Miller

He continued on to share the lessons he learned while in college from the civil rights movement era and the importance of coming together and joining the struggle together.

“I am drawn to this history of coalition building during the civil rights era because it shows us a glimpse of what is possible, and of the visions and dreams of young people that worked to expose how subjugation and oppression become natural, common sensical, and sometimes invisible,” he said.

Students celebrate after the 125th Commencement Ceremony. Photo by Tyson Miller.

Hinojosa continued to encourage the graduating class by reminding them that even amidst the numerous tragedies that have happened in the world over the past several years, “in the midst of this chaos, young people from across the country, and right here in Goshen, have envisioned a new world.”

In conclusion, he said, “Class of 2023, this is your day, celebrate, rejoice, and go forth with a faith that cannot be shaken.”

Hinojosa is a civil rights historian whose research is focused on how Latino communities have harnessed the power of faith to improve their daily lives. He is a professor of history, assistant provost for Hispanic Serving Institution (HSI) initiatives, and director for the Carlos H. Cantú Hispanic Education & Opportunity Endowment at Texas A&M University in College Station, Texas. He served on the Goshen College Board of Directors for 12 years from 2009-2021.

Graduates exit through the applause tunnel created by faculty. Photo by Tyson Miller.

Concluding, the faculty lined the main corridor of the Recreation-Fitness Center and applauded the departing seniors as they walked through an “applause tunnel.” This is a tradition which also takes place at the beginning of each academic year to welcome students back to campus.

Goshen College Class of 2023 by the numbers:

  • Total number of graduates: 165
    • Bachelor of Arts: 115
    • Bachelor of Science: 1
    • Bachelor of Science in Nursing: 23
    • Doctor of Nursing Practice: 4
    • Master of Arts (Environmental Education): 5
    • Master of Business Administration: 5
    • Master of Science in Nursing: 12
  • Number of graduates from Indiana: 107
  • Number of states represented in this year’s graduating class: 18
  • Number of countries represented in this year’s graduating class: 11

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