July 2023

Volume XCVII                          July 2023                              Number Three


In This Issue

Krémer against Hitler: A Case of Mennonite Resistance in Alsace-Moselle (1940–1945)                       Stéphane Zehr

European Amish Historiography (1636/93–1937) and the Montbéliard Church Register                      Christopher Petrovich

Anticipating 2025: Interpretations of Anabaptism on the Eve of a 500-Year Celebration: Part Two: Daring to Live Together
Leonard Gross

Research Note: An Image of “Righteous Joachim” Once Owned by Balthasar Hubmaier (August 16, 1485–March 10, 1528)
Martin Rothkegel

News and Announcements

Book Reviews

Dora Dueck, ed. On Holy Ground: Stories by and about women
in ministry leadership in the Mennonite Brethren Church
Reviewed by Sara Gurulé

Ryan D. Harker and Heather L. Bunce, eds. The Earth is the Lord’s
Essays on Creation and the Bible in Honor of Ben C. Ollenburger.

Reviewed by Paul Keim

Bruce Gordon. Zwingli: God’s Armed Prophet.
Reviewed by David Y. Neufeld

Correction to Review of Sofia Samatar. The White Mosque: A Memoir.
(April, 2023).
Reviewed by Ervin Beck

Author Email Addresses

Anabaptism at 500 Events