Write to a Student

Send your letter to:

(Student Name)
Foreign Affairs Office
China West Normal University
No.1 Shi Da Road
Nanchong, Sichuan   637002
People’s Republic of China

Current (as of January 2014) United States postal rates to the countries where SST units are located are:

  • $1.15 for postcards or airmail letters up to 1 ounce

See the USPS international rate calculator for the latest info.

The SST office advises you not to send packages to students on SST:

  • Even if a package arrives in a timely fashion, there is often a long delay until the package is processed, and notification is sent out to the intended receiver.
  • Leaders or local staff can pick up letters for the whole group in one trip. But often, packages can only be picked up by the person to whom they are addressed. A student would have to make a special trip to a main post office, find their way to the appropriate office, and present satisfactory identity documents.
  • Students must often pay customs duties well in excess of the value of the package.