Contents of Volume LXXI
July 1997 Number Three



  • In This Issue (323)
  • Church-Related Organizations: Mission, Image and Promotion (327)
    Herman Bontrager
  • Sustainers or Seducers? The Rise and Meaning of Church-Related Institutions (345)
    Donald F. Durnbaugh
  • A.M. Fire and Storm [Insurance]: Simplicity in a Strongly Amish Institution (365)
    Catherine Schlegel
  • Church-Related Institutions: Driven by Member Commitment or by
    Economic Forces? (377)
    James M. Harder
  • Mission Community: A New Image for Church-Related Institutions (395)
    John W. Eby
  • Toward an Anabaptist Theology of Institutions (411)
    Albert J. Meyer
  • Church-Related Institutions: Signs of God's Reign? (421)
    Ted Koontz
  • Leadership, Authority and Power (439)
    Rodney J. Sawatsky
  • Reviews (453)
    • Redekop, Calvin, Stephen C. Ainlay and Robert Siemens. Mennonite Entrepreneurs. Review by Royden Loewen
    • Kraybill, Donald B. and Steven N. Nolt. Amish Enterprise: From Plows to Profits. Review by Jana M. Hawley
    • Fitzkee, Donald R. Moving Toward the Mainstream. Review by Dale R. Stoffer
    • Dew, Charles B. Bond of Iron: Master and Slave and Buffalo Forge. Review by Steve Longenecker
    • Epp, Ingrid and Harvey Dyck. The Peter F. Braun Russian Mennonite Archive, 1803-1920 and Albert W. Wardin, Jr. Evangelical Sectarianism in the Russian Empire and the USSR: A Bibliographic Guide. Review by Walter Sawatsky
    • Mellink, A. F., ed. Kerkhistorische Bijdragen Deel XVII: Documenta Anabaptistica Neerlandica, VII Friesland (1551-1601) and Gronigen (1538-1601). Review by Gary K. Waite
    • Rasmusson, Arne. The Church as Polis. Review by Michael G. Cartwright
    • Queen, Edward L., Stephen R. Prothero, Gardiner H. Shattuck, Jr. The Encyclopedia of American History (2 vols.). Review by Keith Graber Miller
    • Lehman, Glenn. You Can Lead Singing: A Song Leader's Manual. Review by Diane Schrock Hertzler
    • Swander, Mary. Out of This World: A Woman's Life Among the Amish. Review by Steven D. Reschly
    • Friesen, David. Journey of Faith: Winkler Bergthaler Mennonite Church, 1895-1995. Review by Dennis Stoesz
    • Chrisman, Miriam Usher. Conflicting Visions of Reform: German Lay Propaganda Pamphlets, 1519-1530. Review by Stephen E. Buckwalter
    • Hughes, Richard T. Reviving the Ancient Faith. Review by Merle D. Strege
  • Authors' Addresses (480)


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