April 2024

In Memoriam: John A. Lapp (1933–2023)

In This Issue

Salvation for the Weak in Faith? The God of Shusaku Endo and the God of the Mennonites
Shuji Moriichi

Prosperity, Tolerance, and Pacifism: Mennonites in Pennsylvania 1683—1800
Mark Häberlein

Anticipating 2025: Interpretations of Anabaptism on the Eve
of a 500-Year Celebration: Part Five: Daring to Live Hopefully
Leonard Gross

News and Announcements

Anabaptism 500th Anniversary Events

Book Reviews

Katherine Jellison and Steven D. Reschly. Amish Women and the Great Depression.
Reviewed by Karen M. Johnson-Weiner

William Janzen. Advocating for Peace: Stories from the Ottawa Office of Mennonite Central Committee, 1975–2008; Urbane Peachey. Making Wars Cease: A Survey of MCC Peace Section, 1940–1990. Reviewed by Rachelle Lyndaker Schlabach

Sarah Kathleen Johnson and Andrew Wymer, eds. Worship & Power: Liturgical Authority in Free Church Traditions. Reviewed by Rachel Miller Jacobs

Edsel Burdge Jr. and Lydia Penner, eds. Documents of Brotherly Love: Dutch Mennonite Aid to Swiss Anabaptists, Volume III, 1712-1784. Reviewed by Karl Koop

Sabrina Reed. Lives Lived, Lives Imagined: Landscapes of Resilience in the Works of Miriam Toews.
Reviewed by Ann Hostetler

John D. Roth. A Mennonite College for Everyone (?): Goshen College and the Quest for Identity and Inclusion, 1960–2020. Reviewed by Perry Bush