GC in the News: 2010

Note: This news archive is a few years old and –because many organizations have changed their online architecture or cleaned their archives since its writing– some urls may be broken.

Goshen Housing Authority records messy, but not bogusElkhart Truth, 12.30.10.

This Sunday on WNIT, Goshen gets its close-upElkhart Truth, 12.1.10.

VIDEO: Earth friendly dining program in full swing at Goshen College, WNDU-NBC 16, 11.30.10.

GIVING THANKS: GC leader enjoys many blessings in this worldGoshen News, 11.25.10.

GC students find energy idea exciting; company, not so muchElkhart Truth, 11.24.10.

Room lives up to its potential for Goshen College artistsElkhart Truth, 11.15.10.

Goshen College hears concerns about property plansElkhart Truth, 11.13.10.

Flu bug hits Goshen College hardElkhart Truth, 11.13.10.

Goshen professor examines challenges and promise of global Anabaptism,Bethel College News, 11.8.10.

Resourceful Amish adapt as farming declinesPittsburgh Tribune-Review, 11.7.10.

The arts scene has exploded in Goshen over the last few yearsElkhart Truth, 11.5.10.

AUDIO INTERVIEW: Steve Nolt, co-author of “The Amish Way: Patient Faith in a Perilous World”WVPE 88.1FM, 10.8.10.

Soundtrack to War and Peace: Segment 3is an essay by GC Music Professor Beverly Lapp about the national anthemTo The Best of Our Knowledge, from Wisconsin Public Radio, 10.3.10.

Goshen College choir uses annual service day to get Chamberlain students thinking about collegeGoshen News, 9.23.10.

Goshen College students spend term in Egypt’s stifling heatElkhart Truth, 9.20.10.

Goshen College to replace part of lawn with native plants, flowersSouth Bend Tribune, 9.9.10.

Student committed to peace: Langley’s Liz Berg experienced arrest and friendship during a summer in the Middle East, Langley Advance, 9.7.10.

Student sells ads on vintage VW vanGoshen News, 8.30.10.

EDITORIAL: GC students arrive for a fresh startGoshen News, 8.29.10.

Goshen College student’s 1970 VW van serves as billboard for local businessesElkhart Truth, 8.28.10.

Grandpa’s name is on the gym, but her mural hangs on the wallElkhart Truth, 8.2.10.

Student mural has connection to familyGoshen News, 8.2.10.

Goshen students will try to put a price on fairgroundsElkhart Truth, 7.13.10.

GC pays respects to former leaderGoshen News, 6.30.10.

Culture study remains close to students’ homeElkhart Truth, 6.15.10.

Making a greener future possible; Goshen College seeks to expand green communityFort Wayne News-Sentinel, 6.1.10.

Old and young pedal Bike-to-Work WeekElkhart Truth, 5.27.10.

A study in contrastsElkhart Truth, 5.25.10.

‘Pippin’ gives students much to study about life, actingSouth Bend Tribune, 5.15.10.

VIDEO: Study says Amish businesses most likely to succeed, WSJV-Fox 28, 5.14.10.

GC’s president of treesElkhart Truth, 4.27.10.

Goshen College proved to be a perfect matchElkhart Truth, 4.26.10.

Sisters are both winners in graduation competitionElkhart Truth, 4.26.10.

An end is now a start for Goshen College gradsElkhart Truth, 4.26.10.

Purple pen leads sisters to GCGoshen News, 4.26.10.

Goshen College commencement held SundayGoshen News, 4.26.10.

First students to receive master’s in nursing at GCGoshen News, 4.25.10.

Possibility of underpass looking upGoshen News, 4.13.10.

VIDEO: Proposed pedestrian railroad underpass on track, WSBT, 4.12.10.

Goshen College rail crossing back on trackElkhart Truth, 4.12.10.

Amish Hoosiers exempt from health lawFort Wayne Journal Gazette, 4.4.10.

National anthem coverage:

Goshen College students give free tax preparation and get an education in exchange, The Elkhart Truth, 3.15.10.

Strategies for saving energy shared at Goshen College event, The Elkhart Truth, 3.10.10.

Goshen College garbage goes back to its roots; Student group runs composting program which includes food scraps, The Elkhart Truth, 3.9.10.

Goshen College’s light shines bright during Winter Olympics; Commercials spots air during sporting events, The Goshen News, 3.6.10.

Third tier added to Goshen College emergency system, The Goshen News,3.5.10.

AUDIO SLIDESHOW: Goshen College senior has nurtured a passion for music while working behind the scenes to help needy women in Peru, The Elkhart Truth, 3.2.10.

Sugar bush visit is sweet time, Fort Wayne News-Sentinel, 2.25.10.

Heater’s Amish glow just a frame job: Minus mantel, the faux fireplace is made in China, Philadelphia Inquirer, 2.10.10.

Goshen College students prepare for job interviews, The Elkhart Truth, 2.10.10.

Indoor marathon will aid LaCasa’s Help-A-House program and Haiti relief,The Elkhart Truth, 2.3.10.

Misplaced faith? A local man, advertising big financial returns for investors, is believed to have collected $65 million from Plain communities, here and elsewhere, 1.24.10.

High-flying GC dunk a huge hit on the Internet, The Elkhart Truth, 1.19.10.

Advocates back bill to give immigrant children a route to U.S. citizenship, The Elkhart Truth, 1.19.10.

Goshen-based group seeking histories from World War II veterans, The Elkhart Truth, 1.17.10.

Health Care Mandate Applies to All — Except the Amish, FOX NEWS, 1.16.10.

Haitian students at Goshen College hear family is OK, The Goshen News, 1.14.10.

Former GC instructor concerned about friends in Haiti, The Goshen News, 1.13.10.

Local universities prepare for emergency abroad, FOX28, 1.13.10.