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China SST

SST connections after 33 years

While in Chengdu an SSTer connected with someone his mother had met on China SST thirty-three years earlier! Lei Shenghua was an undergraduate student at Sichuan Normal University in 1981 when she became friends with that year’s SST group, and especially with a member of the group named Gail. The two friends reconnected in 2007 via the internet. When Ms. Lei learned that Gail’s son would be part of the 2014 China SST group she was determined to meet him.

Nanchong: SSTers’ home in China

We arrived in Nanchong August 24 and spent a week unpacking, setting up our apartment, and doing a variety of things to get ready for SST – buying bus passes for the students, setting up a bank account, registering at the police station and meeting with key people who will help us with logistics this semester. Nanchong is a city of almost a million people, with another 6 million in the surrounding prefecture of rural areas and smaller towns.