October 2023

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Anabaptism 500th Anniversary Events

Without Sovereign Guarantee: Reading Schleitheim on the Oath with Giorgio Agamben
Marius van Hoogstraten

Recovering an Experience of the Word: “The Anabaptist Vision” and “the Primal Imagination”
Joseph C. L. Sawatzky

The Swiss Brethren Obscured: A Quixotic Redefinition Continues
Arnold Snyder

Anticipating 2025: Interpretations of Anabaptism on the Eve of a 500-Year Celebration: Part Three: Daring to Live Steadfastly
Leonard Gross

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

David C. Cramer and Myles Werntz. A Field Guide to Christian
Key Thinkers, Activists, and Movements for the
Gospel of Peace
Reviewed by Joseph Liechty

Lauren Friesen and Dennis R. Koehn, eds. Anabaptist Remix:
Varieties of Cultural Engagement in North America
Reviewed by Gerald J. Mast

Stuart Murray. The Legacy of Melchior Rinck:
Anabaptist Pioneer in Hesse
Reviewed by Jacob R. Randolph

Ben C. Ollenburger. God the Creator: The Old Testament
and the World God Is Making.

Reviewed by Collin Cornell

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