Contents of Volume LXXXIV
October 2010 Number Four


In This Issue

In Memoriam: J. Lawrence Burkholder (1917-2010)
John A. Lapp

Globalizing a Separate People: World Christianity and North American Mennonites, 1940-1990
Steven M. Nolt

Mennonites and the Holocaust: From Collaboration to Perpetration
Gerhard Rempel

Resistance, Acquiescence and Accommodation: The Establishment of Public Schools in an Old Colony Mennonite Community in Canada
Dawn S. Bowen

Kansas Mennonites and the Political Order on the Eve of World War II
James C. Juhnke

Author Addresses

News and Announcements

Book Reviews
Schlabach, Gerald W., ed. Just Policing, Not War: An Alternative Response to World Violence.
Reviewed by Ted Koontz

Klassen,Sarah. A Feast of Longing.
Reviewed by Beth Martin Birky

Kern, Kathleen. In Harm's Way: A History of Christian Peacemaker Teams.
Reviewed by Mark G. Chupp

Taylor, Steven J. Acts of Conscience: World War II, Mental Institutions, and Religious Objectors.
Reviewed by Rachel Waltner Goossen

Hughes, Richard T. Christian America and the Kingdom of God.
Reviewed by Jared S. Burkholder

Rhodes, Robert. Nightwatch: An Inquiry Into Solitude.
Reviewed by Duane C. S. Stoltzfus

Klassen, Peter J. Mennonites in Early Modern Poland and Prussia.
Reviewed by Daniel Riches

Meier, Marcus. The Origin of the Schwarzenau Brethren.
Reviewed by Brenda B. Colijn

Scoles, Todd. Restoring the Household: The Quest of the Grace Brethren Church.
Reviewed by Mark M. Norris

Contents of Volume LXXXIV (2010)


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