Goshen undergraduate nursing majors participate in a practicum.

Goshen College set to receive federal funding for nursing scholarships

By Augusta Nafziger ’23

Goshen College is set to receive a federal grant that will support nursing students of racial or ethnically diverse backgrounds or low socio-economic status throughout the next four years.

The HRSA (Health Resources and Services Administration) awarded the grant to the Indiana Center for Nursing (ICN) along with twenty-three other organizations around the country. The HRSA selected the grantees based on submissions of replicable strategies that help nurses promote health equity while highlighting the importance of collaboration with diverse stakeholders.

As an active member of the ICN, Goshen will receive funding for six nursing scholarships a year for four years. Each scholarship is $2,000 in scholarship and $4,200 in stipend money to help with students’ general expenses, for a total of $6,200 per student per year. In the next four years, twenty-four Goshen College students will participate in mentoring, surveys on resilience and a nursing student colloquium event in order to meet the scholarship requisites.

Jewel Yoder, associate professor of nursing and department chair, is honored that Goshen was selected to receive the HRSA nursing workforce grant.

“The growth and support of diversity in the nursing workforce is a high priority at Goshen College,” Yoder said. “It is great to move in this direction at the state level with such amazing partner colleges and universities. The ICN continues to be a foundational hub in moving nursing in the right directions and bringing together amazing people to do this work. We are excited to be able to support 24 nursing students through this grant over the next four years with scholarships and support. Money and support help students overcome some pretty big barriers in being successful and matriculating through the rigors of nursing school.”

The first six scholarships will be awarded in the fall of 2021.