Contents of Volume LXXIII
July 1999 Number Three


  • In This Issue (419)
  • Discipleship, Generational Change and the Practice of Mennonite History (427)    
    Theron F. Schlabach
  • Historians and the Canadian Mennonite Experience (443)
    T. D. Regehr
  • The American Mennonite Search for a Useable Past: From the Declensive to the Ironic Interpretation (470)
    Paul Toews
  • A 'Two-Kingdom' People in a World of Multiple Identities: Religion, Ethnicity and American Mennonites (485)
    Steve Nolt
  • Of Borders and Boundaries: Reflections on Mennonite Unity and Separation in the Modern World (503)
    James Urry
  • Anxiety and Assurance in the Amish Atonement Rhetorics of Daniel E. Mast and David J. Stutzman (525)
    Gerald J. Biesecker-Mast
  • A Gender Gap Among Mennonite Peacemakers? (539)
    Rachel Waltner Goossen
  • Shaping Religious Community Through Martyr Memories (546)
    James C. Juhnke
  • Mennonite Literature in Canadian and American Historiography: An Introduction (557)
    Harry Loewen
  • Bi-National Factors in the Evangelical Mennonite Brethren Transformation (571)
    Calvin Redekop
  • Mennonite Business in Town and City: Friesens Corporation of Altona and Palliser Furniture of Winnipeg (585)
    Janis Thiessen
  • Behalt: A Rhetoric of Remembrance and Transformation (601)
    Susan Biesecker-Mast
  • Singing God's Praise in Two Nations and Two Tongues: A Comparison of Two Mennonite Hymnals and Their Preparation (615)
    David Rempel Smucker
  • The United States Shape of Mennonite Theologizing: Some Observations (631)
    J. Denny Weaver
  • A Mennonite Theological Response to a Canadian Context: James Reimer (645)
    Rachel Reesor
  • Fifth Latin American Anabaptist Consultation: Declaration of Commitment (655)
  • Reviews (657)
    • Gross, Leonard, trans. and ed. Prayer Book for Earnest Christians. Reviewed by Marlene Kropf.
    • Hege, Nathan B. Beyond Our Prayers. Reviewed by Zenebe Abebe
    • Hughes, Richard T. and William B. Adrian, eds. Models for Christian Higher Education: Strategies for Survival and Success in the Twenty-First Century. Reviewed by Albert J. Meyer
    • Janzen, David. Fire, Salt, and Peace: Intentional Christian Communities Alive in North America. Reviewed by William O. Autry
    • Horst, Samuel L. The Fire of Liberty in Their Hearts. The Diary of Jacob E. Yoder of the Freedmen's Bureau School, Lynchburg, Virginia, 1866-1870. Reviewed by Beulah Stauffer Hostetler
    • Klassen, William. Judas: Betrayer or Friend of Jesus. Reviewed by Don Blosser
    • Miller, Elmer S. Nurturing Doubt: From Mennonite Missionary to Anthropologist in the Argentine Chaco. Reviewed by Ron Stutzman
  • News and Announcements (671)
  • Author Addresses (672)


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