Faith Mentoring

GC’s Faith Mentoring video offers important considerations and ideas from ten students and employees.

View full version of Faith Mentoring video (15 minutes)

See the Faith Mentoring Brochure, which offers ideas for the three questions above.

Check out the get to know an employee page for some Q&A with several Goshen College employees and faculty members.

In a video for Student Faith Stories at GC, students discuss how their experiences at GC have shaped their beliefs and enabled them to continue building their faith.


Bob Yoder, campus pastor, contributed the chapter “Strengthening a Christian College as a Faith Mentoring Environment through Knowing–Being–Doing.” This chapter includes findings of the first year of his research on “the role of teaching faculty as faith mentors.” Building a Culture of Faith addresses the unique role faculty and others play in student spiritual formation, including historical and contemporary approaches; sets out a framework for understanding spiritual formation as it is practiced in the Christian university; and provides practical models for the roles the university plays in the spiritual formation of students.

“Strengthening a Christian College as a Faith Mentoring Environment,” written by Bob Yoder, campus pastor, appeared in the Spring 2013 edition of The Journal of Youth Ministry: The academic journal of youth ministry educators. This essay includes findings of his two-year study which examined Goshen College as a “faith mentoring environment” and the role of its employees (professor, administrators, staff) as “faith mentors.” A framework of Knowing-Being-Doing is offered.

Check out our bibliography for a list of books related to supporting the college setting as a faith mentoring environment. Resources include books about spirituality of younger adults, practical ideas for colleges, and pedagogical helps.