Contents of Volume LXXV
October 2001 Number Four


Author Addresses

In Memoriam: John A. Hostetler

In This Issue
John D. Roth

The Anabaptists and the Jews: The Case of Hätzer, Denck and the Worms Prophets
James Beck

Lay Casuistry and the Survival of Later Anabaptists in Bern
Mark Furner

Eighteenth-Century Anabaptists in the Margravate of Baden and Neighboring Territories
Michaela Schmölz-Häberlein and Mark Häberlein

John Knox Confronts the Anabaptists: The Intellectual Aspects of His Encounter
Richard G. Kyle

Research Note: Religious Nonconformists in the Village of Wasselnheim, 1533-1551
John D. Derksen

Book Reviews

Zijlstra, Samme. Om de ware gemeente en de oude gronden. Geschiedenis van de dopersen in de Nederlanden 1531-1675. Reviewed by James M. Stayer

Reschly, Steven D. The Amish on the Iowa Prairie 1840 to 1910. Reviewed by Dorothy Pratt

Shenk, Wilbert R. By Faith They Went Out: Mennonite Missions, 1850-1999. Reviewed by Theron F. Schlabach

Lund, Cynthia Wales, comp. A Bainton Bibliography. Reviewed by Leonard Gross

Redekop, Calvin, ed. Creation and the Environment. Reviewed by Eric R. Kurtz

Schrag, Dale and James Juhnke, eds. Anabaptist Visions for the New Millennium: A Search for Identity. Reviewed by R. Nancy Heisey

Swartley, Willard M., ed. Violence Renounced: René Girard, Biblical Studies and Peacemaking. Reviewed by Jo-Ann A. Brandt

News and Announcements

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