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First OR last name of each of the 18 presidents of Goshen College (including acting/interim-shared names only used once, 14 words):

Noah (Byers)
John (Hartzler, Burkholder, Yordy)
Henry (Reist, Weaver)
George (Lapp)
Irvin (Detweiler)
Daniel (Kauffman)
Yoder (Sanford)
Ernest (Miller)
Kreider (Carl)
Paul (Mininger)
Stoltzfus (Victor, Rebecca)
Showalter (Shirley)
James (Brenneman)
Newbold (Ken)

First name of each of the presidential spouses (shared names only used once/ omitted spouse’s name for president who was a widower while in office, 15 words):

Emma (Byers & Yoder)
Mamie (Hartzler)
Lulu May (Reist)
Bertha (Detweiler)
Mary (Kauffman & Weaver)
Ruth (Miller)
Evelyn (Kreider)
Grace (Mininger)
Harriet (Burkholder)
Marie (V. Stoltzfus)
Stuart (Showalter)
Winnie (Yordy)
Terri (Brenneman)
Tiffany (Newbold)
Kevin Miller (R. Stoltzfus)

Youthful occupational aspiration of GC’s longest-serving president (1 word): Cowboy

Country where two GC presidents served as missionaries prior to becoming president (1 word): India (Irvin Detweiler & Ernest Miller both served as missionaries here.)

City where the only person to serve twice as GC president helped shape the liberal arts program of a new university (1 word): Tokyo (Carl Kreider helped shape the liberal arts program in the early years of International Christian University.)

Incongruous username of first GC president to use email while in office (1 word): Vices (username of Victor E. Stoltzfus)

GC’s motto—created by GC’s first president (words of the phrase appear separately, 3 words): Culture For Service

Number of GC core values (1 word): Five

One of three orienting goals of GC’s current educational vision (1 word): Joy (along with growth & purpose)

50-year-old plan for the future of Goshen College (1 word): SST

Goshen’s favorite tree (1 word): Maple


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