January 2024

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In Memoriam: Thomas N. Finger (1942–2022)

In Memoriam: Marlin Jeschke (1929–2023)

Mennonites, German Occupation, and the Elimination of Jews in Ukraine                                             Arnold Neufeldt-Fast

The Radicalism of Reform Movements in the Transition to Modernity: A Pronouncement                  Hans-Jürgen Goertz

Karel Vos (1874–1926): A Nonconformist Dutch Anabaptist Historian
Theo Brok

Anticipating 2025: Interpretations of Anabaptism on the Eve of a 500-Year Celebration:
Part Four: Daring to Live Nonviolently
Leonard Gross

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Anabaptism 500th Anniversary Events

Book Review

Fernando, Enns, Nina Schroeder-van ’t Schip, and Andrés Pacheco-Lozano.  A Pilgrimage of Justice and Peace: Global Mennonite Perspectives on Peacebuilding and Nonviolence.
Reviewed by Elizabeth Miller