Contents of Volume LXXXVII
April 2013 Number Two




In This Issue

Dutch Mennonites and German Jewish Refugee Children, 1938-1945
Alle G. Hoekema

Power, Tradition, and Renewal: The Concern Movement and the Fragmented Institutionalization of Mennonite Life
Nathan Hershberger

Ethics as Improvisation: Anabaptist Communal Discernment as Method
Ryan Andrew Newson

South Korean Christians and Social Violence: The Silence of Adam and the Revolutionary Subordination of Jesus
Hyung Jin Kim Sun

A Matter of Diplomacy: The British Government and the Mennonite Immigration from Russia to Manitoba, 1872-1875
James Urry

Book Reviews
Asheervadam, I. P., et al. Churches Engage Asian Traditions. Global Mennonite History Series: Asia.
Reviewed by Bernardo A. Michael

Bergen, Jeremy M. Ecclesial Repentance: The Churches Confront Their Sinful Past.
Reviewed by Helmut Harder

Thiessen, Elmer John. The Ethics of Evangelism: A Philosophical Defense of Proselytizing and Persuasion.
Reviewed by Kevin Gary

Shenk, Joanna, ed. Widening the Circle: Experiments in Christian Discipleship.
Reviewed by Matthew J. Kraybill

Janzen, Rod and Max Stanton. The Hutterites in North America.
Reviewed by Leonard Gross

Raber, Mary and Peter F. Penner, eds. History and Mission in Europe: Continuing the Conversation.
Reviewed by Kent Eby

Burkholder, Jared S. and David C. Cramer, eds. The Activist Impulse: Essays on the Intersection of Evangelicalism and Anabaptism.
Reviewed by Philipp Gollner

Raid, Elizabeth. Howard Raid: Man of Faith and Vision.
Reviewed by Wally Kroeker

Pietersen, Lloyd. Reading the Bible after Christendom.
Reviewed by Michele Hershberger

Book Notes
Jenkins, Mary and Clare Claridge. Making Welsh Quilts.


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