January 2022

Contents of Volume XCVI
January 2022 Number One

In This Issue

Atoning Ordinary Harm: A Practical Theology of Non-Moral Harm and Its Remedy
   Rachel Miller Jacobs

The Hovering Spirit, the Elkhart River Watershed, and Political Institutions
   Jamie Pitts

Political Idolatry and White Christian Nationalism: Toward a Pastoral Hermeneutic of Resistance
   Drew Strait

Peacebuilding without Idolatry: Anabaptist Engagements with and Conceptualizations of the State
   Janna L. Hunter-Bowman

From Nonviolence to Antiviolence: Resistance to Sexual and Gender-Based Violence
   David C. Cramer and Myles Werntz

Anticipating 2025: Interpretations of Anabaptism on the Eve of a 500-Year Celebration
   Leonard Gross and John D. Roth, trans.
 Reflections by Andrea Strübind, Astrid von Schlachta, Walter Fleischmann-Bisten, Martin H. Jung, Marco Hofheinz, Lothar Triebel, Hanspeter Jecker, Rainer W. Burkart, John D. Roth, Lena Dillmann, Paul Warkentin, and Timo Andreas Doetsch

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Rothkegel, Martin. The Swiss Brethren: A Story in Fragments. Source Evidence for the Trans-Territorial Expansion of a Clandestine Anabaptist Church in Early Modern Europe, 1538-1618.
  Reviewed by David Y. Neufeld

Gascho, Joseph. Advent Then and Now: People, Poems, and Portraits.
Gascho, Joseph. Lent Then and Now: People, Poems, and Portraits.
  Reviewed by Ann Hostetler

Friesen, Leonard G., ed. Minority Report: Mennonite Identities in Imperial Russia and Soviet Ukraine Reconsidered, 1789-1945.
Reviewed by Walter Sawatsky

Voß, Klaas-Dieter. Das Emder Religionsgespräch von 1578. Zur Genese des gedruckten Protokolls sowie Beobachtungen zum theologischen Profil der flämischen Mennoniten.
   Reviewed by Nicole Grochowina

Dueck, Abe J. Mennonite Brethren Bible College: A History of Competing Visions.
   Reviewed by Timothy Paul Erdel

Wiebe, Rudy. Where the Truth Lies: Selected Essays.
Reviewed by Ann Hostetler

Author Addresses