When it comes to music, for Marcia Yost, more Is better

By Brandi Brubaker for Goshen Commons

Marcia Yost, whose Goshen High School choirs have won three state championships and six state runner-up titles, will become the executive director of the Music Center at Goshen College on Oct. 1.

Yost will continue her work as choral director and chair of the music department  at Goshen High even as she assumes leadership of the Music Center, a quarter-time position.

“Since the first time I walked into the Music Center I have been in awe of the facility,” Yost said. “The possibilities are wonderful and to be involved in continuing to bring those possibilities to the community and Goshen College is invigorating and exciting.”

Yost said she remembered on that first encounter sitting in the back of the hall as the college choirs and orchestra rehearsed a piece by Lee Dengler, a  Goshen composer, for the upcoming dedication.

“I was literally moved to tears,” she said. “I was so overcome by the facility and the music and the fact that we had something like this in our little burg.”

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