January 2023

Contents of Volume XCVII
January 2023 Number One

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In Memoriam: James W. Lowry (1934–2022)

The Year 1625, the Dutch Republic, and Book History
Perspectives for Reframing Studies of Mennonites and Early Modernity

    Michael D. Driedger

Holistic Mission in Action
The Case of a Montevideo Shantytown
    Coretta Thomson

Research Note: “The Mennonites Are Anabaptists”
A Seventeenth-Century Perspective on Sixteenth-Century Identity
    Cory Davis

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Dyck, Jonathan. Shelterbelts.
Reviewed by Jessica Baldanzi

Ems, Lindsay. Virtually Amish: Preserving Community at the Internet’s Margins.
Reviewed by Anna Groff

Jeon, Insung. Dirk Philips, a Sixteenth-Century Dutch Anabaptist:
His Doctrine of the Visible Church and Its Influence
on His Theological System.

Reviewed by Theo Brok

Lougheed, Richard. Menno’s Descendants in Quebec:
The Mission Activity of Four Anabaptist Groups, 1956–2021
Reviewed by Neal Blough

Yoder Miller, Evie. Shadows, Loyalties, and Passages.
Reviewed by John Bender

Zacharias, Robert. Reading Mennonite Writing: A Study in Minor
Reviewed by Julia Spicher Kasdorf

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